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  1. Tompolth

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3 Update Released!

    Your comments have given me some clues and I have tried it again but now disabling the CSL planes in the XSB folder and ...voila!! now everything is working. My apologies for bothering you with something not related with your product. But without your clues I would have never found a solution. Thanks a lots.
  2. Tompolth

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3 Update Released!

    Attached you can find the content of my log.txt after trying to start XPlane 32bits (I had to kill the proccess because after 15 minutes the program was completely locked). As you mentioned this is something that it should not have to do with SkyMaxxPro but when I uninstall it everything works. I have also attached another log file after unistalling the XSquawkBox 1.0. By the way, I use the XSB 1.0 because in the only alternative to connect to legacy FSD servers. Some virtual companies are still using them. Thanks for your help LogWithXSB.txt Log.txt
  3. Tompolth

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 1.3 Update Released!

    I have bought and installed the SkyMaxxPro 1.3 a couple of weeks. It is amazing. Now Xplane has improved a lot. However I from time to time I use the Xplane's 32bit version because I connect to a FSD server using the XSquawkbox version 1.0. Well, now after installing SkyMaxx Pro I have seen that Xplane 32 is locked during the startup and only when I uninstall either SKyMaxx Pro or the XSquawkbox XPlane works. I do not undertand why SkyMaxx can interact when I am using the 32 bit version but apparently happens, and that for me it serious drawback Thanks
  4. Tompolth

    Propellers with Saitek

    Great. Finally I have figured out in this thread what was happening with my propeller axis. I have been looking for a solution for several days. But now my questions would be: How could I map my propeller axis to keys in Xplane?
  5. Tompolth

    [SOLVED] navgraph fms data

    Both of you have gave me a clue. I have uninstalled all plugins, even gizmo, then I installed the fms navgraph folders. When I have restarted xplane my crj200 had the new database. Then I have restored all my plugins and , voila! everything works fine Thank you very much Regards Tomás
  6. Tompolth

    [SOLVED] navgraph fms data

    Hello, Once I have reinstalled the CRJ, the active data base is 1103 (10/mar/2011 - 06/apr/2011). So the original one is restored. If I copy again the Navigraph folder in the JRollonPlanes folder the Gizmo message and the Xaviaton logo appear requesting.
  7. Tompolth

    [SOLVED] navgraph fms data

    Hello again, Efectively, when I re-install my CRJ-200 the problem is fixed but, will not the fms data be restored to the original status?
  8. Tompolth

    [SOLVED] navgraph fms data

    Hi, I have attached a screenshot with the message that appears. The problem is related with Gizmo plugin
  9. Tompolth

    [SOLVED] navgraph fms data

    Hello, I have just bought the fms data for the CRJ-200 from Navgraph. The installation, if I understood correctly, is as simple as copying the content of the zip file in the jrollon folder in order to replace the existing ones. When restart the xplane and load the CRJ200, the logo of gizmo and x-aviation appear on the screen and a activation key is required to continue. What is wrong? Does someone know it? Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a question. Does the Oahu Scenery include any kind of building and objects in its airports? I have downloaded and installed the scenery but, i.e Honolulu International airport, is only formed by the runaways and lights without any building. regards. Tom
  11. Tompolth

    crj-200 and gizmo problems

    Thank you very much Cameron. That was the problem.
  12. Tompolth

    crj-200 and gizmo problems

    Hello, I have the CRJ-200 for several months and last thursday I updated it to version 1.1.1. Yesterday I bought the T34C Mentor and once I installed it I begun to have problems with the CRJ. Now as soon as it is started appears a window that say "Gizmo needs your support" and it require a serial number. Few minutes later the xplane exit. I can not understand what it is happening. I thought that Gizmo was included in the x-aviation products so that it do not need any serial number. I hope someone can give a solution. Now I can not use my CRJ 200 > Thanks
  13. Hello everybody I have just discovered Saitek has published a new XPlane 9 plugin for Saitek panels in http://www.saitekforum.com/showthread.php?t=19717 The problem is that I don't know how works because I have intalled it and apparently nothings happens. Has anybody test it? regards
  14. Tompolth

    Support email without any response

    Thank you, Tom.
  15. Hello, I am waiting for more than a week some response from XAviation support team in relation a problem I have with my MU2 license. I tried to contact in several ways with them: xaviation web page form, private message to Cameron and through this forum. The only response was a comment from Cameron in this forum telling me that the correct way to comunicate a license problem is in the xaviation web page. However, so far I did not receive any other response. Please contact with me because I bougth my MU2 plane and now I can not use it. Best regards Tomás