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  1. Any chance there might be some news on the engine power update/fixes in the near future?
  2. nomdeplume

    Autocoarsen & Warnings

    I assume you're talking about the Takeoff Config warning occurring when you push the power level beyond a certain amount? The Systems.pdf has a list of the things it's looking for (bottom of page 182); pitch trim not good; too much flap; or condition levers not set for max RPM. I'd almost bet money it's the last one, as the condition levers max RPM setting is a detent just before the maximum position. If you just jam them all the way forward because that's what you do on most aircraft, you'll be in the weird "T/M" setting which I don't fully understand, rather than max RPM, and the takeoff check system will be angry with you.
  3. nomdeplume

    How do I update nav-data for the GNS530?

    Pretty sure it's just the XP11 built-in GPS using XP11 navdata. Maybe double-check the X-Plane 11 directory is set properly and your XP11/Custom Data/cycle_info.txt shows that is has actually been updated?
  4. nomdeplume

    Random Shutdowns on Departure/Landing

    That would probably be it, the Saab model does not use a separate range for reverse like some other aircraft, so you have to be careful how much you pull the power back. Keep an eye on the virtual throttle in the 3D cockpit and only pull your physical throttle back to where it 'snaps' to the flight idle position when you're landing. You can also use the popup to keep this on screen at all times. After touchdown, gently pull it back further to go into beta and engage the reverses. If you do it too quickly (especially if you're landing fast) it'll overload the engines and they'll shut down. The same applies when powering up for take-off as well; it does not respond well to sudden throttle changes. You can easily redline the engines if you don't ramp up the throttle gradually.
  5. nomdeplume

    Saab 340 not receiving ils frequency

    That looks right to me, except my X-Plane 11 was actually detected automatically, so it's only the GNS430 data that is manual. Do you have the X-Plane 11 path set correctly on the Settings tab? And just to be sure, did you do the update via the "Addon list" button and they're all green? Current cycle should be 1809 rev 1. You can also check the files to see if it's been updated: For X-Plane 11 default GPS, it's X-Plane 11/Custom Data/cycle_info.txt For X-Plane 11 GNS430 data, it's X-Plane 11/Custom Data/GNS430/navdata/cycle_info.txt If FMS Data Manager says you're all up to date but those files don't have the information about the current cycle in them, then you've probably got the wrong path for X-Plane (should be the base directory, e.g. E:\X-Plane 11 for me). Now... since your issue is actually an out of date ILS frequency, from what I understand this is most likely going to be picked up from the file X-Plane 11/Custom Data/earth_nav.dat. This should be updated by Navigraph. That file acts as an override for X-Plane's default data, so if you don't have third-party navdata then X-Plane would be using its default data, from X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/earth_nav.dat. With the current Navigraph data (AIRAC 1809), I have this in Custom Data/earth_nav.dat: 4 61.406722222 23.571991667 368 11010 18 244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 ILS-cat-I 6 61.417238889 23.623108333 368 11010 18 300244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 GS 12 61.417238889 23.623108333 424 11010 25 0.000 TP EFTP EF PIRKKALA DME-ILS 11010 = 110.1 which matches what's shown on the current chart. The default data that ships with X-Plane has: 4 61.406722222 23.571991667 415 10970 25 244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 ILS-cat-I 6 61.419186111 23.621169444 415 10970 25 300244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 GS 8 61.423786111 23.646497222 0 0 0 244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 MM 7 61.446597222 23.748355556 0 0 0 244.445 TP EFTP EF 24 OM So if you don't have the updated data loading in the sim for whatever reason, then you could probably do the approach with 109.7 instead.
  6. nomdeplume

    Bug Report

    That's great, thanks! Three more small things I forgot before: Both sets of magnetos are labeled "LEFT ENGINE". The top set of numbers in the ADF roller (hundreds) can't really be seen from above. Not such a problem with ADF 1 because you also have the digital readout, but for ADF 2 I find it pretty much impossible to view the top row from anything approaching a 'natural' position. Could just be how the instrument is but it makes me wonder how the real pilots would use it while strapped in. Popup menu location in the bottom-left corner doesn't interact well with the X-Camera mini-bar which also pops up along the bottom of the screen. Ideal would be to have a drag handle on it to allow the user to position it where they like. Alternatively in the middle at the left edge seems to be something of a defacto standard.
  7. nomdeplume

    Saab 340 not receiving ils frequency

    Navigraph's FMS data manager will update the navigation data files for X-Plane and its addons. You can also manually download the files and install them yourself, but if you're using Charts you probably already have a subscription. I think the Saab uses the default X-Plane files since it uses the default GPS, so just adding X-Plane and pointing it to your install should do the trick.
  8. nomdeplume

    Bug Report

    Here's the stuff I've noticed so far: ADF (both): push-and-hold only works for continual adjustment counter-clockwise, not clockwise. Fuel tank selectors: right selector moves counter-clockwise when clicked with clockwise arrow. Should probably be opposite of left tank. Nav lights only responds to mouse wheel (not click), does not change cursor to indicate it's an interactive element. Ideally would show up/down arrows in appropriate section of switch, and also respond to mouse wheel. Does not make a sound when manipulated with mouse wheel. Pilot's window does not change cursor to indicate it's interactive. Minor: clickzone remains in the window hole once window opened, usually the click zone moves so you click the same 'pane of glass' to close it that you did to open it. Autopilot intercept/hdg and alt on/off switches enable the autopilot switch when used (if AP is not enabled). This causes unexpected behaviour. If unavoidable, then at least it should be consistent (disabling autopilot also disables alt and optionally sets back to hdg mode). No engine volume change when door/window opened vs closed. Switch sound occurs whereever you click, even if not on a switch or interactive element. Bearing markings on autopilot heading dial are confusing, e.g. 30 is used for both 30 and 300 degrees. Should be 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, etc. Photo here. Transponder ALT mode is skipped. As I understand it, sim/cockpit/radios/transponder_mode 3 is altitude mode. At least this is how it is with e.g. the default Laminar C172, Cirrus SF50 and C90. I think ALT would be a better choice than TST for setting it to 3, anyway. Landing lights are visible through some parts of the wing/tip tanks. Auto pilot implementation seems a bit strange: Pitch hold mode on the autopilot seems to actually be a vertical speed hold, which is kind of nice in terms of ease of use but I wonder if it's actually correct. Pitch(VS) mode is only activate when ALT ON is set. As far as I can tell from the documentation I've found online, ALT ON should be altitude hold mode (when pitch is set neutral), and pitch control mode is always on when the autopilot is on. I guess some of this is probably due to limitations of X-Plane's built-in autopilot which I assume this plane is using. Would be nice to get it more like the real thing, e.g. the heading/omni and turn mode dial/knob thing.
  9. nomdeplume

    Saab Climbout on Autopilot oscillates/porpoises

    Are you remembering to set your altitude target beforehand? Sometimes I'll forget to reset it after approach and it'll be very low. Then the AP will level out and it will start to accelerate like crazy. Also you might want to consider engaging the flight director and climb/nav modes and hand-fly it prior to engaging the AP. If you enable the AP when you're already following the FD cue you'll get smoother and more predictable actions from it. If there's a big difference then when you enable the AP you can get significant pitch moments as it tries to sort the situation out.
  10. nomdeplume

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    Not at my computer right now so I can't check the exact text, but... (Note that I only use XPlane 11 so if you're on 10 the interface probably works differently and this won't help much.) First, load up the 340 into the sim; the controls will be present in the command list without the aircraft loaded but they won't have any descriptive text which makes it difficult to find the right one. Then go to the controls configuration, and hit the button to assign a custom command for the button you want to use to toggle the tiller. Then what I normally do is type anything in the search box, then delete it (backspace over it) - once that's done the entire command list will be accessible but collapsed. You should then be able to find the LES node easily in the list and expand it. If you still can't see it then maybe the aircraft isn't being loaded properly? But I would be surprised if you could fly it at all if it can't even load the custom commands.
  11. nomdeplume

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    There is a NWS binding, just not the X-Plane default one. Works flawlessly for me. LES/saab/NW_steer_ON_OFF
  12. nomdeplume

    Saab 340 trouble with reverse thrust...

    When I've encountered this it's always been when I've been trying to slow down quickly after a forcing a landing in which I'm way overspeed. If I'm more gentle with going to reverse it doesn't occur; i.e. if I don't just immediately jam the power levels to full reverse it's fine. I don't know if it's a bug of some kind, or if it's something like the sudden blade pitch change overloading the engines which then shut down to prevent damage.
  13. nomdeplume

    Better pushback issues with Saab

    I have lots of problems with Better Pushback and the 340, too. Mostly it's okay if you just go back and straight, but if you try to get it to turn you at all it'll get very confused. My speculation was that the Saab's doing something to prevent the nose wheel from turning when the aircraft is stopped and that was throwing off BP. But on the weekend I did a flight with DDEN's Challenger 300 v2 and BP freaked out trying to push that aircraft back as well. Plus there's plenty of clips of it freaking out with all manner of different aircraft. So I think the plugin just has some issues in some (many) situations, especially if you ask it to do anything beyond a straight push.
  14. nomdeplume

    Another question, this time about the tiller

    On technique, generally one would switch nose wheel steering off before or during the takeoff roll; once you've built enough speed the rudder should have enough authority to keep the aircraft centred. You don't really want to be turning the aircraft with the nose wheel once you're above taxi speeds. Same thing with landing; use the rudder after touchdown until you slow down and lose authority, then enable the steering. You can also use differential braking. I don't know the specific normal employment in the SF34, i.e. whether the pilot actually pulls the tiller during the roll or if they leave it in and just use very very gentle movement of the pedals until liftoff; or even if they line up straight and disable the tiller prior to starting the roll. If you're reasonably straight by the time you've drifted off the centreline the rudder should be able to provide enough authority to correct. X-Plane in its current state also adds the complication that propwash is badly modelled with any sort of crosswind, so you're probably getting a lot less rudder authority than you actually should have at any given speed/power setting; which in turn means you probably need to enable steering at much higher speeds than in real life. So I think as always we need to accept the simulator's limitations and do what works within it. For me, I disable the tiller during the takeoff roll at around 50-60 knots (then stomp on the pedals as needed), and when landing I use (heavy) rudder inputs and (light) differential braking for keeping straight until under the same speed before enabling the tiller. I also find nearly all X-Plane aircraft will have more steering authority from the pedals with nosewheel steering/tiller enabled even without actually using the tiller axis to steer the wheel, so effectively I get three levels of "sensitivity" - rudder only, tiller enabled but only using pedals, or pedals plus tiller steering (only for low speeds). If you don't/can't map the tiller toggle to a button on your flight controls (or at least to a keyboard button) for easier use, then probably using differential braking until you're slow enough and controlled enough to fumble around with the mouse is the best bet. If you don't have separate toe brakes either, then you're probably in for a bad time without an easy way to enable the nose steering.
  15. nomdeplume

    Standby frequencies for NAV and COM really dull

    They're definitely considerably darker but I don't have any problem reading them. The "Digits" rheostat does control the brightness but I think it starts on maximum anyway. A screenshot might be helpful to indicate if you're seeing something abnormal or if perhaps your monitor is just a bit darker or something? Here's mine for a comparison, also with the popup.