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  1. Window heat test

    Hi admroz, you are right, there should be a small "OVHT" label above the window heat test switch, I will take a look, thanks for pointing that out! Tom is right, to reset the window overheat condition you need to turn each switch OFF then ON. The effect of the switch is kind off the same in both directions. Pushing it UP (ovht) will trigger the overheat condition, illuminating all lights. Pushing it down will apply "full power", which will usually also result in an overheat condition (a real one) with the above effect, at least on the ground. Note that we do not simulate the cooling effect of airflow (yet)... Hmm, gives me an idea... The manual says, however: NOTE: Do not PWR TEST when all amber OFF lights are extinguished. Whatever that means...I have never used that on the real plane, I would think that it is mainly for maintenance use. Cheers, Jan
  2. KDEN PANC crash

    Hmm, especially troubling after such a long flight! You do know how to recover from a gizmo-soft-crash, right? So you can finish your flight? Procedure to keep on flying after gizmo-soft-crash: Click "reboot" in gizmo toolbar (little "flash" symbol) raise landing gear engage autopilot, autothrottle engage ALT HOLD and SPD, set a sane speed turn off parking brake finish flight with basic modes or enter information into FMS as needed (just enter destination airport, no need for an origin) Jan
  3. Not if the autobrake is working in RTO mode, as it will apply maximum braking for you. If you should disengage the autobrake accidentially (it could happen during wild steering with the pedals, or just due to startle) you need to apply full manual braking, of course. Just watch the "AUTOBRAKE DISARM" light during the RTO. Cheers, Jan
  4. Pull thrust leves to idle. Then pull up speedbrake lever and then activate reverse thrust.Thats it. Jan
  5. Failures and minor bugs

    Yes, it is - I hope we will be able to include it with the next fix. Cheers, Jan
  6. Huge speed value on MCP

    Interesting - and you could potentially save some time and land really early at your destination! I will try to reproduce and then fix it... Thanks for the report, Jan
  7. Gizmo Softcrash on GA when modifying ARR

    Hi stolowski, thank you for the report - I will try to reproduce it and then enter it to get it fixed. Cheers, Jan
  8. The scavange pumps will only trigger if you turn the center fuel pumps from ON to OFF. I am not sure if the center pumps need to actually run to trigger the scavange pumps, or if you merely have to move the switch. I am also not home right now, so I can´t look it up, but I doubt that the scavenge pumps are powered through the batteries, so once your generators drop off line (like in the scenario above), they would not run, either. Cheers, Jan
  9. 733 long haul

    Nice writeup and shots, Tom! I am glad to see that us extending the maximum database range for the plane is paying off! Cheers, Jan
  10. FPS tanks at higher altitudes

    I would put my money on VRAM exhaustion in combination with Orthophotos. Cheers, Jan
  11. If you leveled off at 3000 due to the MCP altitude window commanding so while in a VNAV climb, the N1 limit indicator would change to CRZ and the autothrottle would use up to maximum cruise N1 to accelerate to VNAV climb speed. You would, however, most likely be already at this speed (since you where in the climb before) and therefore the autothrottle would not need to apply "full power" to accelerate. Cheers, Jan
  12. The N1 limit indicator does not show the "phase" at all, it only shows the N1 limit. So whenever the plane is at the altitude you commanded through the MCP (in your case 35400) and in level flight, the limit will go to CRZ - this means that the maximum power that the autothrust can apply is cruise power. Again, this does not mean that you are in your cruise phase. Another example. You take off, and your initial level-off altitude is 3000 feet (so you set 3000 on the MCP), even though your intended cruise flightlevel is 350 (and that is set in the FMS). You will see the N1 limit go to CRZ again when the plane levels off at 3.000, even though you are not at your "cruising altitude". Cheers, Jan
  13. Mistyped that - its BEG (Belgrade) and I was talking real flights... Ortho´s Level 10000 . Cheers, Jan
  14. Thanks for the feedback, have a great flight to Palma (I am looking at BEO-FRA-LHR-FRA today)! Let me know how the rest of your problems pan out! Cheers, Jan
  15. Hi Ian, this is a new one... the problems you encounter engaging the autopilot are related to your yoke being off center for sure. We read the joysticks position straight from X-Plane, so I dont think the problem is with our plane - and since you checked your neutral position, the only idea I have is checking for X-Plane random "failures" (make sure you have them off and all systems working). There are things like trim runaway, iirc. For the start-up state problems I would look to either the settings you select in the X-Plane menu, you can elect to start with "engines off" there, and that would interfere with our settings. The buzz you hear is the IRS warning horn, alerting you that the IRS units are running on battery and IRS R will shut down in 5 minutes or less... If that does not help, maybe check for incompatibilities with other plugins, things like fly-with-lua and other scripts can interfere if set up not correctly. If you can recreate the gizmo-pop up error when changing the speed limit I would love to hear the exact steps to do that so we can fix it! There are still some lingering gizmo crashes related to the FMS and we want to stomp as many as possible. Fixing them is not hard - finding them is! Hope this helps, Jan