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  1. clif737

    737 error and flap failure

    Thank you - so far hasn’t happened again. I love this 737 so much -
  2. clif737

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5 Update Released!

    Just got this today. Awesome and tricky! A true challenge
  3. clif737

    737 error and flap failure

    Is there a way to look through logs are if that session is done it’s gone? Couldont reproduce tonight- flew like a champ but short flight.
  4. clif737

    737 error and flap failure

    Hello, I have been completing some flights successfully but sometimes I get an error upon landing that the console comes up and then I can’t retract the flaps. Literally the only thing that goes wrong. Hopefully you can help and I can provide logs or do I need a screenshot? It happens when I land so I close it quickly to complete the landing. Thank you for your assistance in advance.
  5. clif737

    Cannot acquire ILS

    All my glidescope problems were my fault so far. Too high is usually the issue.
  6. It is working well now for me. Completed yet another flight perfectly. I switched to X-plane from FSX and have been pleased with it. I see multiple people always having to fiddle with P3d versioning and that just seems like a better FSX. I am glad that people like IXEG and others flying xplane continue to stay with it. This plane is phenomenal. The sounds, the controls - yes it doesn't have doors that open but none of my airports have gates that work. Love this plane - It is worth the cost and I believe as good if not better than pmdg. It is a plane being polished to a point where those on other platforms will be envious. Flying routes - dealing with weather - this plane makes me smile. No regrets
  7. I have to say these guys work very hard and make a good product. I know that in dev sometimes there are bumps. I was finally able to get going to do a complete flight. Thanks to IXEG and all you do Keep it up - its the most realistic plane so far.
  8. Sorry - didnt wait long enough possibly
  9. New issue - no plugins except gizmo 737 only partially initializes on IRS (see attachment( the route is good - but the top PFD stays in ATT mode I have followed the previous advice and still on fresh load - xplane default everything no scenery or mesh, and this is still broke. Is there any possibilty as to having a choice to roll with 1.2 a little longer while this is fixed? that plane worked well with no issues This is my only purchased plane in xplane 11
  10. Is there a way to go back to 1.2 - this has crashed my X-plane 11.10 since update - 1.2 worked well.