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  1. ChrisU85


    Near this Point between this two Airports flight from KACV - KRDD best regards
  2. ChrisU85


    I dont downloading anything ! from my logtext : 019-02-24 22:27:32 TBM900[odb.c:484]: Downloading new obstacle data from "https://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP" for region "US" best regards
  3. ChrisU85


    another one with the new X-Plane11 Version11.32r2 update ! best regards Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  4. ChrisU85

    Missing Gear Cover

    after V1.1.4c its still there @Goran_M hope this screenshots helps.. Best regards
  5. ChrisU85

    CTD 11.32rc1 with v1.1.4c

  6. ChrisU85

    CTD 11.32rc1 with v1.1.4c

    My first CTD with the new update thank you for your hard work i use AktivSkyNext and FScloud best regards Log.txt
  7. ChrisU85


    after the update 11.32 x-plane Freeze ... best regards Log.txt
  8. ChrisU85

    The TBM, CTD's and XP 11.32

    Blame sorry i have not complete read the thread Thank you
  9. ChrisU85

    Game hang during start up

    I have the same now on the Version 11.32 after TAWS on the Alignment of the PFD Log.txt Log.txt
  10. ChrisU85

    The TBM, CTD's and XP 11.32

    Freezing now (5min) and then CTD hope the log text help best regards Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  11. ChrisU85

    11.32 and fmc CTD

    Delete this post please thanks
  12. ChrisU85

    Sexist plane?

    This would be great to add Female Pilots and another cool Thing where to hide the AOA Hud Thank you best regards
  13. ChrisU85

    Missing Gear Cover

    thanks i think it is the Animation ... best regards
  14. ChrisU85

    Another CTD

    It is on different places ! I fly seperate on Default Locations now i started on EDMA Default crash again CTD on take off roll. best regards Log.txt
  15. ChrisU85

    Another CTD

    And another Log.txt scenery_packs.ini