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    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Great pictures again! Long flight, eh? Thanks for posting, Jan
  2. Litjan

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Great pictures, thanks for posting - reading along with great interest! Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan

    Throttle idle help

    The problem you describe coincides with the autothrottle system taking over control - either as a normal combined mode reversion (i.e. when ALT ACQ becomes active, the autothrottle will automatically engage MCP SPD mode) or due to a alpha-floor reversion (where the autothrottle goes from ARM to MCP SPD to avoid a stall). Once the autothrottle is active (a green mode displayed), you can not control the throttle with your joystick throttle. Cheers, Jan
  4. Litjan

    Throttle idle help

    I think the solution to your problem is that you are doing something wrong . Look at the instructional videos (or youtube videos of the IXEG out there) to see where you are doing things different from the other thousands of users that don´t have that problem. Happy landings, Jan
  5. Litjan

    Newbie looking for help

    Not decided yet. Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    Newbie looking for help

    Also note that in the current (11.26) version of X-Plane you need to pull A LOT to avoid the nose dropping when you get very close to the ground. Watch your pitch very closely and be ready to pull ca. 75% of your yoke travel when about to touch down. This is more than in the real plane but a by-product of some new aerodynamic code we got in one of the recent updates. I have been working with Austin on this and he said that he tweaked the code again for 11.30. So we are waiting for that - along with some other aerodynamic changes 11.30 brings. I will revisit the 737´s flightmodel once 11.30 is out and - if warranted - incorporate some tweaks in an update. Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    Newbie looking for help

    Hi Jean, for the landings - practice, practice, practice . For your SID departure I would have to see a video of what is happening to really be able to help. It should work the way you describe, but there are a few pitfalls that may prevent VNAV engagement (including failure to fill out the PERF INIT page, etc...) Cheers, Jan
  8. Litjan

    MCP options :)

    We decided against it because the mechanical autopilot engagement paddles are getting "locked in off" everytime the yoke is deflected by a magnetic solenoid - generating a constant clicking noise during manual flight. This would confuse and aggravate the majority of our customers, leading to constant questions and complaints. Cheers, Jan
  9. Updated Feb 2018 Hi everyone. While it seems to be the economically "smart" thing to do to NOT talk about the shortcomings of your product (and then sometimes to just ignore the complaints after you cash in the money), we are trying to run things a bit differently here at IXEG. I would therefore like to share a list of things that will NOT be in version 1.0, and also give a little background of why, and wether we are planning to add it later. I will try to make this list as encompassing as possible, if I forget something, please don´t sue me! I will add/remove from this list as warranted. Aircraft visual 3D model Operating doors (passenger, service, cargo) - omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later Ancilliary vehicles (catering, fuel truck, loading crew) - this is now accomplished by using the XP11 native ground vehicles, the docking locations for those are correctly added in planemaker. Wingflex - not added because its a lot of effort and the real wings don´t flex much. Might be added at a later stage, dependent on user feedback Fully fleshed out galleys and cabin interior. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. For now a basic, low-res placeholder 3D cabin is in place. Cockpit keypad entry mechanism Omitted due to security reasons. Deployable emergency slides.Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Deploying oxygen masks. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Sound effects/visual model for passengers and their (assumed) behaviour. Too complex a simulation off it´s own, most likely won´t be added for fear of having something repetitive or cheesy. Cabin crew interaction. Omitted due to time constraints. Planning to have basic interaction, for opening doors, for example. Need to get sound-samples first, basic infrastructure in place, though. FMS Pilot entered HOLDS. While we have database-inherent holds (like at the end of a missed approach), we won´t feature the HOLD page where you could enter all sorts of HOLDS. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. RTA feature. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later, but low priority. OFFSET feature. Omitted due to time constraints,planning to add later, but low priority. ABEAM points (after shortcutting route, for example). Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. You CAN enter stuff in the FIX page, and "find" a PBD point that way (enter a fix, enter a radial and a distance to see the green radial and distance-circle) Entering user created waypoints (point-bearing-distance, for example) and using those in the flight-plan. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Entering descent wind forecast (normal wind entry on PERF INIT page possible). Display of "RTE DATA" on EHSI/map, i.e. showing ETA and restrictions next to waypoint. You can see that on the LEGS page, for now. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Automatic entry of performance data (weight, etc.). We might include that for the "ready to fly" scenario, not decided yet. For now it must be entered manually, if FMS performance assistance is desired (not mandatory). Fully working PROGRESS page - we started to code it, but much of the things shown are placeholders. We expect this to be one of the first things we will add soon after release. Full VNAV functionality for descents with speed and/or altitude restrictions. Basic descents work, though. GUI Dedicated flight-planning software. We feel that this is not necessarily within the scope of our add-on. We model the plane like you get it after delivery from Seattle (+ free lifetime fuel!). There are plenty of flight-planning solutions out there, we include a basic "ballpark" fuel calculator. Complex and visually appealing load+trim software. We feel that clicking empty seats to fill them and pulling sliders to load cargo is fun for a few times - but really all you get is a weight and a center of gravity. And you might just as well set those directly in the gui. We have simple sliders and click-buttons for that (or you can use the default X-Plane menus). No way to output any CDU, EADI or EHSI onto an external device like iPad or such. Would like to have that (especially for cockpit builders), though. Exception: it is possible to use AirFMC, available at the Apple App Store. No pop-out 2D displays of flight instruments/CDU/EFIS to make reading or entering stuff easier, no hiding of yoke to not obscure view. We feel that the ergonomics (or lack of) an airliner cockpit is an important part of the experience, so we don´t want to "help" too much. We have "preview pop-ups" of the EHSI when making changes on the EFIS control panel to help you see if you have the right setup. No mousewheel scroll support for turning knobs. We are pretty happy with the click-hold and drag system, but if user demand is strong, we might add mousewheel scroll support later on. Other systems Wxr radar returns can only be displayed on the left EHSI/map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Terrain colour display can only be shown on the left EHSI(map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Flight attendant panel 1L. Including cabin light switches, ground service switch. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. The ground service switch can be "moved" through a sidebar menu. Operating CB´s. We decided that most CB´s will never be moved in normal operation. We will add moveable CBs with the yellow collar later (to be used in abnormal situations), and possibly some others as well (standby altimeter vibrator!). Automatic startup/shutdown "macros". Won´t add that. This plane is about realistic operation (it´s not hard!). If not desired, just select "ready to fly" or "turnaround-state". IRS using "false" position. It is not possible to deliberately enter a "false" position and have the IRS align to that. The entry will be rejected unless reasonably close to the real position. In the real plane the GPS would also "correct" your wrong entry (if close enough) or warn you. A position far from the old "shutdown" position would be rejected once. A wrong latitude would be detected during the alignment process...It would be a lot of coding effort to maintain a "wrong" position with the corresponding effects (map-shift, etc.) A dedicated way to fly the same plane together in multiplayer. Note that SmartCopilot has made great progress in making our plane flyable with a crew of 2, and while not perfect yet, it is working very well, going by user reports: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/9714-smartcopilot-first-attempt/?page=1 We are trying to be as upfront about the shortcomings of our model as possible. I have myself bought many aircraft for flight-simulations boasting great things, only to be disappointed. I want to avoid that for everyone, so if you find a "must have" feature on this list, I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch. I could make a feature list of things we have that would take you hours to read, but instead you can assume that our plane can do everything that the real one does, except for the things noted above. Cheers, Jan
  10. Litjan

    Unable to set joysticks

    Yes, I remember that we had our "own" TOGA (and some other) commands - but then we consolidated back to X-Plane default commands where possible. People were confused that the "regular" commands didn´t work on the IXEG. So you are right, it is a bit of a mix. I will be here to help if you get stuck again! Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    Unable to set joysticks

    Hi Annick, the TOGA command is the regular, default X-Plane command TOGA. So there is no special ixeg custom command for that. Let me know how that goes! Cheers, Jan
  12. Litjan

    Unable to set joysticks

    Hi Annick, hmm, assuming that the plane runs fine (so we can safely say that the install went ok), just type ixeg into the search window after you click the "edit" button on the joystick button you want to edit. That should bring up the menu of all available ixeg commands. This is what it looks like on my screen: Hope this helps, Jan
  13. Litjan

    Entering LAT/LON in fmc

    Yes, there is quite a difference between the FMS version we model and the later (current) versions. As RNAV and RNP has gained importance, so has the ability to enter "weird" coordinates. As I said, it was possible to do so in our version as well - but you had to create a temporary waypoint (with 5 characters length) to use it in the FMS. Some pilots would enter "HOME" and then the coordinates of their house, just for kicks, for example. There is also an intricate system to enter straigth (full degrees) coordinates in the way you are trying to do, Ian. But we don´t model that. You can only enter waypoints that are published in the AIRAC. You can check the fix.dat file for available fixes, here is a snippet: 48.000000000 -10.000000000 4810N ENRT EG 48.000000000 -15.000000000 4815N ENRT EG 48.000000000 -20.000000000 4820N ENRT EG 48.000000000 -25.000000000 4825N ENRT EG 48.000000000 -30.000000000 4830N ENRT EG 49.000000000 -9.000000000 4909N ENRT EG 49.000000000 -14.000000000 4914N ENRT EG 49.000000000 -15.000000000 4915N ENRT EG 49.000000000 -20.000000000 4920N ENRT EG 49.000000000 -25.000000000 4925N ENRT EG Cheers, Jan
  14. Litjan

    License / Deauthorise

    It is normal to have more than one activation on the same computer - the copyright manager "thinks" you have a new computer if something substantial changes on that computer, maybe you put in a new graphics card or it could be as simple as having a major windows operating system upgrade. If that happens the manager thinks "this is a new computer!" and asks you to validate again. You can (as Ben and Cameron said) simply select the oldest activation to FREEZE, because you will never go back to the "old" system. Bom dia, Jan
  15. Litjan

    Fuel question

    You "CAN" add more fuel in flight - but its a bit of a hack: During flight, go to the "preflight" menu, pick the option "ready to fly" and then set the fuel level according to your taste. Hit "apply and reset". You will now be at the altitude and speed and position you left of, with these ramifications: 1.) Gear will be down, parking brake on 2.) No autopilot or autothrottle on 3.) All information in FMS is lost 4.) Temperature in cabin is ambient (so likely very very cold) - causing a pack trip. 5.) Pressure in cabin is ambient - causing the cabin altitude alert to sound and the pax oxy masks to "drop" (you will get a warning light, but cant see them). You CAN work through these problems and get everything under control again to continue your flight, but it may be more of a hassle than you like. You may want to practice that first! Cheers, Jan
  16. Litjan

    Help/Advice on IXEG 737

    Hi Jim, 1.) as a registered user you will be notified when an update occurs. 2.) I am not an expert on importing/exporting flight plans - and I always mix up the file format letters, its .fpl or .flp - someone else with more knowledge on this will hopefully step in and give you advice. 3.) Not sure what kind of hardware works on Apple iMac, my advice would be to get a real computer! (Seriously I think the X52 should work fine for X-Plane)... Cheers, Jan
  17. Litjan

    Strange View Effect When Looking Around Cockpit...

    I haven´t heard of this problem before. We do allow adjusting the FOV with our "built in" view system, but it should not change the field of view just by panning around. I suspect some third party add-on controlling this (head tracking, fly-with-lua scripts, camera add-on, etc.). The built in view system is nowadays obsolete and stems from the early days of developing the 737 - when X-Plane did not yet offer custom view saving and such. I personally would recommend to not use it at all, but use the default X-Plane viewing system, it is offering more than enough options and flexibility for all your viewing needs. We may even take that system ou t in one of our future updates. Cheers, Jan
  18. Litjan

    Entering LAT/LON in fmc

    No, you can´t enter coordinates like that. Even the real FMC does not accep that, you would either have to make temporary waypoints (we don´t model that), or add them in a special format (so they only take 5 digits). We don´t model that yet. There are published coordinates for atlantic crossings, and those are supported. Cheers, Jan
  19. Litjan

    Help with vnav and fmc

    No, you can´t Cheers, Jan
  20. Litjan

    Help with vnav and fmc

    Hi Steve, I am not really sure what you mean with the red button autopilot error? Does the autopilot disconnect? Your route on the FMS looks good, but your descent path has two restrictions in it (230B and 100B) that our Vnav logic does not handle well (yet). So it might be possible that you run up against that. Unfortunately there is only one thing I can recommend in that case, and that is to fly the descent in an autopilot mode that is more under the pilot´s control, like FL CHG or V/S. Cheers, Jan
  21. Without checking my wiring diagrams I would say that this is probably a bug. We fixed some stuff with regard to the standby power system, and that may have slipped under the radar! Thanks for pointing it out, I will add it to the bug base! Cheers, Jan
  22. Litjan

    25/5000 Reflections of instruments

    I have never seen this before... My guess would be that you are running some 3rd party add-on that is messing with art controls of X-Plane itself. Try to remove/disable all of those and then add back one by one to find the culprit! Cheers, Jan
  23. Litjan

    iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    For our aircraft there was the possibility to load the routing (it is called "company route") into the FMS - but no performance data or such. All that stuff had to always be entered manually - and then doublechecked by the second pilot, as putting in wrong weights is obviously pretty dangerous... Cheers, Jan
  24. Litjan

    help with some buttons

    Hi sensfan, usually this is due to clickspots "overlapping" - try to move the view a bit to avoid that. Especially the TOGA button is really hard to press. I wholeheartedly recommend to map a button or key to the TOGA command (we use the default X-Plane command). Never had a problem with setting the autobrake, tough. Cheers, Jan