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  1. Washing

    TerraMaxx fails to operate

    Good. First before writing here I read carefully everything that was written here and I did all the steps and attempts indicated. The problem I think is neither with our machines nor with our internet because I did several tests with much heavier downloads. The fact that it is hosted on Amazon does not mean anything or that it is safe the problem is in the softwere that is available after the purchase, I really wanted Terramax because I already have other products that I bought as skymax. I am also aware of other people who have the same problem and everyone here from Europe where the interne at least mine is very good with a transmission rate of 120mbps. I still wait for a solution as a client because after testing here with a computer engineer that I called my house I'm sure that is not the problem here. Thank you!!!
  2. Washing

    TerraMaxx fails to operate

    Hello everyone, just to say that I have the same problem I have already sent several requests for support and also as a friend Captsalt, and I did not receive any help. Thank you!!!!!