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  1. It is working well now for me. Completed yet another flight perfectly. I switched to X-plane from FSX and have been pleased with it. I see multiple people always having to fiddle with P3d versioning and that just seems like a better FSX. I am glad that people like IXEG and others flying xplane continue to stay with it. This plane is phenomenal. The sounds, the controls - yes it doesn't have doors that open but none of my airports have gates that work. Love this plane - It is worth the cost and I believe as good if not better than pmdg. It is a plane being polished to a point where those on other platforms will be envious. Flying routes - dealing with weather - this plane makes me smile. No regrets
  2. I have to say these guys work very hard and make a good product. I know that in dev sometimes there are bumps. I was finally able to get going to do a complete flight. Thanks to IXEG and all you do Keep it up - its the most realistic plane so far.
  3. Sorry - didnt wait long enough possibly
  4. New issue - no plugins except gizmo 737 only partially initializes on IRS (see attachment( the route is good - but the top PFD stays in ATT mode I have followed the previous advice and still on fresh load - xplane default everything no scenery or mesh, and this is still broke. Is there any possibilty as to having a choice to roll with 1.2 a little longer while this is fixed? that plane worked well with no issues This is my only purchased plane in xplane 11
  5. Is there a way to go back to 1.2 - this has crashed my X-plane 11.10 since update - 1.2 worked well.