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    Engines always hot start

    No, I tried that and they just shut down to a state like if you did a cold start. And all I have is a Logitech X3D pro, but I do all the engine starting with the mouse. I've also read the manual and watched his tutorial and done everything exactly as it says to and I still get hot starts Edit: While trying to load the aircraft with the engines running while xplane is 'running' (I loaded the aircraft in first without engines running to see if the problem was still there), when you load it with the engines running at the beginning it seems to be fine. I'm still trying to figure out what I was doing wrong trying to start it up cold and dark. Thanks for the help
  2. I just got the Jetstream 32, and every time I have tried it the engines will hot start (to the point where the needle is spinning multiple times around the dial for egt). I have tried following both the manual and the tutorial you put on YouTube, with the same results. The engines always come down in temperature after going super high, but then when I disconnect the GPU (I've tried using the stop button as well), everything loses power even when the generators are on. I've tried reinstalling XPlane and getting rid of all my plugins, but the result is still the same. I believe I am version 11.11 of xplane 11. I don't believe its a hardware issue, because I'm running on an i7-8700k and gtx-1070ti, and other addons (RotateSim Md-80) work fine. Any help would be appreciated. Log.txt Edit: I've also tried redownloading the Jetstream (I bought it on XPlane.org), with the same results