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    Temperature completely wrong

    Hi @sundog, Thanks so much for the information. I had naively imagined that 'real weather' includes the temperature, but this was obviously a lack of knowledge on my part. Appreciated. Looking deeper, it is for Avalon YMAV, a smaller airport near Melbourne. The METAR X-Plane receives has some data after '//' comments with temperature which it appears unable to parse. I'll look into it further from that angle. All the best - great product!
  2. Here in Melbourne it is 42 C (108 F) today. Would be interesting to fly today in such conditions, but RW Connector shows 14 C, which is completely incorrect. What could be causing this? I have 15 minute updates on on X-Plane 11.11 for weather conditions. ActiveSky 2016 for FSX shows the correct temperature. The airport in question is YMAV Avalon.