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  1. Hello Litjan,

    sorry for disturb but i have a very very  problem.

    VoiceCommander is broken since 1.21

    When i send command thru SpadNext, XPlane Crash to Desktop immediately.

    Sure, all "my" users have this issue, but i think all SpadNext users (for goflight or Saitek harware will have this problem)

    I send you a piece of the Xplane Log after some crash. Sometimes, i have nothing in log because XP crash too fast.

    When he have time to write in Log, all users have something like that:

    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    SPAD::INFO ServiceWorker: SetValue ixeg/733/bleedair/bleedair_isovalve_act 0
    --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Gizmo64}==--


    Please, could we have a look with your team on this issue.

    Haw can i help you for search the problem.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Have a good day, best regards


  2. Holdings dont work. If they are important to you, I would stay away. Cheers, Jan
  3. [Confirmed]1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    This may be a bug with 11.20vr3: Cheers, Jan
  4. [Confirmed] New datarefs not working

    Here is the problem: Tom created the datarefs, but they need to be hooked up the autopilot logic. Nils is in charge of the autopilot, but he is out of the picture (due to private reasons) until about Summer 2018... Sorry for the tease - lets take the chance to review whats there, and collect what else you may need. I will compile those into a big list and then hit Nils with it when he returns ;-) Sorry, Jan
  5. [Solved]ILS radio does not work

    Most reports of "ILS not working" are due to the user selecting the wrong ILS frequency. Often the navigational database has changed, but the ILS´s in X-Plane don´t change, even if you install Navigraph or Aerosoft data. Another batch of reports are due to "shut down tailwind ILS" option selected. The rest is due to being out of range. The ILS receivers in the IXEG work exactly as the ILS receivers in the default planes - check on the map (M) to see the correct frequency. Cheers, Jan
  6. hi Tim, havent heard of that one before - but we had some reports of users that can´t click buttons on the MCDUs after using the IXEG built-in view settings... could that be related to your issue? Cheers, Jan Edit: Also try upgrading to 11.20vr3, they fixed some problems with the mouse becoming unresponsive if the VR mouspointer is activated.
  7. [Confirmed]Stall Warning Test without audio

    Good morning, 1.) Yes, we have some code interference - this will be fixed with next update. 2.) I see this as well and we will try to fix it. Two ways to avoid it: A.) Don´t click "resume last flight", instead choose "new flight" (should be same parameters). B.) IF you get the APU not running, flip the switch to START, wait until APU started and then connect both APU generator switches. Cheers, Jan
  8. [XP Bug] IXEG not indicating EGT and N2

    Yes, they are. But I would hold on upgrading until 11.20vr3 is rolled out (any second, now), as that one fixes a few showstoppers (for some people) of vr2... Cheers, Jan
  9. Hi Jo va Bra, to tell you the truth, I don´t remember how this worked on the 737 classic . It may have been different to more modern Boeing aircraft, or it may have been the same and we portray if wrong. I will try to find out and maybe we can adjust it accordingly if warranted. Thanks for the report, Jan
  10. Icing Conditions

    Lots of info about your issue in this thread: Cheers, Jan
  11. Anti Ice

    Thats awesome! Cheers, Jan
  12. Crash with Nvidia 390.77

    Your crash is due to X-Plane crashing, I have no idea what the exact cause is. You may want to report this to Laminar Research! Cheers, Jan
  13. Same as before - 25% linearity, 0% artificial stability. Jan
  14. Working on a fix for that as we speak (type) - just hold on for a little bit longer. Jan
  15. IXEG sounds for dev (raw sounds)

    I would say hold off until I tell you which sounds we specifically need. No point in doing all this work and then us not really needing it. Cheers, Jan