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  1. zizo

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    thanks @UA90
  2. zizo

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Any updates?
  3. zizo

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Hello all! I've been wondering if anyone here will make a nice looking 777, FlightFactor's rendition was comprehensive in the systems, but not so much in visual accuracy. This is my first legitimate aircraft project, It will have a few short comings in terms of detail (but my aim here is to attain the highest level of modelling accuracy), I used Hiroshi Igami's 777 (from POSKY, they're now TDS) as a base, then redid the engines, wings etc and remapped and retextured any model thats used. UPDATE: I scrapped most of the modelled redid the aircraft, starting with the most popular choice at the moment: 777-300ER, check latest post for latest images! One thing about 777s that I like is the wing flex, and FF unfortunately didn't simulate that very well. My wing model is sliced into 7 sections to ensure a smooth and almost-seamless flex. The landing gear also is sized correctly (hehe) and isn't a 200ER landing gear (theres no wiring and no cantilever system in the front). Yes it's going to be freeware, it's a learning project for me, a project launched after being dissatisfied of FF's 777, and also learning to animate. Without further ado, here are lé screenshots for you to feast on. this is what he wrote and nothing else
  4. zizo

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    nothing is saying when it will be released
  5. zizo

    Project: Boeing 777 Series

    when will it be released