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    Engine failure after V1

    Hi again, I doublechecked on my computer - I can achieve values for the rudder of -1.0 to 1.0 on the rudder with my setup. It may be that your rudder isn´t calibrated properly if you can only achieve 0.8 and that will certainly hurt your engine-out capability. I testflew an engine failure at 46tons (130 V1, 141 V2) and was able to maintain centerline on the ground with the engine failed at 125 and then able to maintain heading once airborne with 141kts. I will try to improve the ground handling a bit during the engine failure - especially the sudden yaw onset is very hard to counter, causing too much deviation from the centerline. I may be able to convince Austin to provide a more gradual decay of thrust instead of full->0 in 1ms. Cheers, Jan
  2. Litjan

    Engine failure after V1

    Hi Rich, I will doublecheck the maximum deflection I can achieve with my setup when I get back home, I am currently on the road flying through thunderstorm swept Europe . In the meantime you can check the DATA OUT display on-screen for flightcontrols. Check the maximum rudder deflection you can achieve, it should go from -1.0 to +1.0 Also make sure that you are above the "minimum control speed air" when you attempt single engine flight and also make sure that you don´t set more than maximum rated thrust. As ballpark values that should be above 115kts and not more than 90.0% N1 Cheers, Jan
  3. The brake system is pretty much the default X-Plane brake system, so the parking brake (full brake) is already there. Cheers, Jan
  4. Thanks for the further info - yes, the "planned fuel" could be problematic. In real life the pilots will only enter it on the ground (before the plane is refueled) to "test" if the plane is able to match restrictions during the flight. Normally no planned fuel will be entered and the automatic detection of fuel levels (fuel summation unit) will be what determines the difference between ZFW and GW. If you enter a different value into ZFW or GW boxes it will not match what the ground service panel states, obviously. This works just like on the real plane. If the plane weighs 50.000kgs and the pilot puts in 55.000 into the FMS - how would the FMS know that this is not correct? So the entered or displayed value could well differ from the ACTUAL value - if the pilot/user puts in a wrong weight. But at any rate, the simulation should not crash if you try to enter a planned fuel. Thanks, Jan
  5. Litjan

    Fuel Flow Units

    Hi RhinoDrvr, there is no estimate for changing the units shown on the fuel flow gauges. I hope that the U.S. will see the light and switch to real physical units soon, so we don´t have to make the modification... just kidding, of course . Fixing this isn´t so easy because it involves editing and exporting the cockpit.obj which is (I am just a layman here) appearantly a bit more involved than making cold fusion happen and does involve some (black) magic and advanced astrophysics. It doesn´t help that the export scripts that were once used can´t be used with X-Plane 11 anymore, or so I have heard... It is on the list, but as I said, not idea when. Cheers and sorry, Jan
  6. Hi Polonsky, thanks for the bug report - I haven´t seen this one yet, so it is very valuable! Just to confirm, you entered both GW and ZFW several times? Any specific order? As for the rudder pedals, yes, there was a change in the way the simulator tries to "help" people go around turns without rudder pedals - by applying the brakes. Here is a description for the fix: Needless to say is that we fix this for the next update. When the autobrake disarms after touchdown this is usually to people inadverantly applying brakes - even a tiny bit. Often rudder pedals are "spikey" and send signals inadvertantly. I have to be very careful with my Thrustmaster ProPedals myself... I alway make sure I only press with the heels when steering. Unfortunately we can´t set a "null zone" for the brakes in X-Plane. And since we use "default Laminar Research system code" for the brakes, we can´t really specify for how long and how much the user needs to apply manual braking for the autobrake to disarm... Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    Graphical Bug Cockpit: ND/ FMC

    You are still running several plugins that could interfere with the IXEG, they are encorporated in a lot of the Custom Scenery you have. Loaded: Custom Scenery/HungaryVFR-Library/plugins/SASLFree/64/win.xpl (1-sim.com HungaryVFR-Library #4). Loaded: Custom Scenery/EDDL_JustSim_Airport_v1.1_XPL11/plugins/GroundTraffic/64/win.xpl Loaded: Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - EDDT Berlin-Tegel/plugins/xdatarefs/64/win.xpl (barbarossa.X-DataRefs_3.0a4.Aerosoft - EDDT Berlin-Tegel). I am not saying that any of these are the culprit...but they very well could be. The only way to find out is to remove them and run the IXEG without them - then see which one is the conflicting one. Also make sure your gfx drivers are up to date, of course. Let me know how this goes, Jan
  8. Oh, we couldn´t fix many bugs in our own aircraft in many years! So it is even less likely that we fix someone else´s software first. Sorry, I don´t even have XPUIPC, but as far as I know our throttle works fine in a default X-Plane installation, so I would assume that the problem lies with XPUIPC. If they find out that the problem is on our side and can provide us with the technical details on why that is, we can certainly look into fixing that. But the current credo is that if something works with default X-Plane, but doesn´t work with a third party program...then that third party program is the problem. Cheers, Jan
  9. Litjan

    "INVALID ENTRY" when putting ZFW in FMS

    Hi Seb, we intentionally allow exceeding the weight - because we want people to be able to do "what if" scenarios! What if the loaders put in a lot more cargo than whats on the loadsheet? How would the plane handle? These things have happened, and we want our users be able to intentionally exceed certified weights - but we also want the FMS to behave like the real one does. So you can make your plane too heavy - but you can´t put those weights into the FMS. Just like it would happen in reality. Cheers, Jan
  10. Litjan

    "INVALID ENTRY" when putting ZFW in FMS

    Hi Seb, no worries - there is a lot to learn! But incidentially this "bug" was a feature - the entry fields in the FMS very often have a "built-in plausibility check". So the FMS can catch some simple input errors, like putting in "45" instead of "145" into the V-speed fields, etc. Stuff like that happens all the time - while everyone thinks that pilots are highly concentrated, always well rested and 100% focused on the task at hand...well, it isn´t always so. Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    "INVALID ENTRY" when putting ZFW in FMS

    You are putting in a zero fuel weight of 63+ tons - that is way more than the maximum allowable weight. Change the weight to be within limits and try again. Cheers, Jan
  12. A fine addition, thanks for your work on this! Again, we (besides having so much else on our plate that we need to do first) don´t want to really model any of this aspect, because I as an airline employee am under special scrutiny for divulging any security aspects. But if someone else provides something like this, hey, what can I do about it? Thanks, Jan
  13. Litjan

    Fuel Cross Feed not working ?

    There is one more important thing to know about "crossfeeding": If you open the crossfeed but have BOTH sides pumps on, fuel will not get evenly burned from both tanks. You would think so - and inititally this was also how the big, official "Level D" simulators that we used for training had it. But they found out in the real aircraft that - since pressures are never EXACTLY the same, the "stronger" side will COMPLETELY "take over". So you yould see that fuel only gets used from one tank, even if all pumps are on and the crossfeed is open. So just like mmerelles said: If you have an imbalance, open crossfeed, turn off the pumps in the tank with less fuel. We used to say "less fuel, less pressure" to memorize this. THEN you need to set a reminder (I used to clip the tip of my tie to the card-holder clip on the yoke! ) because its easy to get distracted and then you suddently have reversed your imbalance. We used to call this "fuel yo-yo" . Cheers, Jan
  14. Hi shabani, a good suggestion, but I can´t promise any implementation of that - the way the IXEG wxr radar "detects" precipitation is very different from the way xEnviro implements it. Cheers, Jan
  15. Litjan

    Kuddelmuddel on Prog-Page

    Interesting, haven´t seen that... At any rate, the PROG page is not yet fully working and 100% error-free...as you have just found out . I am hopeful to get it fixed up (together with VNAV, HOLDs, etc) in the future. Cheers, Jan
  16. Litjan


    Hi Petter, I can unfortunately not give hands-on training to operate the 737 here or on Skype, due to real-life time constraints. Sorry, Jan
  17. Litjan


    Hi widero, The short answer is that you may be running an AIRAC cycle as your FMS database (like the one we include when you buy the plane) that is not current. You would need to download a current one (from Navigraph or Aersosoft) and load it into X-Plane (they provide an installer) and then you should be able to see the SID. May I ask which airport, and which SID you are trying to load? Cheers, Jan
  18. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Wow, Nick, that is totally awesome! Now my good old Bobby gets a new lease on life at Lufthansa - just like it should have in real life, too . Thanks so much for making this livery! Cheers, Jan
  19. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Hmm, how about the "new" Lufthansa livery?
  20. Litjan

    Being new to XP and Updating XP

    Hi Nick, the update process will never delete anything you made yourself or downloaded. It will only "overwrite" the files it considers X-Plane´s own, native files. But even if you have changed those, it will always ask you if you want it to overwrite those. To access betas (like the current 11.33b1) you have to manually run the installer file and check the box for "betas". Cheers, Jan
  21. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Wow, incredible! Nice work!
  22. Litjan

    glitch on screen

    It is the "show vortices" option. You must deselect it, we will remove it in the next patch. It doesn´t work with XP11 anymore. Cheers, Jan
  23. Hi Ralf, so far this is the only report we received about a combination of a certain scenery and our IXEG causing a crash. The best place to find a solution would be in filing a bug report with Laminar Research, if the whole simulator crashes! If the simulator crashes reproducibly and ALWAYS then I am sure they would love to hear about that! Also check the latest beta of X-Plane (11.33b1) as they have fixed some crash reasons, I heard. https://developer.x-plane.com/2019/04/x-plane-11-33b1-out-now/ Let me know how that goes! Cheers, Jan
  24. Litjan

    Question: IXEG Replay Mode

    Thanks Ben for reporting back on that! I knew Windows Defender would cause some problems while entering a modified route into the FMS...but your problem was new! Thanks for sharing, Jan
  25. Litjan

    Machine ID failure

    Now I have learned to normally stay out of these "authorization" things. But whatever possible reason could someone have to type in FREEZE when presented with the warning that this action will lock his computer forever...if he actually intends to use this computer in the future? The only possibility to undo this action is to get a new copy of the IXEG, as far as I know. Or a new computer. You still have the right to use three machines, just not the ones you locked yourself when facing a very clear and concise warning to not do this if you want to fly the IXEG on it... Cheers, Jan