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    Couple of small bugs that need ironing

    Hi mizra, we are aware of the oil-temp problem, the latest updated to X-Plane (11.40) finally makes this "accessible" to third-party designers, so I hope to adress that in a future update. The N1 carots (orange triangle markers) are normally driven by the FMC. You can set them manually, but you have to pull out and then turn the little knobs on the instrument gauges themselves. This is just a backup method, though. The autothrottle will not adhere to the manually placed carots. The IDG oil temperature indication is on our list to fix as well, your observation is correct. Fuel temperature works as the other guys explained. It will drift towards the TAT (total air temperature) slowly, with the A hydraulic system only providing very limited heating. Cheers, Jan
  2. Litjan

    STAR select issue

    Will do, thanks for reporting! Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan

    STAR select issue

    Hmm, not sure what happened - are you sure there is a STAR to runway 07 from PELEN? Also you want to select runway 07 first, then you should be given the choice of all STARS associated with it. Cheers, Jan
  4. Your observations are correct - there is an entry in our bug-fix-list to correct these. For the operation of the aircraft these deficiencies have no effect, however, since with the engine shut down: Operating the reverser will have no effect on thrust The engine delivers no bleed air, so the position of the bleed valve has no effect (we don´t simulate the possible contamination of the air supply with smoke/fire retardant gas) The engine driven generator will drop off-line very soon when N2 decays, so the Control Relay tripping would have no effect Cheers, Jan
  5. Hi Colin, thanks for the nice words! I am not sure exactly which part of the ground handling is giving you problems, is it the directional control or do you feel the airplane is not staying on the runway enough when you cross ridgelines? We override the directional control of X-Plane with our own plugin - this was absolutely necessary when we first released this aircraft, because X-Plane´s default ground physics were deficient back then. There have been many advances to this in the meantime, and we will review the need for our overriding with the next update. For now you may want to experiment with your control response curve of the rudder (you have hardware rudder pedals, right?) in the X-Plane settings, if you find the response too twitchy. The "heaviness" of the aircraft is goverened by X-Plane´s physics but it feels pretty realistic to me - and I have flown the 737 irl for 10 years. Sometimes X-Plane´s runways are a bit "wild", especially with airports that have just recently been added and the terrain on them hasn´t been smoothed out during a scenery recut (next one will be for XP12). Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    ixeg 737 classic fmc

    No, just like the real one it doesn´t :-)
  7. Litjan

    IXeg Cockpit Flashing problem

    I made A tutorial for WED - I assume there are many out there ;-) Cheers, Jan
  8. Litjan

    IXeg Cockpit Flashing problem

    Hmm, this reminds me of the problem others had when using the (now defunct) option of "show vertices". The "show vertices" option was a dubious addition playing with some OpenGL commands that where "not officially supported" at that time by Laminar Research. It worked, though, and looked kinda cool, so we added it. Over the course of many years Laminar changed some inner workings, and now the "show vertices" option makes the 3D cockpit disappear from time to time - this option will be removed in a future update. For now we ask to manually uncheck that option in the preferences menu of the IXEG 737. Let me know if that helps, cheers, Jan
  9. Litjan

    Keystroke for Air and GPU?

    Jean is correct, there are no datarefs for that. I will add it to the list of requests - maybe those can be added in a future update! Cheers, Jan
  10. Litjan

    Possibly failed license?

    Very glad to hear that! And please make sure to post here if we can be of any further assistance! Happy landings, Jan
  11. Litjan

    Possibly failed license?

    Hi, it doesn´t sound like licensing would be your problem - thats a good thing! I haven´t heard of anyone having a similiar problem - the values on the MCP should be changeable by grabbing (left-click) and then moving the mouse laterally. Make sure you don´t have any third-party stuff interfering - especially notorious are "fly with lua" and python scripts running and influencing datarefs. Also make sure that you don´t have hardware interfering (like programmable consoles or joysticks/throttles). Last but not least make sure you have fuel - the fuel state is saved between sessions, and if you forget to refill the tanks, your engines will spool right down after respawning, even when picking the "ready to fly" state. Let me know how it goes, Jan
  12. Hi Seb, we used a two-class cabin configuration - but that was a flexible arrangement! There was a curtain that would be moved back and forth, according to demand. Business class had the same chairs as economy class (after they finally did away with those pesky seatrows that could be changed from 3 abreast to 2 abreast), but in C configuration the middle seat had to stay empty. Maximum seats available was 123 in all economy config. A typical DOW (dry operating weight) for the 737-300 was 34.000 kgs (give or take a little dependent on catering group). Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    Climbing to upper FL's

    Hi Kinma, I can not speak for the A320 as I don´t have it - but our 737 performs very close to the real aircraft performance parameters. This includes time, distance and fuel to climb. Cheers, Jan
  14. Litjan

    Wing Flex watch from min 6.00

    We have those sounds. I just verified it. Cheers, Jan
  15. Hi, you have loaded your X-Plane with plugins to a point where something is bound to give and break. The usual suspects are fly with lua, python interface and ground service plugins. I would start with removing those and see if that helps. If it does not, you have to remove all your plugins and test again - then once you are stable, you can add them back in batches to identify the problematic one. Often users are running an outdated plugin and can fix the problem by updating to the newest version. Good luck, Jan
  16. Litjan

    FMS frezzes with bitdefender

    Thanks for letting us know! Cheers, Jan
  17. Litjan

    IXEG 737 and Precision Flight Controls C2 Pro

    You can´t assign those as an axis? Or assign the top position to a different "button" from the bottom position?
  18. Litjan


    We used to have a compatibility problem with Xenviro a while back - I thought there was some sort of update that fixed it? Make sure you run their latest version... Cheers, Jan
  19. Litjan

    IXEG 737 and Precision Flight Controls C2 Pro

    Hmm, why don´t you just operate it with the mouse? You only need to operate those fuel cutoff switches when starting or shutting down the engines, so its not really that important to have them on a HOTAS setup. Second - for a realistic start sequence you would need to move them one by one anyway - you could turn them off simultaneously, though. Maybe you can experiment with the command "Mixture lean a bit" and "Mixture rich a bit" - maybe they control all engines at once? Cheers, Jan
  20. Litjan

    IXEG 737 and Precision Flight Controls C2 Pro

    Hi Mooze, those switches are controlled by the "mixture" setting, iirc. So assign the buttons to "mixture more rich/lean" or even to "mixture cutoff/full rich". Cheers, Jan
  21. Litjan


    You need to remove all other third-party plugins (addons, scenery, etc.) and then try again. When you see that the crashing stopped, you can add your third-party content again one by one and find out that way which one is conflicting. Cheers, Jan
  22. Litjan

    IXEG 737 alarm

    I am almost certain it has to do with some third-party plugin you are using (I see the little yellow "Boardin" in the corner)...try to disable all your plugins, then see if the behaviour persists. Then start adding your plugins one by one to find out which one is causing the problem. Cheers, Jan
  23. Litjan

    Can’t retract landing gear

    Hmm, I am really not sure what is going on there. The gear and speedbrakes work with the default X-Plane controls. Make sure you don´t have any third-party code (fly with lua, etc.) messing with things... Cheers, Jan
  24. Litjan

    Stall Warning Test problems

    Hi Volvic, sorry for the late reply. The stall warning test not working on the ground was fixed in April 2018 - it may have been to late for 1.21, but possibly included in a small "ninja patch" that fixed the aircraft having wrong drag in XP10. You may want to re-download the latest version (1.21) and see if that fixes that... Cheers, Jan
  25. Litjan

    Wing Flex watch from min 6.00

    Thank you for supporting our point. The wing is barely flexing, this is validating our design choice of not implementing wingflex . Cheers, Jan