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  1. ILS not working

    No idea what you are doing wrong, except that you are doing something wrong :-) I recommend watching the enclosed tutorial videos and do like I do in them and you will learn how to fly an ILS. Happy landings, Jan
  2. 1.21

    Before the end of a year!
  3. Engine rating

    Thats what Tom told me in a chat - but maybe there is a way around that! Cheers, Jan
  4. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Thanks for the nice words... for what it is worth, there IS the possibility to output the CDU to an iPad for our plane as well, look here: Cheers, Jan
  5. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    ...and if you find out, I would be interested, too. It may have to do with framerate (recording interval) or with the length of the previous flight (amount of storage space for recorded data) - but that is total guesswork on my side. Cheers, Jan
  6. XP 11.10 final

    It "could" be done in 2018. And I am hoping it will, but I can´t promise anything. Jan
  7. XP 11.10 final

    Hi, I am not going to stick my neck out with any predictions about the remaining FMS work - but it is high on our priority list. The flightmodelchanges in 11.10 are not something you will notice, likely. They don´t take effect yet (since you are not running a re-saved .acf) and the new (re-saved) .acf is adapting to the flightmodel changes, so the plane will fly just like pre-11.10 . Cheers, Jan
  8. [Merged] Help for VR users - popup CDU

    Yes, saving a situation will not save the whole state of the plane. Instead you could program everything, leave the plane running, and then switch to VR. Current VR hardware is not good enough to really fly realistically. The resolution is too low, the gear is too heavy and interaction with the 3D cockpit is in it´s infancy (I own a Rift). We are not going to spend time to work around these limitations - hardware needs to improve to become usable in this regard. I totally understand if you don´t want to use our 737 with the headset, but when the next generations arrive in a year or two, you can take a second look and then hopefully enjoy it! Cheers, Jan
  9. Engine rating

    We are looking at it - one way to avoid it is to not change the sound settings in the IXEG plane (keep them all at 100%). Another way is to not exit the simulator straight, but load another aircraft, first. We do "clean up" when you exit the 737, but if you quit X-Plane right away, we can not do it. Jan
  10. XP 11.10 final

    2018. I don´t know if you read the previous info, but don´t expect too much from this interim patch. The only thing you will probably notice is added reflections for the cockpit instruments. Beyond that it is some stability fixes to the FMS, but nothing else. Certainly not enough to mash your refresh button constantly . Jan
  11. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    Well, the "two step" deployment you see is realistic - at the first touch you can see the flight-spoilers deploy (wheel spin-up) and on the second you can see the ground-spoilers deploy as well (they need main gear strut compression to come out). The wheels are not something we mess with - the amount of smoke is done by Laminar Research and beyond our control. Jan
  12. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    Sorry, I can´t comment on liveries showing Ryanair
  13. Spoilers Instantly Popping Up

    I have seen them behave both ways in both versions - never able to nail down why they sometimes pop, sometimes move smoothly. We had to make a custom logic for the spoilers - LR´s default model of autospoilers and roll spoilers simply does not cut it. Therefore we can not use the default flight-control surfaces, which "replay" captures during the normal flight. So we have to "record" the position of the spoilers with our code, and that is not as trivial as it sounds and leads to this quirky behaviour. Jan
  14. XP 11.10 final

    Yes, we are running a complex fluid dynamic calculation. We are breaking the coffeeliquid apart into 50 million particles (I know, a gross simplification), all bound by cohesive forces, calculate Braunian molecular motion (depending on the coffee´s temperature), then apply adhesive forces (where the coffee touches the cup). Finally apply (varying with altitude and geographic location) earth gravitational force and aircraft motion´s force, and we get a fairly decent presentation of a moving liquid. This will only cost you 50 to 80% of available framerate, dependent on your computer. We thought about making the effect optional, but we strive for utmost realism, and this one you just can´t go without (even though you may think you can)! Enjoy the coffee! Jan
  15. XP 11.10 final

    And a little hint - look at the coffee liquid during turbulence...