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  1. Mindyourstep

    Nice job on the Saab 340A for XP11...

    I also want to send my deepest sincere love to this aircraft....my desk vibrates because of the roaring props. I am really into the gauges, the whole look and feel...I can almost smell the plane. I am addicted to the workload in the cockpit and the finetuning of my performance and path during my PCO-flights above Vancouver and surroundings. Yep! A relief from the computed managed flights of p.ex an Airbus.
  2. Mindyourstep

    -solved: Xsquawkbox problem - CTD while descending

    Thanks, good idea. I've set it up like that to prevent further crashes.
  3. Mindyourstep

    -solved: Xsquawkbox problem - CTD while descending

    Indeed it is. I have to go to XSquawkBox forum for this. Thanks.
  4. Too bad, such a pity and a waste of time. I was flying for a long time on-line at VATSIM and wanted to make my descend, suddenly crashed to desktop: Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  5. Thanks...I could have looked that up...
  6. Hello fellow TBM900-flyers, I wonder if this is supposed to be like it is...If I want to reduce speed in the air, let's say, because I want to descend, when I put my throttles almost to idle I've got the "landing gear"-warning, also at high altitudes or when I am still going way too fast to put them down. Should this warning come up in these circumstances, or has it a wrong trigger? Thanks,
  7. Mindyourstep

    TBM 900 v1.1.7 Update Released!

    I immediately wanted to set rain effect to OFF (because of the latest posts here) but all texts disappeared, the boxes stayed on my screen, doubled, and nothing was clickable. So I have three cascading Garmin screens and two overlapping sidebars and a Gizmo menu with vertical stripes. The only way out was force-quitting X-plane. I guess because it was actually raining and my iMac was on 0.5 frames per second. So, together with six (!) other payware aircraft, all updated this month, and all updates contained some implementation of a new rain effect...it is a no-no for mac os x. Some of them, luckily this one too, has the option to turn it off. Thanks for the update though! I did a test flight Burbank KBUR -sta Catalina KAVX: - still struggles with frame rates; problematic; above South LA, sky broken: 15-17fps (above sea and island 22-26fps) (- during roll out after landing, applying reverse, suddenly my setup reversed...throttle back went up, throttle up went back / can also be an incident) settings: visual effects: High / texture quality: Medium / Anti-alias: FXAA / draw shadows: unchecked / number of world objects: High / reflection details: Minimal / screen: 2048x1152 (cpu 0.056 time, gpu 0.065 time) system: mac osx 10.14.3 (Mojave) iMac Retina 5K, 27", end2015, 4GHz i7, 32GB, AMD Radeon M395X 4096MB All the best Log.txt
  8. Mindyourstep

    Update V 1.1.6 Unusable on MacOs

    I would like to use the beautiful TBM900 for an online event, so frame rates are key (way over any raindrop or heat blur whats-o-ever :-P). Since I'm on a mac, reading this thread, do you recommend the upgrade already, taking the tips about the effects.cfg and librain into account, or should I stay at 1.3 (which is already a struggle fps-wise) for now? All the best, Sander
  9. Mindyourstep

    Smooth flight!

  10. Mindyourstep

    Smooth flight!

    Spec: system: mac osx 10.11.6 iMac Retina 5K, 27", end2015, 4GHz i7, 32GB, AMD Radeon M395X 4096MB I made the linked/attached fps-research before the last updates. (see spreadsheet ) So flying with FLYwithLua on an empty island SCIP without WT3 and scenery already brought me down; I continued building up without FlywithLua and had OK results (e.g.: World Traffic 3 had no negative effect at all); until: see "fully plugged/EHAM", mind: clear sky, and that was XP11.26. (→ the developer made a new version of FlyWithLua, didn't try it yet together with TBM) Now I'm on 11.30rc1 with the latest update of the TBM, and the clouds are fps-killing, taxiing at some airports included. Ofcourse that frame rate-hit is the case with all aircraft I have, but they are still manageable above fps=20. I only struggle with the TBM9 to keep away from fps<20 (In bad weather sometimes 10fps_. (I fly: "LES Saab 340A | Hotstart Socata TBM 900 | Aerobask Diamond DA62 | FlyJSim B732-v3 Pro | FlightFactor A320 Ultimate (beta) / B757 Professional v2.0-extended (B752, B753, B75F) / B777 200LR Worldiner | Carenado Dornier Do228 / Beechcraft King Air B200 | ddenn's Bombardier Challenger 300 | Zibo's modified B738") I know this is actually an X-Plane thing. Maybe Laminar Research will do something about that consuming particle- and clouds-engine, but I realize the TBM900 is really the maximum I can have on top of that, comparing it to all the other aircraft running under the same conditions.
  11. Mindyourstep

    Smooth flight!

    I don't know what you all have set-up, but I can not get this plane above 16fps, while with the same scenery, add-ons and settings I fly FF A320U, FF 757-200LR, Aerobask DA62 above 25fps.
  12. Mindyourstep

    TBM 900 Slow down frame rate after long flights

    Is there any news? I have downloaded two updates; now I have 1.1.3,, but the X-aviation window pop-up keeps saying but more important: Now I have 16fps even without flywithlua under a clear blue sky at an airport and 10-14fps in the clouds above Alaska:
  13. Mindyourstep

    TBM 900 Slow down frame rate after long flights

    I found my "culprit": FlyWithLua (or a script in it: like "XPRealistic Pro") - Fps went down with >10fps and a lot of stuttering occurred (12-15fps) in the-middle-of-nowehere-SCIP(!) - Default C172 also suffers under FlyWithLua, but that plane is still "simmable" - Also note worthy: while flying the TBM900 3jFPS-wizard shows 26 fps, while X-plane's data shows 21 fps at the same time. While flying the C172 both results are equal. So I removed FlywithLua and took a long shot to re-install all other plugins and let them run. Very good results. Then I left SCIP and cranked up my scenery step-by-step. More important: I did a three hour VFR-flight hopping from airport to airport and did not experience the problem of this topic: about the continuous low fps after a long flight. The whole tour went great. Only the last 20 minutes I encountered the <20fps-ceiling when approaching Schiphol with a lot of things going on, like World Traffic 3 aircraft coming and going. So maybe, maybe, this problem has something to do with FlyWithLua. Hope I contributed with this little research. All the best.
  14. Mindyourstep

    TBM 900 Slow down frame rate after long flights

    I just want to let know...I am on a project to find out where the bottleneck might be. Still not found, but keep you posted. (side effect: In the mean time, with all those take-offs and landings I am getting a Pro on this plane...) Adding FlyWithLua with all those scripts tomorrow...