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  1. Laem

    Anti Ice

    Hi Jan, don't misunderstand it, it is not a complaint or something like that, I love the plane (and some infos about the future steps, hehe). I will check your hints, maybe ..... otherwise the first flight will be a challenge for good pilots :-) Cheers Martin
  2. Laem

    Anti Ice

    Hi Jan, thank you for your answers ! The default XP11 failures are completly disabled because I don't want to get in trouble after a long time in front of my PC :-) I know that's not completly real but ..... I noticed always during the first flight after the reactivation of the licence some failures but only during the first flight. For example during take-off one or both engines are going down. Or the FMC behaviuou is different like the flights before. Then, starting to the second flight everything is okay .... until I get some weeks later the message to reactivate the licence again. So, maybe this was a new failure during the first flight and it will happen never again. Cheers Martin
  3. Hi IXEG experts, maybe you have an idea :-) Yesterday evening I made a flight from LGSK to EDDS, everything starts well. 20 miles before EDDS there was a snow storm but I catched ILS, still okay. But then the nose gear didn't went down, I tried it serveral times. before I was able to accerlate for a Go around the planes turns right over the wing and crashed. XP11 told me too much ice on the wings *grhh* First, I know I have to train the emergency procedures, haha. But, more important, are the anti-ice switches working in version 1.2? Or are they only for nice to have? Did someone made the same experiences? Thx
  4. Laem

    Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    Hi, how can I adjust the audio volume for the cabin announcments? It's too low for me :-) Thank you
  5. Laem


    Hello Guys, first I want to say that the IXEG 737 is really fantastic plane, I like it so much and it's the only airliner I use. It makes no sense for me to switch to other planes, ony for vfr I use a small one. Maybe I didn't find it but is there a kind of roadmap about the next steps with IXEG? next release planed new features etc. Thank you