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    Condition lever to keyboard

    ... anyway, I tried it. So we may discuss the following script - for me it's running fine: local CL_time CL_DRef = "LES/saab/CL/manip_common" create_command("FlyWithLua/LES/Saab/CL_increase", "Move condtion lever towards Max", "CL_time = os.clock() + .1\nset(CL_DRef, get(CL_DRef) + .01)\nset(CL_DRef, math.min(get(CL_DRef),1))", "if os.clock() > CL_time then\nset(CL_DRef, (get(CL_DRef) + (os.clock() - CL_time) * .05))\nend\nset(CL_DRef, math.min(get(CL_DRef),1))", "") create_command("FlyWithLua/LES/Saab/CL_decrease", "Move condtion lever towards Min", "CL_time = os.clock() + .1\nset(CL_DRef, get(CL_DRef) - .01)\nset(CL_DRef, math.max(get(CL_DRef),0))", "if os.clock() > CL_time then\nset(CL_DRef, (get(CL_DRef) - (os.clock() - CL_time) * .05))\nend\nset(CL_DRef, math.max(get(CL_DRef),0))", "")
  2. Babbo

    Condition lever to keyboard

    Hello all! Please accept excuses for bumping a frequently stressed theme. I've searched up and down the net, but was not able to find an answer to the following question: how to map a keyboard key to jointly move both condition levers? (I.e. not a quadrant, not a joystick, not the mouse - just the keyboard, precisely, two keys for both directions.) Thanks a lot for any input!
  3. Babbo

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Thank you, I would never have had that idea. - Is there a way to disengage this licensing window (since it isn't needed)?
  4. Babbo

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Firstly, have my greatest thanks for your gift, but secondly, I can't license your product: correct entries (email and pwd) always fail! Could you please offer some help?