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  1. Sukhoi Baron 2318

    Hello from an old time X Planer

    Hi IXEG team I had been following the development of your remarkable aircraft for quite some time now (2 years in the waiting). After many anxious moments pondering whether I can buy the same, I have finally taken the plunge a couple of days ago I must say I am extremely pleased with the aircraft, the depth of the systems modeled as well as the aircraft's behavior on the ground and in the sky is wonderful. I quite enjoy hand flying this thing AND use the automation if need be. I cannot say the same thing for other aircrafts - they are way too much push button birds that cannot be hand flown or can be flown only manually. This aircraft seems to be in the golden zone for building flying proficiency as well as using modern GNSS Please keep up the good work and I do hope the aircraft will be updated based on the challenges thrown in by LR because of constant updates I do have a couple of questions through: 1. There are no scroll wheel manipulators for the Knobs - we are just dragging them, was there any particular reason to not provide scroll wheel manipulators? 2. It seems that Capt Mike Ray has offered a book specially tailored for the IXEG 733, I can see that it is not yet offered on the XA store, will this be available in the near future in the store? 3. I am working on mapping the functionalities of this bird to the Go Flight Panels in the Airliner module set and to the extent I have mapped so far, the aircraft responds beautifully, I may need the teams help on any problems faced by me here 4. The aircraft provides two CG - one for cruise (which I suppose will be after fuel burn?) and the other in the Weights page of FMC, can we use the CG provided in the weights page as True and set the stab trim based on that? Thanks