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    How is VNAV used on a typical real flight?

    Hi Pierre, It is very well possible that your change confused our FMS. Especially with the descent calculations it is very unreliable. It works "ok" when you have no restrictions. With restrictions - not so much In the real aircraft it was dependent on pilot´s preference what modes were used. In general, for smaller descents (<3000 feet) V/S was used. Also when ATC gives you a descent rate restriction (descend with more than 2000 feet per minute...) The most economical way to descend is using an idle power descend (= FL CHG). But especially when your target speed is still a Mach number, this can result in very high rates/low pitch, so some pilots didn´t like to use that for passenger comfort. Cheers, Jan
  2. Litjan

    How is VNAV used on a typical real flight?

    Hello Pierre, often the TOD does not change when you enter or change constraints on the descent path - because it is not affected by a new constraint, or lifting an old one doesn´t affect it. Imagine a "idle descent" path that passes well under a restriction of "be at FL250 or below". Now clearing this restriction won´t affect the calculated path, because it never affected it in the first place! The calculation of the VNAV PTH descent in the real 737 worked fine - but it was complex and had some potential pitfalls. Especially when winds were unknown (as they mostly are) or when ATC changed your lateral flightpath (as they almost always do) the calculation of the optimum path can get you in trouble. This is due to the fact that the FMS will plan the descent in an optimal way - without any conservative reserves. So if there is less headwind or the routing gets shortened you will immediately be "too high" to start your approach. This does not work well with the conservative and safety-oriented attitude that airline pilots have. Also the complexity and missing transparency of VNAV calculation make real pilots shy away from using it - don´t use what you can´t understand and doublecheck. So speaking for my airline, the typical use of VNAV was seen in climb and cruise. In those portions of the flight VNAV works exactly like FL CHG, with the difference being that the target speed is calculated by the FMS. Usage in descent was close to 0. We used the TOD and vertical deviation bar to "sanity check" our own descent calculation, but the VNAV PTH descent mode was barely ever used. Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan

    What should I expect flying IXEG in 11.41?

    Hi Pierre, you will find most things are the same as when you left (I know, I know...) - some deficiencies with the FMS mostly. Not sure when you left, but here are the things that cropped up within the 11.xx run: 1.) When you don´t have rudder pedals, the simulator now tries to "help" in turns by braking for you asymetrically. This can be fixed in planemaker, but when you do there is now a problem with some internal lights not working anymore as a result. 2.) The option "show vortices" does not work anymore. In fact it will also render your cockpit invisible in certain circumstances. Don´t use it. 3.) Don´t use the "experimental flight model". The plane will fly ok, but not by the numbers. 4.) There is a certain combination of external lights that will make your MCP panel go very bright (it has the wrong object property). This only surfaced recently. 5.) Stall warning test buttons do not work on the ground We are working on an interim patch (pre- XP12) that will ensure Vulkan compatibility and also fix all of the above (in the list, not the FMS deficiencies - those will have to wait for the full FMS rewrite planned for the XP12 patch). Cheers, Jan
  4. Litjan

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    In addition to that - it can be fruitful to experiment yourself with the lua Garbage collector: Go to the Data Output tab in X-Plane. Enable the second checkmark (Data Graph Window) in the first line (Frame rate). Now open the data graph window (default: CTRL-g). You can see the framerate like a "heartbeat curve" now. Be advised that displaying this ALSO consumes framerate, especially if you increase the "time frame" of data to be seen. Now open the lua garbage collector setting in the right side gizmo menu. You can "play" with the two values, trigger threshhold goes from 1 to 500%, the Cleaner Strenght goes from 100 to "very much" ;-) I basically find the first value the more useful - if you go up high, your "trash can" goes up in size...so it fills longer (smooth, high framerate) but then it also takes longer to dump it out (noticeable stutter every few seconds). I think one can easily find a good compromise when adjusting those two values. Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    737 Stutter every 10 seconds

    Hi Andromeda64, If the stutter is so definitely periodic, it is most likely the Lua Garbage collector. You can adjust the setting to your liking - basically you have the option to move the effect between: A.) Great framerate, but pronounced stutter every few seconds and B.) Slower framerate but very little stutter. In general, the more RAM you have available, the better the situation (you can pile up more "garbage" before it needs to get cleaned). Cheers, Jan
  6. Updated Feb 2018 Hi everyone. While it seems to be the economically "smart" thing to do to NOT talk about the shortcomings of your product (and then sometimes to just ignore the complaints after you cash in the money), we are trying to run things a bit differently here at IXEG. I would therefore like to share a list of things that will NOT be in version 1.0, and also give a little background of why, and wether we are planning to add it later. I will try to make this list as encompassing as possible, if I forget something, please don´t sue me! I will add/remove from this list as warranted. Aircraft visual 3D model Operating doors (passenger, service, cargo) - omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later Ancilliary vehicles (catering, fuel truck, loading crew) - this is now accomplished by using the XP11 native ground vehicles, the docking locations for those are correctly added in planemaker. Wingflex - not added because its a lot of effort and the real wings don´t flex much. Might be added at a later stage, dependent on user feedback Fully fleshed out galleys and cabin interior. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. For now a basic, low-res placeholder 3D cabin is in place. Cockpit keypad entry mechanism Omitted due to security reasons. Deployable emergency slides.Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Deploying oxygen masks. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later. Sound effects/visual model for passengers and their (assumed) behaviour. Too complex a simulation off it´s own, most likely won´t be added for fear of having something repetitive or cheesy. Cabin crew interaction. Omitted due to time constraints. Planning to have basic interaction, for opening doors, for example. Need to get sound-samples first, basic infrastructure in place, though. FMS Pilot entered HOLDS. While we have database-inherent holds (like at the end of a missed approach), we won´t feature the HOLD page where you could enter all sorts of HOLDS. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. RTA feature. Omitted due to time constraints, planning to add later, but low priority. OFFSET feature. Omitted due to time constraints,planning to add later, but low priority. ABEAM points (after shortcutting route, for example). Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. You CAN enter stuff in the FIX page, and "find" a PBD point that way (enter a fix, enter a radial and a distance to see the green radial and distance-circle) Entering user created waypoints (point-bearing-distance, for example) and using those in the flight-plan. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Entering descent wind forecast (normal wind entry on PERF INIT page possible). Display of "RTE DATA" on EHSI/map, i.e. showing ETA and restrictions next to waypoint. You can see that on the LEGS page, for now. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Automatic entry of performance data (weight, etc.). We might include that for the "ready to fly" scenario, not decided yet. For now it must be entered manually, if FMS performance assistance is desired (not mandatory). Fully working PROGRESS page - we started to code it, but much of the things shown are placeholders. We expect this to be one of the first things we will add soon after release. Full VNAV functionality for descents with speed and/or altitude restrictions. Basic descents work, though. GUI Dedicated flight-planning software. We feel that this is not necessarily within the scope of our add-on. We model the plane like you get it after delivery from Seattle (+ free lifetime fuel!). There are plenty of flight-planning solutions out there, we include a basic "ballpark" fuel calculator. Complex and visually appealing load+trim software. We feel that clicking empty seats to fill them and pulling sliders to load cargo is fun for a few times - but really all you get is a weight and a center of gravity. And you might just as well set those directly in the gui. We have simple sliders and click-buttons for that (or you can use the default X-Plane menus). No way to output any CDU, EADI or EHSI onto an external device like iPad or such. Would like to have that (especially for cockpit builders), though. Exception: it is possible to use AirFMC, available at the Apple App Store. No pop-out 2D displays of flight instruments/CDU/EFIS to make reading or entering stuff easier, no hiding of yoke to not obscure view. We feel that the ergonomics (or lack of) an airliner cockpit is an important part of the experience, so we don´t want to "help" too much. We have "preview pop-ups" of the EHSI when making changes on the EFIS control panel to help you see if you have the right setup. No mousewheel scroll support for turning knobs. We are pretty happy with the click-hold and drag system, but if user demand is strong, we might add mousewheel scroll support later on. Other systems Wxr radar returns can only be displayed on the left EHSI/map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Terrain colour display can only be shown on the left EHSI(map. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. Flight attendant panel 1L. Including cabin light switches, ground service switch. Omitted due to time constraints, definitely planning to add later. The ground service switch can be "moved" through a sidebar menu. Operating CB´s. We decided that most CB´s will never be moved in normal operation. We will add moveable CBs with the yellow collar later (to be used in abnormal situations), and possibly some others as well (standby altimeter vibrator!). Automatic startup/shutdown "macros". Won´t add that. This plane is about realistic operation (it´s not hard!). If not desired, just select "ready to fly" or "turnaround-state". IRS using "false" position. It is not possible to deliberately enter a "false" position and have the IRS align to that. The entry will be rejected unless reasonably close to the real position. In the real plane the GPS would also "correct" your wrong entry (if close enough) or warn you. A position far from the old "shutdown" position would be rejected once. A wrong latitude would be detected during the alignment process...It would be a lot of coding effort to maintain a "wrong" position with the corresponding effects (map-shift, etc.) A dedicated way to fly the same plane together in multiplayer. Note that SmartCopilot has made great progress in making our plane flyable with a crew of 2, and while not perfect yet, it is working very well, going by user reports: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/9714-smartcopilot-first-attempt/?page=1 We are trying to be as upfront about the shortcomings of our model as possible. I have myself bought many aircraft for flight-simulations boasting great things, only to be disappointed. I want to avoid that for everyone, so if you find a "must have" feature on this list, I encourage you to hold off on purchase until we added your feature in a later patch. I could make a feature list of things we have that would take you hours to read, but instead you can assume that our plane can do everything that the real one does, except for the things noted above. Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    Wing Light

    After some research I found out that the "Wing inspection light" is indeed connected to the 28V AC ground service bus. Since we do not model the actual ground service switch (yet) we coded this as if the switch was always on = Ground service buses powered. The logic behind this may be that the wing inspection light needs to work for the ground crew to establish wether de-icing is needed, even before the flight crew powers up the aircraft. Cheers, Jan
  8. Litjan

    Two problems(one)

    Will take a look for the next update for sure! Just about finished updating the flight model for the "new experimental flight model"... Cheers, Jan
  9. Yes it is. Jan
  10. Litjan

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    You are running an enourmous amount of plugins and extra scenery. Several of these plugins are known to cause problematic behaviour if not updated diligently. To find the conflicting plugin, disable all of them, then run the IXEG 737. If that works, add your plugins back in batches or one by one until the problem reoccurs. Once you have identified the conflicting plugin, check for an update of it. I know you said that you already did that, but if that is indeed true, you may have a hardware or windows installation problem. Your log.txt does not show that X-Plane detected any crash. Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    Mouse wheel

    signmanbob´s post was misleading. Mousewheel functionality is working for Tom Kyler, who is working on the next patch. Cheers, Jan
  12. Litjan

    IXEG 737 Crashes to desktop????

    You are running a number of plugins that have been known to be problematic in the past, especially when not updated diligently. These include fly-with-lua, several ground handling plugins, but also some custom airports (with their own plugins), etc. Standard troubleshooting protocol applies. Remove all plugins (temporarily) and run X-Plane with the IXEG. If that works, start adding your plugins (maybe even in batches) and see when the problem re-appears. Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    When you answer this post, use the blue "choose files" underneath. Click it, then go to your main X-Plane folder (after the program crashed) - then locate the file GizmoLog.Txt Click on it, then choose "open". After that you will see it beneath your post - click on the litte + to attach it to your post. Do the same for the Log.txt (you can add both in a single step, if you select them both while holding CTRL). Cheers, Jan
  14. Litjan

    Freighter Conversion Option

    Well, the cockpit crew´s part in reconfiguring the aircraft was staying the *** out of the way (usually inside the cockpit with the door closed against the cold). The floor of those aircraft had ball-bearing type balls, so you could push the containers and the seats (mounted on big plates of 2 rows of seats) back and forth. They were loaded with a regular high-loader and stored in special trucks while not in use. Cheers, Jan
  15. Litjan

    Freighter Conversion Option

    Ah, we used to call the "Quick Change" versions. Those were dreaded trips - flying all through the night (CGN, GOT, CPH,...) with cargo, then landing in London first plane in the morning after the night curfew lifted. Offloaded cargo, loaded the pallets with the seats. Repositioned across the runway to the passenger terminal - slept an hour in the seat - then greet the well-rested flight attendants arriving from their hotel for the first flight LHR - FRA in the morning, stubbly and all. Oh well, I was young and needed the money. Jan
  16. Litjan

    GPWS callout options

    Hi, I just tried myself, and I can hear all sounds (2500 - 1000 - 500 - 400 - 300 - 200 - 100 - 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10) just fine and at a very normal volume. I attach the screenshots I took of the corresponding volume settings. Now that I think of it, I think we used to have problems with some user´s systems that had a soundcard that was only capable of playing a limited number of simultaneous sounds - and they were actually running out of sound channels, so they couldn´t hear all of them. Maybe thats something to investigate as well. You may also want to try and disable the XPrealistic pro, there is just no way of knowing how that may interfere with other stuff. Yes, we are still working on FMOD, that may help with some of these issues. Cheers, Jan
  17. Litjan

    GPWS callout options

    I faintly remember hearing about the problems of low callout sounds before...the first thing to check is that all sound sliders are at maximum, both in the IXEG sound preferences and also in the X-Plane sound preferences and then try again. Also try the callouts without an ILS tuned, I have to admit that I don´t completely remember which callouts the "smart" system suppresses in an ILS approach and I am too lazy to run downstairs and get my 737 OM-B out ;-) I just remember that we implemented that feature... Cheers, Jan
  18. Litjan

    IXEG 737 CTD during cruise

    Hi there, you are running several plugins that are considered "problematic" when run together with other plugins - especially if they are not diligently updated to the latest versions all the time. Standard protocol applies: Remove all other plugins, then test the 737 again. If that helped, start adding your other plugins again until the crash re-occurs. You can also try to see if there are updates for some of your plugins, especially "fly with lua", "better pushback", "airport navigator" and that fmc plugin. Cheers, Jan
  19. Litjan

    GPWS callout options

    Hi Yohannas, I am not sure why you are not hearing those. I can hear them all fine. The "500" callout on the 737-300 is a "smart callout" and will only sound if you don´t have an ILS frequency set on your nav radios. If you have a decision height set on your DH window, it will say "minimums" at that DH, omitting the corresponding altitude, so that they don´t overlap. Cheers, Jan
  20. Litjan

    Fuel Cross Feed not working ?

    No. You can only use fuel from one tank for both engines - effectively stopping fuel usage from the other tank. To balance the fuel you would open the crossfeed, then turn off the pumps on the tank that is less full. Cheers, Jan
  21. Litjan

    Simulator freeze when working with FMC

    This is due to the Windows Defender anti-virus checking every in and out operation. You have to exempt the X-Plane folder from Windows Defender live-virus checking (it is ok to scan it with the normal system scan, of course). Virus checking while data is transmitted slows down the computer so much that it looks like it freezes. Cheers, Jan
  22. Litjan

    VR Config for IXEG 733 with lights

    Hi, there definitely is a plan to get the plane VR-ready. I don´t know when that will happen, though. I am a big fan of VR myself (have an Oculus Rift), but with my headset I find the resolution too poor to use the FMS without either leaning in like crazy or using the zoom (which makes it hard to hit the buttons). I think the next generation of headsets will probably fix that, and having the plane be fully compatible with VR is definetely our goal. Cheers, Jan
  23. Hmm, ok - maybe you set up some buttons or switches on your hardware to cut off the fuel supply? It happened to me, I got a new Thrustmaster throttle with switches on it, and my son always flips those when he stands by the computer. One of them was set up to operate the start switches and it kept killing my engines that way. Also "fly with lua" is a usual suspect here, or anything that interferes with datarefs. Last but not least we have a fair share of customers that somehow can´t get the activation to work correctly and the plane is therefore not unlocked DRM-wise. Usually you can see this by seeing the pilots in the cockpit (while in the cockpit view)... Cheers, Jan
  24. it could be that your fuel is empty - or you have selected the option to start "cold and dark" (all systems shut off). Cheers, Jan
  25. I think I have seen this problem before...but can´t quite recall it. I think you want to check that your graphics adapters drivers are up to date and also run the IXEG WITHOUT the "show vortices" option checked. Also make sure that you are not running any third-party code or alterations that play with X-Plane´s shader effects. If that does not help, remove all other plugins (fly-with-lua, etc.) and add-ons to get a "vanilla" installation of X-Plane and then try again - if that helps, slowly add the other plugins back, until the problem returns, then let us know what the conflicting plugin is. There have been some changes to the way that X-Plane handles graphics between 11.3x and 11.4x and it shows in some incompatibilities and graphics problems that were "fine" before (not really, but they didn´t show any symptoms). One example is our "vortices" hack, it can lead to the cockpit "disappearing" during flight now. It will therefore be disabled in a future update. Also make sure that you attach the log.txt file if the problem persists, our experts here can glean a lot from that info. Thanks, Jan