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    MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Here is a very odd solution that worked for me. I found it by pure luck. 1)Download the software from X-Aviation to your desktop. 2)Extract it with the native Apple un-zip tool. A new folder with the name Maxx FX 1.0 will be created. 3)Drag the “setup-osx” file out of the Maxx FX 1.0 folder to the desktop. 4)Double click the “setup-osx” file and get the “corrupt or incomplete” file error. 5)Close the error message box, and drag the “setup-osx” file back in to the Maxx FX 1.0 folder. 6)Double click the “setup-osx” again, and the installer will launch. I have absolutely no clue why this works and the logic behind it, but the fact is that it does.
  2. David Erard

    MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Hello? helloooooooo? Can anyone help?
  3. David Erard

    MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Hi. Any thoughts? Your help would be highly appreciated as there is no tech support answers from x-Aviation, despite two opened tickets reporting this situation since I wrote on this post. Thank you in advance. David
  4. David Erard

    MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Hi Cameron. Thank you for your answer. This is what happens with the free version: And here is the full version: I would greatly appreciate your help. Cheers David
  5. David Erard

    MAXX.FX 1.0 - Will Not Install

    Same problem here. Safari automatically unzips the file. I use Sierra. Thank you in advance for your help. David Ps. Using stuffit cannot be the solution (even if it works) because I am purchasing from X-Aviation, and it is just wrong to be forced to buy an extra software for the same amount of money, just for un-zipping this plugin.