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  1. Tassierob

    Hot Start TBM9 Wile E Coyote

    A livery that always makes me smile. Many thanks.
  2. Tassierob

    Sensible pedals

    Look all the way down the runway and not just over the nose, then advance the throttle slowly so the propeller torque comes on in a manageable way. Also if you update to Xplane 11.30 you can use custom rudder curves if you need to to change rudder response dependent on your pedals.
  3. Tassierob

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Personally I would be happy to pay for a new aircraft again to get the B version. This AC is still great after all these years, the best turboprop commuter by far but without new avionics, engines etc...it is in danger of being overtaken by a newer generation of releases. A B series with TBM900 features/failures/effects.....take my money!
  4. Tassierob

    IPad App

    Interesting, I have not used the fuel calculations in the app yet but when I put in the same weights, temps and flight profiles as the real pilots manual the results are almost identical. The fuel calculator in the sim does not take into account climb speed, cruise throttle setting or descent profile so I am assuming it works on maximum fuel burn for max speed across the full flight range?. Atmospheric conditions add another variable you can’t input directly into the sim load/fuel burn calculator either. It makes a huge difference to calculations in the app how much initial info you input and how accurately to.
  5. Tassierob

    IPad App

    For those with an IPad there is an excellent FREE app with Zero Advertising for this fantastic plane. All the emergency procedures and standard procedures plus performance data and fuel management are only a click away. There is even a quick reference that highlights the circuit breakers in Red. Search TBM Performance. TBM Performance by POH Performance L.L.C.
  6. Tassierob

    What’s next?

    By far the best GA aircraft on XP! Many thanks to all the team, incredible work. Next....Version 2.0 of the SAAB 340A with the same features as the TBM and modern GPS and Radar! Nothing less will do...well no harm in asking..ha ha!
  7. Tassierob

    MFD pop out

    Well that’s embarrassing! Must have missed the click spot. Many thanks.
  8. Tassierob

    MFD pop out

    I am not sure if it would be possible for a future update but I would really like to be able to pop out the MFD key pad. Maybe attach it to the MFD so they both pop out together??
  9. Tassierob


    Interesting. It is exactly the same error I had when it crashed on me. Were you by chance playing with the G1000 while in the air? That is when mine happened.
  10. Tassierob

    TBM 900 v1.0.8 Update Released!

    I seem to have the same system crash in cruise to! Identical in every way.
  11. Tassierob

    rolling out full left when engaging the reverse

    Did you turn off the Yaw damper?? To quote the manual it MUST be off before landing!
  12. Tassierob

    Start with engines running...

    That would totally defeat the purpose of owning this aircraft. It is totally study level from the moment you step in the cockpit till the moment you shut it down. If you aren’t prepared to do that then you might as well download and fly nearly any other aircraft on X plane. That is precisely what makes it different and why it is worth the big money. No shortcuts in the real world...unless your a passenger, or the instructor starts it for you!
  13. Tassierob

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Thanks for all your hard work the update..fantastic. The new glass reflections are amazing. Dirt on the windows show up really well. With version 1 now this good V2 is going to be amazing to outdo it! Thanks again.
  14. Tassierob

    Random Shutdowns on Departure/Landing

    Make sure you set the CTOT correctly for take off and stop advancing the throttles as soon as it takes over. Operating from high altitude will be a big part of your problem however as it restricts your power on takeoff lots. P127 and 128 of the flight manual describe CTOT in detail. I note the normal max climb position with CTOT off and move the throttles no further forward than that after TO, turn CTOT down then disengage it when Torque is about right. The condition levers should only ever go to the max position, no further forward. As to the travel on the throttles unless you have a full sized one with the same travel there are always going to be compromises with the amount of travel relative to the real aircraft. Personally I find reverse the biggest issue. I use 2 Saitek throttle quadrants. Landing...I have read on a SAAB pilots forum that unless the runway is really short then a lot of SAAB drivers only use flaps 20 as it gives better go around performance. Also only flaps 20 in a crosswind. Thats the way I fly most of my arrivals now. Hope that helps a bit!
  15. Tassierob

    Random Shutdowns on Departure/Landing

    Yep I can confirm full reverse is a killer. I accidentally went to full reverse landing yesterday with my Saitek throttles and ended up sitting on the ground in the dark with 2 dead engines! The tower was not impressed LOL.