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  1. XP10 nose wheel and rudder fault when switching from saab 340.

    Don’t know why your rudder is reversed but you have to activate the nose wheel steering every time you fly the plane and every time you land. There is a big knob on the left side on the pilots console near the radio volume controls you need to push down. It is a feature of the real aircraft to!
  2. Version 2 Request

    Just been reading the latest Saab 340 brochure. Sooooo any chance of a Saab 340bPlus-WT.. Bigger engines, higher performance and enhanced short field capabilities. Sounds like a beast and the version several military units are going with....please Then there is the corporate interior and the maritime surveillance version hmmmm. Well just asking! Will be very happy to pay extra monies for version 2 either way.
  3. G530 sids and stars

    Very sorry but I assumed in my initial reply you were on XP11 as you did not specify. I have been using XP11 for so long I forgot XP10 did not support SIDS and STARS
  4. Cant set course for GPS.

    If you wish to fly a series of waypoints do not put the GPS in OBS mode. It should be GPS only and NAV in the autopilot control. From the GPS530 manual that you can down load online:OBS Key – Used to select manual or automatic sequencing of waypoints. Pressing the OBS Key selects OBS mode, which retains the current ‘active to’ waypoint as the navigation reference even after passing the waypoint (i.e., prevents sequencing to the next waypoint). Pressing the OBS Key again returns the unit to normal operation, with automatic sequencing of waypoints. When OBS mode is selected, the pilot may set the desired course to/from a waypoint using the Select OBS Course pop-up window, or an external OBS selector on the HSI or CDI. I hope that explains it for you...it took a while for me to realise and fix to!
  5. G530 sids and stars

    SIDS and STARS are supported. You find them by pushing the procedures key on the GPS. The important thing is to make sure you have the Nav data installed and upto date. Also not all airports have procedures. I have a Navigraph subscription and it works fine though you occasionally get an airport they miss putting procedures in for. Usually smaller regional airports. Go to an airport you know has sids and stars. Load in a flight plan then push procedures key. There will be a menus with departures plus approach and arrival pages for your destination.. Hope that helps.
  6. Thank you for all your hard work fixing this. Really looking forward to getting the best out of this plane and being able to fly it with all the proper power setting.
  7. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Further to my original post I took the time to do a couple of tests with and without Saitek throttle and yoke connected. Interestingly if the computer was booted without them connected the throttle quadrant on the MU worked fine with the mouse but when it was reconnected the throttle quadrant could only be moved be moved with the Saitek quadrant and it was impossible to select ground idle. (All other functions are working perfectly with mouse or Saitek). Note my Saitek yoke has the Leo Bodnar PCB installed for pitch and roll but this combo works perfectly with every other aircraft I have including the LES SAAB 340a. Please find my log file attached. Many thanks. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Ah now I get it! Thanks, that is a work around I had not thought of, I will give it a go next time I go flying.
  9. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Yes I can get full reverse with my Saitek throttle using a button but it is absolutely impossible to select flight idle which has a fine beta pitch. It all makes the plane less realistic to fly. Judging from the comments here it is not an isolated problem just from a bug in my X-Plane install but a problem that needs a patch from the developer so this otherwise excellent plane works correctly in all aspects.
  10. MU-2 throttle problem.

    Exactly the same when I took it for the first flight today. Think I burned out the brakes taxiing. Hopefully the developer will get back to us with a fix ASAP!
  11. Just downloaded the latest update and I cannot move the throttles with the mouse. They are locked at flight idle. I tried disconnecting my Saitek throttles but this made no difference. All the other controls work perfectly with the mouse. I can go from flight idle to Take Off with the Saitek Throttles but can then only select make reverse thrust. I cannot get the levers to go to ground idle. Any sugestions please??