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  1. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    Hmm, there is something seriously corrupt about your setup. I would recommend updating to the latest graphics drivers for your card, checking your gfx rendering settings, removing all plugins except for gizmo, maybe erazing your X-Plane prefs, re-installing the 737 and if all that doesn´t help, checking your card for a hardware malfunction. I had something similiar a few years ago, and it turned out that my card was defective. All the best, Jan
  2. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    I have never seen that!
  3. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    Ah, interesting! Thanks for the link! Jan
  4. New Update of OC4BA_XP driver

    I would if I had any idea what you are talking about . Never heard of that driver. As for the dataref, no, I don´t think there is any dataref for those symbols. Jan
  5. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    So I would suggest either waiting for XP11.10 to go final (I think the flashing is something you can probably live with for a while) or make a new copy of your X-Plane installation (just copy and paste) and then update only this new copy to the beta... Cheers, Jan
  6. Cockpit flashing in the storm

    I am not seeing this with default XP11.10b3. Are you using a third party weather program? Any extra plugin that messes with the art datarefs could likely have this effect. Cheers, Jan
  7. Playback error

    Hi Texanpilot, I did some experimentation and see the problem you describe. I am not sure if it has always been that way or if it started with XP11 or some update to it. I will have our devs look at it, I am not sure if it is in our court or if Laminar should fix it. Thanks for making us aware! Jan
  8. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    Thanks for your tests. I will see if we can tune the behaviour a bit - however an excursion of 0.1 Mach is not unusual when the autopilot flies the plane. Also keep in mind that 0.8 is a VERY high speed for a 737-300 to be flown at. Usual cruising speed is .74, and we flew .78 if we were really in a hurry. The FL CHG pitch mode is also limited by the g-load it will place on the passengers. At very high speeds, it can not "pull up wildly" to fight an overspeed situation, this would be very uncomfortable. In fact a lot of real pilots will refrain from using FL CHG mode in these regimes (high alt, high Mach) because of the exact reasons you describe. Very steep descents, low pitch. Cheers,Jan
  9. Playback error

    Hi Texanpilot, I saw the video, thank you. I am not sure what causes this, this is the first time I have seen that or heard someone report it. Just to clarify, it is not possible to save a replay and play it later. I am also curious why your "flight control" master caution is lit. Do you have hydraulics A turned on? Is a failure enabled in X-Plane? Does this happen on every flight you do (and try to replay)? Jan
  10. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    I will take a look at high-speed Mach descents again to see if I can find out what went wrong there for you... Thanks for the report! Jan
  11. FUEL & LOAD

    . And if you knew my brother...
  12. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Yep, thats how they work. The real ones are made out of plastic and are a pain to get in and out. We used to have those old Captains that insisted on taking them out during the night, so they could spot...well, what exactly? The enemy nightfighters´ exhaust glow? Thats what you get for flying with WWII veterans...
  13. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    They seem to be fine for me in b2: Cheers, Jan
  14. FUEL & LOAD

    Yeah, just watch the fuel gauges. There is pretty much what you would do in the real plane, too. Yes, you can look out the window and see if the fuel truck is connected, but there is no way to tell if it is pumping kerosene or if the guy is just sitting inside picking his nose... . Cheers, Jan
  15. 737 suddenly crashes every time

    I would suggest - just for testing - to temporarily remove these plugins and see if that helps: Jar Design Ground handling (had several reports of crashes related to this one) Fly with lua (check that you have the latest version) AutoGate (you have several error messages related to this plugin) Xenviro (check that you have the latest version) Let me know how it goes! Cheers, Jan