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  1. Aircraft Specifics

    I appreciate you reaching out Jan. I'm not looking to fly the aircraft outside of its limitations even though it's possible to do so. That is why I asked for the weights and CG ranges to fly your aircraft realistically. Instead I got a snide remark from Morten which really pissed me off. Obviously they vary from one 737 to the next, which is why I wanted the numbers IXEG used when modeling their plane. Surely you guys looked at a 737-300 from a specific airline with a specific configuration when you modeled the IXEG 737. I'm sure you're also aware that the CG envelope varies with different takeoff weights. I'm not sure where in my OP there was any ambiguity or "lack of CRM"? I also don't understand why I was chided for requesting this information given that it's provided by many other manufacturers of study-level aircraft. In case you're unaware, just to give you an example, the PMDG DC-6 for XP comes with their own PFPX files that fit their model. On the other side of the spectrum so do the FSL A320X, AS CRJ, and QW787 just to name a few. They all come with W&B managers as well. It's become a common thing since support from the PFPX developer has declined in recent years. I didn't care that yours didn't have it. All I asked for in my OP was some accurate numbers to make a profile using the correct engine variant and CG numbers so I could load the aircraft within its limitations because XP doesn't put any restrictions on them. I couldn't get a straight answer. Yes I happen to be very familiar with study-level sims on FSX/P3D, and I also happen to beta test for six very well known developers. There's a certain standard that begins to develop among study-level aircraft manufacturers. Not once did I scold you in my OP for not having that in your documentation. I said I couldn't find it and asked for it to be provided. I am a real pilot so when I sim I like to keep it as realistic as possible. It's a sim, not a game right? Not only is the engine variant and W&B information missing from your documentation, do you know that it doesn't mention anywhere on the IXEG website or the X-Aviation product page that this is a 737-300? I think that's a pretty important piece of information to put out there. All it says is 737 Classic. Before I bought this plane I actually had to look around the internet to find out which exact version or versions of the 737 this product included. I saw that it was "study-level" and had pretty good reviews so despite my hesitation (because I'm just getting into XP) I purchased it. As far as the video in my other thread is concerned, I was trying to get the video out to you guys before I left on my own 4 day trip. I don't understand why I couldn't just use WeTransfer to get it over to you guys via email before I left instead of wasting my time with YouTube. You're an airline pilot. You know how valuable your time is at home - especially if you have a wife and kids. Time to sim is a rare commodity. The last thing I wanted to do was waste time screwing around with YouTube, so I asked for an email address. To me this was better CRM than writing a long, ambiguous description of what I was experiencing. I asked to send it, Morten shot me down several times, so I left for my trip and didn't post again in that thread. I also didn't bring it up again until his snide remark in this thread. If trying to send you a video to assist me with a problem, and then asking for some data to operate this study-level aircraft realistically is this much of a hassle, then I clearly made the wrong decision to purchase this plane.
  2. Aircraft Specifics

    Specific MTOW is very relevant. The structural MTOW for the aircraft in question is always the absolute limit. Has nothing to do with landing fees. An operator is always going to carry the maximum amount of revenue payload they can, followed by the minimum amount of fuel required for the flight unless they're tankering which is a whole different subject. That's how they make money. After that you have MFPTW which is either equal to or less than the MTOW. MFPTW restricts the aircraft even further due to burn off to make sure the aircraft is under the MLW when it arrives at the destination. Then you have runway specific takeoff weight which may or may not reduce the MTOW even further based on braking action, climb performance, runway length, obstacle clearance, and some other factors. All I asked for, very politely, was the specs on the airplane that you modeled in the sim - the structural MTOW. I've always seen these numbers in the documentation of other study-level aircraft and they can also be looked up in the specific aircraft.cfg files for FSX/P3D aircraft. I've taken off in real life at the structural MTOW many times and even have to throw extra ballast in the cargo compartment just to keep the CG within limits at times. It also doesn't say -B1 on the FMC. It only says engine rating 20.0K. There was a 20K version of the -3C-1 too. Study level is just that. You can study the airplane. Read the documentation, learn the systems, follow procedures, watch it perform the way it should in the real world. I'm sure the IXEG does many of those things minus the detailed documentation and realistic W&B loading. It only takes an 800 pound imbalance to throw off the jet that I fly. I'm not typed on the 737 and again, since this is a "study-level" sim, I wanted to know the specific weights it was modeled on so I load it and plan flights accurately. If it was all just rough estimates, then why does PFPX allow you to customize all of these numbers? And what do G-forces in a Level-D have to do with anything. They're not real airplanes just like a desktop sim isn't a real airplane. Level-D's can still simulate the loading of the real airplane though - just like other study-level desktop sims on the market. Is the glass still half empty? I can't tell you because I have yet to get the damn thing working. Maybe if you read the full post you'd realize that I didn't come on here to point out the things I didn't like. I came here to get some specific information that I couldn't find in the manuals and in my other thread, to try and get the aircraft working properly. Instead of being helped I was given a hard time instead of a straight answer - numbers that are easily found in the documentation of other study-level sims on the market.
  3. Aircraft Specifics

    I already downloaded a 737-300 profile for PFPX. I'm trying to customize it so it matches your aircraft specifically. I'm not sure why I even need to tell you that in the first place. I asked you for some specs about the aircraft that should already be in your documentation given that it's advertised as a "study-level" aircraft. Not once in your manuals does it even mention which CFM-56 engine the airplane is modeled on, let alone any of the weights. You say it's airline dependent, yet every livery of your 737 has the same empty weight because you obviously modeled it off of one specific real world 737. You say the MTOW is 139,274 because that's the max weight you can increase it to in the sim, but in your documentation it also says that you're able to overload the aircraft so I want to know what the structural MTOW and CoG range is for the aircraft that you used to create this model. Wikipedia says the MTOW for the 737-300 is 138,500, but maybe the aircraft you collected your data from had some sort of heavy weight mod. I don't know. That's why I'm looking for specific numbers. Secondly, the video is only 388MB - 88 larger than the forum limit. Not sure how that's "insanely huge". I was trying to provide you with a simple video to show you first hand what the aircraft was doing instead of writing an ambiguous book on the forum for you to read. Finally, I haven't "repeatedly insulted" you. I called you out on your reluctance to offer support in a manner that's pretty standard in this industry among third party developers. All you have is a forum. No support ticket system or any other open line of communication. I'm over it though. Thanks for nothing.
  4. Aircraft Specifics

    I'm not sure I like the quality of support I've received from you thus far. All I asked for was some aircraft specifics about your "study-level" aircraft so I can put together an accurate PFPX profile. You advertise this plane as "study-level" on X-Aviation and so far it's far from it. Flight Factor and PMDG both have accurate W&B management for their aircraft so don't blame your limits on X-Plane or your sub-par documentation. Secondly, I can't even fly this aircraft because of some problems that I've already posted about in another thread, and I've received nothing but short, unhelpful responses from you. All I asked was to be able to send you a video so I can specifically show you the erratic behavior I'm getting from this plane, and you can't even accomodate me there. So I'll tell you what, tomorrow morning I will call my CC company, dispute the charge for this aircraft with them, and get my money back since you don't want to man up and offer the kind of support that one would expect to come with a $75 "study-level" aircraft. Rotate Sim was more than helpful when I asked for similar information to build a PFPX profile, and they also ask for videos so they can see the problems users were having first hand. Maybe you should take some customer support tips from them. It's a shame that such a beautifully modeled 737 is backed by such terrible support staff.
  5. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    Was going to use WeTransfer.
  6. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    It exceeds the 300MB limit - even zipped.
  7. Aircraft Specifics

    Yes, I'm aware of that. I fly for an airline and I calculate our W&B before every flight. I want to know the specifics you used for this aircraft when you modeled it. I thought this was a study-level aircraft.
  8. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    I just sent you guys a message through your website. If you can give me an email address I can send you a video of what this plane is doing. Something is definitely wrong with it.
  9. Since there's no detailed aircraft loading option with this airplane, what are the weights that you guys used when developing this plane? I can't seem to find any of this information in the documentation. Empty Weight, Max Zero Fuel Weight, Max Take-Off Weight, Max Landing Weight, and Max Ramp Weight? What is the cargo capacity weight as well? Was this plane modeled on the CFM56-3B-1 engines or the CFM56-3C-1 engines? Does the Ground Services menu allow you to exceed the CoG limits of the airplane when you're setting it? In the documentation it says it'll allow you to exceed the Max Zero Fuel Weight slightly. If it does allow you to exceed it, what is the normal CoG range for the aircraft for the entire range of takeoff weights? Thanks.
  10. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    You're correct, it's not an axis. It's a detent. But.....if the axis on my throttle quadrant put's the lever in the correct detent in the virtual cockpit, that should be the trigger to move the flaps into that position. That's how it works on every other aircraft I've seen both in FSX/P3D and X-Plane. If the calibration in my throttle axis that's assigned to my flaps was ever off, the flap lever in the virtual cockpit wouldn't move appropriately. Since it does move correctly with the 737, the problem must be with the aircraft and not with my throttle. On a side note, is there any chance you guys could incorporate an option to use the scroll wheel on the mouse to turn dials in the cockpit instead of the click and drag? Rotate Sim did it with their MD-80 and it's a lot better. Thanks.
  11. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    Then your aircraft is the first I've seen to have this problem out of every PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic, A2A, Rotate Sim, etc.....
  12. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    I do use a joystick axis for flaps, but I verified that both the lever was set at zero in the VC and that zero was indicated on the flap position gauge.
  13. Speed/LVL CHG Problem

    I just purchased this aircraft and I've been having some issues with it regarding airspeed and the autopilot. Every time I set 290 in the airspeed window and engage level change, a few seconds later the MCP returns back to Speed mode and dials the airspeed back to 227. The red Vmo/Mmo tape keeps appearing and disappearing on the speed tape as well. I am above 10K with the aircraft in a clean configuration. I'm currently using XP 11.11.