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  1. Thank you very much (again!) mmerelles! Jan
  2. Can someone chime in on this? I have never used simbrief, so I have no idea how to go about that... Thanks, Jan
  3. Hi Werner, while your fix may certainly get rid of the "erroneous" water spray from X-Enviro, it will also disable the spray/dust effects you would rightfully get when operating the 737 over wet or dusty surfaces. I consider it a bit of a rough remedy. I am not sure why X-enviro is having this effect - unlike "everyone" I don´t have it installed . You could also turn off your engines - this would also get rid of the effect . Cheers, Jan
  4. Litjan

    crashing to desktop

    Hmm, this is weird - have you added any Orthophotos to X-Plane? HD scenery? 32GB of memory is really a lot, so I could only see extensive use of Orthophotos really exceeding that. Cheers, Jan
  5. Hi mrene, I haven´t heard of that one before - but you MAY have activated some sort of Mac feature where the mouse "jumps and sticks" to an input field or such. I don´t have a Mac myself (I am a gamer ), so I can´t really provide any further insight. Just think I heard of a feature like that in Windows... Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    VR Yoke

    Yes, I agree - we are on the brink of VR becoming useable without too many restrictions. I totally believe that it is the future and in a few years the majority of users will fly only in VR. What is still needed to make the breakthrough, in my opinion: affordable headsets, wireless, good FOV, excellent resolution, comfortable to wear for hours CPU´s to fire these headsets at a good FR without significant loss in visual quality (i.e. not pulling all sliders left) - note: Vulcan will not fix that! sensory gloves to be really able to manipulate the virtual cockpit in a realistic fashion For now it *can* be done, but there are always compromises to make - so many that still most of us prefer to use a screen, especially for airliner flight. Cheers, Jan
  7. Litjan

    VR Yoke

    Hi Marc, we haven´t added genuine VR support to our aircraft yet. Most things work "out of the box", but there is no VR file for it. My personal rationale about this is that it is not really possible to use an airliner in VR yet (either the resolution is too low to read stuff or the framerate is too low when you run a PIMAX or the like...). Lets give it another year or two for that. In addition I think that any user serious enough to want to fly a 737 probably has hardware yoke/joystick/rudders. And my personal preference and suggestion is to use those for VR flying, too. Did you try holding the controller in another way (more centered, or tilted even more to the right) BEFORE grabbing the yoke - so that the "nullpoint" may be in a different orientation? Cheers, Jan
  8. Ok, then I am out of ideas. You are the only one out of several thousand users reporting this problem, so I assume it is something unique to your setup. I would suggest removing all add-ons, third-party content and plugins and checking again with a vanilla X-Plane installation. If that runs ok, add your addons in again to find out which one is causing the problem. Other than that I have no suggestions. Cheers, Jan
  9. Yes, that is what I meant. Hmm, can you try at another airport? Maybe there is something wrong with the authoring and your aircraft thinks it sits on a dusty surface - this will also cause smoke/dust like that. Jan
  10. Litjan

    FPS drops to >1 when using the FMC in a flight

    Glad its working good for you now! Cheers, Jan
  11. Hi Dooleybird, Sorry that you are having problems with the IXEG. 1.) Make sure you set up the sound volumes in the IXEG preferences menu that pops out when you bump your mouse against the left side of the screen. You can adjust sounds that way, and may have accidentially lowered volume levels. Also note that unfortunately some sounds don´t move back up to "normal" if you have them set low on the IXEG (like the airconditioning) and then fly another aircraft in X-Plane 2.) Make sure that you have selected a valid (or make your own?) hardware profile when flying the IXEG 737. It is just the regular hardware control setup that you need to run, i.e. go to the "controls" tab in X-Plane and go from there. Let me know how it goes, Jan
  12. Litjan

    FPS drops to >1 when using the FMC in a flight

    I am sure that your problem is the external harddrive. The data transfer rates are too low on those, you can´t use an external harddrive to fly the IXEG. Get an internal HDD, it does not have to be a SSD. Regular HDD´s are fast enough. Cheers, Jan
  13. See if you have "airshow smoke" turned on? Cheers, Jan
  14. Yes, I think you can set the "runway state" directly in the weather menu. So even if the sky is clear, your runway could still be wet. You may have to scroll down the settings in the weather menu to see it... Cheers, Jan
  15. You have a "wet" apron - this is the default X-Plane "water spray" effect. Happy landings, Jan