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  1. Help me IXEG is going crazy

  2. Help me IXEG is going crazy

    Not bad weather. I created a video in x plane but can't imagine I will be able to upload a 2gb video. Looking for a tutorial on video uploads.
  3. Help me IXEG is going crazy

    I think you are talking about the camera shake button. I have always had that enabled and never experienced this much shaking. I re-installed IXEG 737 but did the same thing. When I disabled this feature the shaking stops but my airspeed indicators are vibrating rapidly. I'm wondering if I can go back before the x plane 7 beta update, everything was great before that.
  4. I've been flying the IXEG 737 for about 2 months and never experience this. During takeoff the plane shakes violently and will not stop. Not sure if it has anything to do with the current beta 7 update. This started after the update. Anyone experience this or am I doing some wrong? Anyone.
  5. Question about IXEG 737

    No doubt it works. Thanks for the video
  6. Question about IXEG 737

    Not flying online or multiplayer. So TA and RA are modeled. Not sure why I haven't seen traffic. Thanks for reply.
  7. Is the TCAS not modeled in this aircraft. I have yet to see a plane in the PFD screen even though I see planes near by. It also sais TA even though the switch is in TA/RA position. I'm a new user so if anyone knows the answer. Thanks