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  1. Hi shabani, a good suggestion, but I can´t promise any implementation of that - the way the IXEG wxr radar "detects" precipitation is very different from the way xEnviro implements it. Cheers, Jan
  2. Litjan

    Kuddelmuddel on Prog-Page

    Interesting, haven´t seen that... At any rate, the PROG page is not yet fully working and 100% error-free...as you have just found out . I am hopeful to get it fixed up (together with VNAV, HOLDs, etc) in the future. Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan


    Hi Petter, I can unfortunately not give hands-on training to operate the 737 here or on Skype, due to real-life time constraints. Sorry, Jan
  4. Litjan


    Hi widero, The short answer is that you may be running an AIRAC cycle as your FMS database (like the one we include when you buy the plane) that is not current. You would need to download a current one (from Navigraph or Aersosoft) and load it into X-Plane (they provide an installer) and then you should be able to see the SID. May I ask which airport, and which SID you are trying to load? Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Wow, Nick, that is totally awesome! Now my good old Bobby gets a new lease on life at Lufthansa - just like it should have in real life, too . Thanks so much for making this livery! Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Hmm, how about the "new" Lufthansa livery?
  7. Litjan

    Being new to XP and Updating XP

    Hi Nick, the update process will never delete anything you made yourself or downloaded. It will only "overwrite" the files it considers X-Plane´s own, native files. But even if you have changed those, it will always ask you if you want it to overwrite those. To access betas (like the current 11.33b1) you have to manually run the installer file and check the box for "betas". Cheers, Jan
  8. Litjan

    Livery List & Requests

    Wow, incredible! Nice work!
  9. Litjan

    glitch on screen

    It is the "show vortices" option. You must deselect it, we will remove it in the next patch. It doesn´t work with XP11 anymore. Cheers, Jan
  10. Hi Ralf, so far this is the only report we received about a combination of a certain scenery and our IXEG causing a crash. The best place to find a solution would be in filing a bug report with Laminar Research, if the whole simulator crashes! If the simulator crashes reproducibly and ALWAYS then I am sure they would love to hear about that! Also check the latest beta of X-Plane (11.33b1) as they have fixed some crash reasons, I heard. https://developer.x-plane.com/2019/04/x-plane-11-33b1-out-now/ Let me know how that goes! Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    Question: IXEG Replay Mode

    Thanks Ben for reporting back on that! I knew Windows Defender would cause some problems while entering a modified route into the FMS...but your problem was new! Thanks for sharing, Jan
  12. Litjan

    Machine ID failure

    Now I have learned to normally stay out of these "authorization" things. But whatever possible reason could someone have to type in FREEZE when presented with the warning that this action will lock his computer forever...if he actually intends to use this computer in the future? The only possibility to undo this action is to get a new copy of the IXEG, as far as I know. Or a new computer. You still have the right to use three machines, just not the ones you locked yourself when facing a very clear and concise warning to not do this if you want to fly the IXEG on it... Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    Toe Brakes not working

    The one thing I could imagine is that you have no hydraulic pressure for using the brakes. Other than that our brakes are "default X-Plane" and should work just as well as in other aircraft. Cheers, Jan
  14. Litjan

    CDU FMC Error

    Like Tony said - the VNAV logic can NEVER fly across the altitude set in the MCP - it is like a safety barrier. The VNAV logic can also not fly in the "opposite" direction, i.e. it can´t climb if the MCP altitude is "lower" than the current altitude, and it can´t descend if the MCP altitude is higher. So you have to assist the VNAV logic by setting your MCP altitude correctly. Cheers, Jan
  15. Litjan

    So I’ve just bought the 737

    Hey Nick, Nah, I won´t delete it - some valuable info in here that someone else might find useful. Plus - if you have any other questions - feel free to post! Cheers, Jan