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    IXEG 737 - Navigraph BUG - Crash

    I've reinstalled everything (X-Plane + IXEG) and downloaded the update via Navigraph Data Management. Now it's working! Thanks guys.
  2. pbueno

    IXEG 737 - Navigraph BUG - Crash

    Hi Wain, after trying manually and restoring to it's original state, I've installed the data manager and updated it automatically. Didn't work =(
  3. pbueno

    IXEG 737 - Navigraph BUG - Crash

    Hi everyone, I've recently purchased IEXG 737 from X-Aviaton website - version 1.2, running on X-Plane 11 Mac OS. Everything was running smoothly. After some testing, I went to update to AIRAC 1710. I have a Navigraph subscription, so I downloaded "iexg737classic_native_1710" and copied the folder "fmc_data" to "/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/IEXG 737 Classic/" overwriting the old fmc_data (which I backedup just in case). When I try to create a new flight with iexg737, I receive the following error: "There was a problem processing a GLSL pixel shader..." like it is a Graphic card issue (screen attached). Once I click OK, it closes X-Plane and goes back to desktop reporting a crash. Once I replace the folder for the old (original) one, it works fine again. But, I can't run it with new updated AIRAC (1710) from Navigraph. I've also tried with AIRAC 1709 from Navigraph.. didn't work. So, looks like I cannot update AIRAC. Very strange error and I did not receive any answer from the support. Any ideas? Tks!