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  1. karingka

    Freeware 787-8 project

    Wow, looking nice dude!
  2. karingka

    SkyMAXX Pro

    Lol, looking great again
  3. karingka

    SkyMAXX Pro

    Looks really man.
  4. karingka

    FlyTampa Montreal Final Update

    Cool. Go habs!
  5. karingka

    New airport but can you guess?

    Looking promising! Sceneries with default facades and orthos can still look amazing, good luck!
  6. karingka

    New airport but can you guess?

    You can't view 'em sadly. You should make temporary facades of all the ones you want to test and just note down which ones you find satisfactory. As for the height, I'm not too sure, I've never been able to get it to function properly.
  7. karingka

    Latest Project by Aerobridge

    When will it be released?
  8. karingka

    Boeing b-29 superfortress

    Yeah, this looks amazing!
  9. karingka


    Please post in the right place for once...
  10. karingka

    Amazing Colours

    It's a bit too green, I think.
  11. karingka


    I'm glad you've made this decision. Making a plugin to simulate an aircraft as complex as a 777 must be about as easy as running around the world non-stop. It sure must be a marathon! Along with the fact that another 777 has been released, I'm sure you haven't been short of setbacks. Keep hacking at it, I have a feeling 2013 is a good year!
  12. karingka

    Awesome flightdeck shots!

  13. karingka

    Lets post our drawings!~!~!

    Yeah. You should make liveries!
  14. karingka

    Lets post our drawings!~!~!

    That's really nice!