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  1. Litjan

    Impossible to taxi aircraft properly

    Hi XL, maybe your problem is related to this: Let me know if changing the nosewheel spring force to 0 as mentioned above helps, please? Cheers, Jan
  2. Litjan

    Engine anti-ice

    Yes, it is modeled (it will prevent/remove ice buildup) and it will also affect the air bleed pressure, but no, it has no effect on the EGT. Cheers, Jan
  3. Litjan

    IXEG 737 in VR 11.32 problem

    Glad you found the problem - the draw vortices option will be disabled with the next update! Cheers, Jan
  4. Yes, a lot of time the "parental control" is a problem with our plane - it is just so much more addicting than Fortnite! Cheers, Jan
  5. Litjan

    IXEG 737 Update

    Yeah, sometimes stuff can go wrong during installation with weird effects. Glad that the reinstall fixed it for you! Cheers, Jan
  6. Litjan

    Engine failure after V1

    The stability setting may very well be your problem. We STRONGLY recommend to run the plane with artificial stability set at 0. It´s not realistic to use artificial stability at all, and in fact it can interfere with controllability (as we may see in this case). You can play with the joystick response curve if you feel the plane is too sensitive - this would decrease control deflection for a given joystick deflection, which is more what you are looking for. But the artificial stability is a "training wheel" and "instructor is gently holding his set of controls to help" type setting. Let me know how that goes! Jan
  7. Litjan

    Engine failure after V1

    Hmm, I just tried again - for me there is enough rudder authority to regain the centerline when an engine fails at V1. (100.000lbs takeoff weight, full N1, V1 at 120 kts for flaps 5). However I agree that the onset of the yaw is very sudden and I deviate from the centerline too far before I can compensate. I am unsure what the reason is for this. The physical forces at play seem to be correct, as there is enough authority (for me) to not only counter the yaw, but also enough to steer back to the centerline against the working engine. It could be that the engine failure in X-Plane is very "sudden" (vs. a more gradual thrust decrease in a real engine failure). It could also be that we are missing the "seat of the pants" onset of yaw cue that you certainly have in a real aircraft, which allows you to react faster/instinctively. There is also the possibility that recent updates to X-Plane have changed yaw forces (better ground friction) to make the airplane depart the centerline faster. I will look into tuning this a bit for the next update - we calculate yaw forces while on the ground within our own plugin (bypassing X-Plane, as it´s ground model is still not acceptable for the fidelity we look for), so it should accomplishable with a code tweak. Cheers, Jan
  8. It is a known bug brought about by changes to the engine modeling in recent X-Plane updated. Cheers, Jan
  9. Litjan

    soft crash while extending flaps

    It would be interesting to see if the crash still happened if you operated the flaps with key or button presses instead of the hardware flap handle. If I remember correctly, Tom fixed a crash-bug that was related to using a hardware handle for the flaps for the last update. I wonder if this is still a remnant of that bug, somehow... Cheers Jan
  10. Litjan

    HOLDING procedure

    It is not possible yet. Cheers, Jan
  11. Litjan

    soft crash while extending flaps

    Are you using some sort of hardware flap handle? Cheers, Jan
  12. Litjan

    Reverser stages

    Or - as we say in german: "Again what learned!" We usually aimed to set N1 = grossweight in tons during landings - if reversers where allowed. So for a landing with 45t we aimed for 45%N1. But the reverse thrust levers worked just like the forward thrust levers - no notches (unlike on that "other" aircraft)... Only difference is that you can´t "overboost" the engines in reverse, they were limited to a safe maximum reverse value. Mostly because you can´t afford to fiddle and look down when you are in need for maximum reverse thrust . Cheers, Jan
  13. Litjan

    soft crash while extending flaps

    Weird, we haven´t seen that crash for a long long time - are you running the latest version of the 737? Thanks, Jan
  14. Litjan

    [Sloved]Center Flood light Not working 11.30

    I just checked in X-Plane version 11.31r1 and it works just fine for me. Make sure: to run the latest version of X-Plane to NOT run any third-party applications that change the way X-Plane looks (like XVision, etc.) Cheers, Jan
  15. Litjan

    Reverser stages

    Never heard of reverser stages. The 737-300 does not have any. You can set any N1 smoothly between high idle and max. Cheers, Jan