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    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Here are the files your requested GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. tcrop

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    When I apply the 1.2.1 upgrade I get the following error: from Log.txt 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: | Trying to create a texture either less than 1 or greater than the hw size! 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: | fbo-panel texture 1-fbo 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: | value: 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: | -2048 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: | (TEX_obj.cpp:64) 0:01:52.806 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tried reinstalling the original release then applying the upgrade, over writing existing files, but still got the same error. I'm running in full screen mode with a resolution of 1920x1080. Suggestions??
  3. tcrop

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Bug: Annunciator "R FUEL PRESS" reads "L FUEL PRESS"
  4. tcrop

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    I was missing libcurl-nss.so.4 My disto, archlinux, did not have a package providing that lib. I ended up downloading the debian package: libcurl3-nss (which provided the lib even though the package name does not imply it ). Then used debtap to convert the package to an arch package and installed. Things are now working, however I was suprised at the prompt to login to x-aviation. I did not realize I could just dismiss that and things would still work. The Avanti is a very nice aircraft and flies great. Thanks for all your hard work - you've done a beautiful job. -Tim
  5. tcrop

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Yes it is there. Here are a few things not working properly: Landing Lights and simular switches. Nothing displayed in Radio Panel except grid lines. Throttle in aircraft does no move when I move hardware throttle. Over speed test, feather, L/R start, crossfeed, L/R FW valve, emer bus disconnect, toggle switches. Chronometer displays no digits. Nothing on related to autopilot butons. Other than that the plane flys really nicely.
  6. tcrop

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    My OS is Linux however, I downloaded the windows installer and ran the install under wine thinking that a linux version was included. But when ran it in X-Plane 11 several things in the cockpit (landing lights, flood light, throtle, etc.) did not work, so I asume this is not the linux version. Is there a linux version available?