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  1. Passenger version

    Nope, sorry, still lives in the "Unclassified" section at the bottom as "Passenger Variant". You could try ticking the "Show extra aircraft from old versions" checkbox, though it shows for me without it.
  2. Landing Lights?

    The MU-2 has extendable (or retractable, if you prefer) landing lights on the forward fuselage. The switches have 3 positions: Back position - the light is off and RETracted. Middle position - the light is extended, but not illuminated. Forward position - the light is extended and illuminated. According to the plate in the aircraft, the lights should only be extended at speeds below 175 KIAS (same as the landing gear). But I don't think anything bad actually happens in the sim if you exceed this speed with the lights extended. I quite like the extension animation; if you flick it straight to the forward (on) position, it won't actually light up until fully extended. Nice touch! (And the MU-2 looks almost as cool as a PC-12 with all its lights on.)