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    Congratulations and couple of questions

    It’s a pleasure thank to you for your fast support! ric
  2. Hello to everybody, I’m purchased few days ago this boing 737 300, I was amazed! I’m real pilot , currently on 737 800 but I started my career on 737 classic 300 and 400, this preable just to say that this aircraft is simply amazing, no other plane in my opinion give the sensation and immersivity that this Ixeg 737 gives. When I have to prepare for recurrent simulator I use the NGX, because I work with 800 but this 737 300 it makes me want of classic, too beautiful! My congratulations to the developers. Just two questions, can you conferm that stall waring test don’t work? Because I saw a youtube video where they work. And regarding doors , conferm me that still don’t work? Thankyou in advance, riccardo