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  1. Litjan

    Weight and balance questions

    Hi Shabazza, you are right in that the fuel load does affect the CG. As does the payload. We - for the IXEG - try to simulate what the pilot does...which is regularly not determining how the payload is distributed, pax seated etc. The pilot simply gets a loadsheet which shows him the CG for takeoff (with the fuel being at take-off fuel level) and the CG for the zero-fuel-weight (which would be where the CG is after all fuel is burned). He (double-)checks wether this is "in limit", then enters the takeoff CG into the FMS and sets the trim accordingly. Thats it. So when you fly the IXEG 737, imagine that the "ground handling" guy gives you those figures (as a printed loadsheet). You simply punch in the numbers. I understand what you are saying - if you have a certain CG and NOW change the fuel, the CG should change...but think of it this way: You have an aircraft with at CG of 23% MAC at 100pax and 6.0tons fuel. Now you decide to take on another 2 tons - so now its 8.0. CG should change...but it doesn´t because suddently 20 pax from the back move to the front - voila, CG stays the same - even though fuel changed! What I am saying is that everything influences CG. Ultimately the pilot gets the CG for takeoff - and in our simulation you get to determine the CG yourself. It is not "calculated" by simulating fuel and weight distribution. Just like in X-Plane, you simply set it where you think it is. If you want to, you can use the real load+trim sheet for a 737-300 and figure the CG out for yourself, of course. Cheers, Jan
  2. Oh, sorry - forgot that part: That is not normal - the license will need to be "refreshed" every two weeks. You can set it up to refresh "silently" every time you run the plane, so you don´t have to do anything. Check the right-side popout menu for the "Gatekeeper" settings and play with those until you like the result. We have different options because people want different ways to handle this - some want to only refresh "manually", some want a notification, etc. So you can set that up. We allow to fly for those two weeks without activating - in case you go on vacation and are offline, for example. Cheers, Jan
  3. Hi novato, what you are seeing is correct. Oil quantity can vary wildly, depending on when it was refilled last, its temperature, if the engine has been stopped or running for a while and so on. The pressure is the same, especially when the oil is cold or warm, etc. For takeoff it needs to be in yellow band at idle, and in green with takeoff power applied. Variance between engines is perfectly normal. Cheers, Jan
  4. Litjan

    help with Take Off

    I suggest to watch the tutorial videos I did - I believe this is covered in depth with my constant chatter as a backup to those with weary eyes . Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    Fuel In Centre

    In fact the fuel is getting "sucked" into the engines by the engines fuel pumps through a dedicated set of bypass lines - however, this fuel is getting sucked out of the wingtanks, only. So if you have fuel in the center tank, and BOTH of the center tanks pumps fail, you could be in a difficult situation: The center fuel becomes unusable, and you may be getting into trouble with your trim - using the fuel from the wings only will drive your CG forward, possibly out of limit. So even if your fuel remaining in the wingtanks is high enough to reach a comfortable alternate or even your destination, CG considerations may require you to land much sooner than that. Jan
  6. Litjan

    Togo help

    Also keep in mind that depending on the camera angle the "clickspots" for the TOGA buttons can be hidden by other clickspots. So when you move the levers to get 40% N1, you usually need to move your camera up and front to get a good view of the TOGA clickspot. I absolutely recommend setting a button for it. The TOGA buttons are also needed to succesfully trigger the automatic flight system go-around functions, you don´t want to look down and try to hit the TOGA buttons with the mouse when you are trying to go-around from a low altitude situation. Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    Fuel In Centre

    You have observed the scavenger fuel pump working. Whenever you turn a center fuel pump off, you trigger this scavenge pump. Its a small electrical pump that will run for a short while and attempts to drain all remaining fuel out of the center tank into the left tank (iirc). It is possible to trigger this pump again and again (not recommended) - the last bit of fuel will slosh around the center tank and depending on the attitude the scavenge pump may not get it all... Jan
  8. Litjan

    Able to see textures through model

    Hi, this may well be the case - the "draw vortices" was a GL hack that we tried - but while it seemed to work ok with XP10, there are problems with XP11...so we will most likely take the "draw vortices" option away in a future update. Thanks for helping to troubleshoot this, Jan
  9. Litjan

    IXEG 737-300 Bell NOISE

    All log files can be read with a simple text viewer. There are two different log files getting saved in the main IXEG 737 folder ending with .txt and there is a GizmoLog.txt file in the main X-Plane folder. Cheers, Jan
  10. Litjan

    Able to see textures through model

    I think we had a similiar report a while ago...and I don´t quite remember what the solution was . Either an outdated graphic driver version or some third-party plugin changing X-Plane art controls (to change the appearance of the sky, for example...). Anyone remember? For what it´s worth, "normally" this is not the case. Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    IXEG 737-300 Bell NOISE

    I never heard of this problem before - the only "bell" that we have on the 737 is the fire warning bell - if you have random failures on, it could be the case that your engine is burning. A reload of the aircraft should stop that problem, though. If this happens ALL the time, something else is wrong - possibly another plugin interfering? To really see what is going on, we would have to see a video of the flight, so we can see the steps you do, listen to the sound, and hopefully find out that way what is wrong. Thanks, Jan
  12. Litjan

    License / Deauthorise

    Ricardodalton and Robster, While I do not know the specifics of your cases, in theory there should never be the need to "unblock" an activation. If you are trying to get an "unblock" authorized by X-Aviation, chances are that you are asking for something that is not within the scope of use and will therefore get a decline as an answer. You can install the IXEG on three machines. Once you install it on a 4th machine, you will have to pick one of the first three machines that will never be able to run IXEG any more. Some people think they can activate it on a 4th computer (like a laptop they like to take on vacation, or to show a friend) and then when they get home they can activate it again on the machine that they blocked (FREEZE). That is not possible. If you upgrade your computer with new hardware, a new operating system or even a major upgrade to your operating system, simply FREEZE the old computer ID. You will run the IXEG on that (same, new) computer, but to X-Aviation it is like a new computer, and the old one (before the upgrade) is frozen and can not be used anymore. The system is fairly simple and it is stated very clearly - once you type FREEZE to block a machine ID, you will NEVER get to run X-Aviation products on that machine again. No amount of customer request is going to get around that. We clearly do not want "swapping back and forth" of computer ID´s, because that will open the door to friends or relatives "sharing" software (one month I play with the IXEG, next month my brother plays with the IXEG...) Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    IXEG 737 autobrakes

    It is most likely due to inadvertent pressing of the rudder pedals (toe-braking). This is default X-Plane autobrake behaviour, and we have not changed that. The real 737 will also disarm the autobrake, but only if you apply a certain brake pressure over a certain amount of time. X-Plane does not mimick that. Try this: Display the rudder application (using data out option) onto the screen. Your values for left and right brake should be 0.0 if you don´t touch your pedals. If they are not, chances are that your rudder pedals are not calibrated right. Next try to land with autobrake, but keep your feet of the rudder (to avoid any accidental brake application). Does the autobrake still disarm? The last problem could be that you are seeing unwanted "brake-helping-in-turn" application by X-Plane. We have seen some reports of that - you can fix this by changing a value in planemaker, read this post to find out how: Hope this helps, Jan
  14. Litjan

    Pause near top of descent

    We will consider this and I agree that having that option would be nice! Cheers, Jan
  15. Litjan

    New PC

    The DRM will detect that you run gizmo from a new computer. It will prompt you to activate the 737 on that new computer, and if you are already at your maximum number of devices, it will ask you to "FREEZE" (= never use again) one of your devices. Since you are getting a new PC, you can just "freeze" the old one, that you will not be using anymore. Cheers, Jan