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  1. Hmm, ok - maybe you set up some buttons or switches on your hardware to cut off the fuel supply? It happened to me, I got a new Thrustmaster throttle with switches on it, and my son always flips those when he stands by the computer. One of them was set up to operate the start switches and it kept killing my engines that way. Also "fly with lua" is a usual suspect here, or anything that interferes with datarefs. Last but not least we have a fair share of customers that somehow can´t get the activation to work correctly and the plane is therefore not unlocked DRM-wise. Usually you can see this by seeing the pilots in the cockpit (while in the cockpit view)... Cheers, Jan
  2. it could be that your fuel is empty - or you have selected the option to start "cold and dark" (all systems shut off). Cheers, Jan
  3. I think I have seen this problem before...but can´t quite recall it. I think you want to check that your graphics adapters drivers are up to date and also run the IXEG WITHOUT the "show vortices" option checked. Also make sure that you are not running any third-party code or alterations that play with X-Plane´s shader effects. If that does not help, remove all other plugins (fly-with-lua, etc.) and add-ons to get a "vanilla" installation of X-Plane and then try again - if that helps, slowly add the other plugins back, until the problem returns, then let us know what the conflicting plugin is. There have been some changes to the way that X-Plane handles graphics between 11.3x and 11.4x and it shows in some incompatibilities and graphics problems that were "fine" before (not really, but they didn´t show any symptoms). One example is our "vortices" hack, it can lead to the cockpit "disappearing" during flight now. It will therefore be disabled in a future update. Also make sure that you attach the log.txt file if the problem persists, our experts here can glean a lot from that info. Thanks, Jan
  4. Litjan

    performance tool

    Hi SkyFly, you can probably find a lot of real performance information for the 737-300 online. I know that you are probably looking for something a bit easier to use, but I know that these kind of solutions are extremely difficult to code and take real airlines´ IT departments many years to come up with. I speak from experience... You can probably ballpark this with the rough guideline: Landing on anything over 2000m will be ok. For dry and headwind, you can go down to 1700m. Anything between 1700 and 1500 needs dry, headwind, weight < 45.000kg. Don´t go shorter than 1500. Takeoffs on >2500 are not a problem, you can derate with TASS 45 or so. 2500 - 2000 needs headwind, derate to 40. <2000 go full N1. 1800-1500 with dry, headwind, full N1. Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    IXEG 737 erratic behaviour on approach

    No - this is still a mystery to me. When you press the APP button with a localizer within capture criteria, the autopilot will initially bank towards the course you have set on the corresponding side. This would explain the sudden banking when you engage APP (and have additionally set the ILS frequency of the runway you are flying to, but NOT the corresponding inbound course). The autopilot has no means to trim the aileron or rudder, so if the plane is truly mis-trimmed after you disconnect the autopilot, something else must be at play. Do you have any other third-party plugins (fly with lua, etc...) installed? Again, to truly solve this I would need to look at a video of what is going on - texting here in the forums is like describing whats special about the Mona Lisa on a postcard... ;-) Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    IXEG 737 erratic behaviour on approach

    Ok, that is the reason - you don´t push the APR button when doing an RNAV approach in this aircraft! It is not an A320 (thank god). You fly RNAV approaches in LNAV and VSPD (VNAV is not authorized). Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    IXEG 737 erratic behaviour on approach

    Hi, the first thing that comes to mind is that you have set up malfunctions within X-Plane and a flap was not working. This would result in an asymmetric flap extension and a resultant roll. It is curious that you would get that (random) failure on two consecutive flights, though. To further troubleshoot this problem I would ask you to somehow take a video of the incident so I can check your flight for other possible reasons (icing, incorrect speed, asymmetric thrust etc.). Cheers, Jan
  8. Litjan

    crashing to desktop

    Guys, so far the track record of these issues has been pretty clear - in all cases there was some other plugin installed or other hard- or software problem on the users computer that made X-Plane crash when the IXEG 737 is running. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Remove all your other plugins (temporarily) then see if the 737 runs fine. Then add them back (in batches) to identify the conflicting one. Jan
  9. Litjan

    Crash to desktop with IXEG 737

    That looks very nice! Happy landings!
  10. Litjan

    Crash to desktop with IXEG 737

    Glad you found the problem - it could be something as simple as your memory filling up over your session time, but I am not an expert on that. You seem to have 32GB of RAM, that should be enough, but then again you have more addons than I can count Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    Crash to desktop with IXEG 737

    It amazes me how much people can pile into their X-Plane installation and STILL have it running...without their computer imploding and turning into a black hole . Honestly, I can´t even begin to start speculating which of your hundreds of plugins and scenery add-ons may interfere with another one. You will have to try for yourself. Cheers, Jan
  12. Litjan

    Crash to desktop with IXEG 737

    No idea, really (I can for some odd reason never see the attached log.txt files here) - if the whole simulator crashes then this is usually not due to our coding. Standard protocol applies: Remove all other plugins (not "firing them up" doesn´t count, you need to physically remove them from the Resources folder), then slowly add them back to see which one is offending. Quite often the offending plugin has a newer version available which fixes it´s behaviour. Another thought is running out of RAM - this often happens without even installing anything new, just by picking a specific area to fly in or having other processes running in the background. Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    737 CL issues

    Cameron is right - if you see the heads of the pilots in the cockpit it means that you have not activated your 737 with the authentification servers, the gizmo plugin is not running and all functionality of the plane is not working. Please follow all instructions for the installation exactly and activate your license for this plane, then it should work. Cheers, Jan
  14. Litjan

    737 CL issues

    Hello Pateador, we have had some problems with the pop-out side menus on multi-monitor installations (XP10 and XP11 both). Often the reason was that the "bump" was not detected because the coordinates of the mouse are not detected correctly. Can you try to run the IXEG aircraft with just one monitor activated and see if that works better? Thanks, Jan
  15. Hi, this is a known issue - it will be solved with the next update. One of the textures (mcp) was accidentally set to "outside glass" instead of "inside glass". Thats why it is affected by the outside light. No idea why its only affected by the turnoff light, though... Here is how to fix it: Cheers, Jan