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  1. Yes I had updated to 11.20, it's probably the cause?
  2. I have not had an issue with this up until now. Now sure what is causing it? The engines start fine however there is no readout for the N1, N2, EGT etc. Anyone know why that might be?
  3. johnc

    Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    I may try the same approach again with V/S down to 1000 feet. Cheers.
  4. johnc

    Steep Descent with LVL CHG

    I just took a another look at the replay, it pitched down between 7.5 and 10, i.e. about 8.75 degrees. The (speed with A/T On) went from 137 -> 133 -> 140 -> 133 -> 137. So I am happy with the purchase of course, but not sure if this is accurate. It really is quite a steep (and quick) descent. The other thing the chart shows a MDA(H) of 1500/1488, but the maximum in the plane is 999. What do you do?
  5. I was doing the LFMN VORB B approach to rwy 22. I was at 1500 feet ALT HOLD. I changed the HDG SEL to 303 and lowered the altitude to 1000 feet, and pressed LVL CHG. The plane pitched down by about 7.5 degrees. Altitude quickly dropped to around 850 feet before A/P was disconnected. It seemed too severe the descent with LVL CHG when it probably should be more gradual.
  6. johnc

    How to Reactivate and Update 737 ??

    No problem, thanks....
  7. I have sent multiple requests to Support the last seven days or so, but no response, nothing yet. I have not used the product in a few months. The 737 is deactivated and it is saying to reinstall Gizmo. How do I get this thing up to date and flyable again? Thanks, John.
  8. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

    Ok no problem, thanks anyway.
  9. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

    Hello, I was wondering if there is any news about how the VNAV work is going and if that can be used for RNAV landings with the 1.3 release ? Thanks.
  10. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

  11. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

    With those updates, will VNAV function below 3000 feet? Will a RNAV/VNAV approach be possible?
  12. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

    Thank you for the reply. Good to know it's being improved. With those updates, will VNAV function below 3000 feet? Will a RNAV/VNAV approach be possible? Second, when setting FMC restrictions on descent I got "UNABLE CRZ ALTITUDE" (I figure though this is related to VNAV and will be fixed too) ...........
  13. johnc

    VNAV Path Descent

    Folks the crashes to desktop seem to have stopped since disabling xEnviro. Now I am doing some actual flights but noticing some serious issues with VNAV descent. During descent it pauses for a minute or two. There are no restrictions or anything but the descent just pauses. Eventually it resume descent often diving in altitude. Approaches come in too high and fast. Hopefully there will be fix soon because this is a real issue right now.
  14. johnc

    Plugins that cause Issues

    I just got another CTD. Which X Plane plugins are Known to cause problems with the IXEG? I have taken out Better Pushback because it seemed to cause issues. What other plugins are not compatible?
  15. Hello, I just got a crash in Preflight menu or Ground services. Appears to be Gizmo64. It has happened before here. Log file is attached... G64: 496.693: Boot Count: 3 --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}==-- Log.txt