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  1. Dreamliner63

    Betterpushback and ver 1.21

    Fixed with the last betterpushback version THKS
  2. Dreamliner63

    Betterpushback and ver 1.21

    I mean that as I simply try to launch the setup nothing happens. But everything works fine with other aircrafts than IXEG. So I presume that the problem sits with IXEG. But I am happy to see that it works for you.
  3. Dreamliner63

    Betterpushback and ver 1.21

    Since the new version has been released, betterpushback doesn't work anymore.. Any similar experiences ?
  4. Dreamliner63

    Take-Off Flaps setting

    Thank you for your reply Litjan, You answered my question. I am also happy to see that it is possible to change the FMC values, but maybe I am doing something wrong , it is still impossible with me.
  5. According to the FMS , on the take off page, the speed calculation is related to a flaps 5 setting only. This value can not be changed as you type 10 or 15 on the first LSK. Is it like in the real airplane ? I thought it should be possible to calculate the V speeds with flaps 10 or 15 ... Can we expect improvements in a future update ?
  6. Dreamliner63

    IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Making a coroute is actually not possible with PFPX. One solution is to copy and paste your flight plan in your windows notepad and name your file as a *.fpl file, not a *.text file. Be aware that you have the departure and arrival airports OACI codes in th FLP and no SID or STAR names. See an example with the attached fileEBBREGGW.fpl, just open it with your notepad