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  1. hi Mauricio, Thank you for interesting on QGMC710. QGMC710 you can understand of it as a simple game joystick. it is better you go through all customer feedback from all over the world above. I remember it works on MFS, but we don't try it. one thing is it has beautiful background leds, if you want them to work, for sure, you need some software from PC, the development doc is totally open if you/others have the ability to develop on QGMC710. and these LEDs are aircraft specific, you have to adapt them to the specific aircraft model. what we have done it is on Hotstart TBM-900 plugin aircraft on XP11, and the source code is open to read and reference.
  2. I did confirm it works. Button 24: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_down Button 25: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_up is it possible you had the wrong operation of FLC? can you record a video or something else that we can look at for G1000 scroll page and change range, I bind these keys to my thrustmaster throttle switches. it works perfectly. you can think about it on your joystick. if you have thrustmaster A10 flight stick, you can use my profile file
  3. @Aloneintheskies
  4. don't hurry. I have to make some review videos for you. make sure it can meet your need. these days, we are finding and fixing bugs. lots of details are adding into QMCP737C. let's see
  5. after copy v2 all file into you x-plane, and load TBM9, then in joystick settings, on QGMC710 big picture left bottom side, there is a "reset to default". then it will be done the sequence is very important here. you must load TBM900 firstly, then reset. or else you wont get it plus, have you notice that my joystick profile is included in V2. try to use them directly. I list then all Button 0: tbm900/actuators/ap/hdg Button 1: tbm900/actuators/ap/apr Button 2: tbm900/actuators/ap/nav Button 3: tbm900/actuators/ap/fd Button 4: tbm900/actuators/ap/xfr Button 5: tbm900/actuators/ap/alt Button 6: tbm900/actuators/ap/vs Button 7: tbm900/actuators/ap/flc Button 8: tbm900/actuators/ap/bc Button 9: tbm900/actuators/ap/bank Button 10: tbm900/actuators/ap/ap Button 11: tbm900/actuators/ap/yd Button 12: tbm900/actuators/ap/vnv Button 13: tbm900/actuators/ap/spd Button 14: tbm900/actuators/ap/hdg_sync Button 15: tbm900/actuators/ap/crs1_dr Button 16: sim/GPS/g1000n3_hdg_sync Button 17: tbm900/actuators/ap/crs2_dr Button 18: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/HDG_DEC Button 19: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/HDG_INC Button 20: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/CRS1_DEC Button 21: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/CRS1_INC Button 22: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/ALT_DEC Button 23: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/ALT_INC Button 24: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_down Button 25: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_up Button 26: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/CRS2_DEC Button 27: FlyWithLua/QGMC710/CRS2_INC ps, I have to admit, X-plane joystick assignment is a great pain till today
  6. I just tried, as I said, you have assigned wrong keys. please use "reset to default" QGMC710 DN/UP keys can work as FLC IAS as expected in FLC mode
  7. I didn't notice that. but logic is simple: you are saying mouse control can be either VS or FLC IAS, how to control? only mouse middle scroll?(I will check) then if you assign UP/DOWN keys to TBM's designed UP/DOWN VS keys, then they will do the same thing, the mode switch handling will be done inside of aircraft code itself. I don't know Rossco you have any programming background. anyway I will investigate that
  8. after copy v2 all file into you x-plane, and load TBM9, then in joystick settings, on QGMC710 big picture left bottom side, there is a "reset to default". then it will be done this hidden functionality few people know...hahaha
  9. he is on a business trip this month. may have some delay
  10. hi Rossco, At this moment, I can confirm superbuy.com is a feasible way to buy. Polipay? Alipay? Alipay you don't know? Chinese biggest biggest online payment system. if you have a chance, you should come to China having a look. you know wallet in China, just forget it... we hang out without it, zero cash. what I have to take on ? only a smartphone. you can buy everything, really everything in China with smartphone. no cash country. that is how Alipay system works you should take a look.
  11. you will get it soon
  12. hi Malenca, https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-18408194478.3.6f965b84GYWUa7&id=584036361539 this is for Chinese only. so for international shipment, just use below link, you can order it via superbuy.com, which has been approved to feasible https://x-plane.vip/quickmake/
  13. @slapshot I am very glad you get it after a long trip. looks like "superbuy" works great. beautiful table, you play DCS as well. "quickmake" he is making his own DCS A10 cockpit, you can check his bilibili video channel above. anyway all good. wish you have peace and a happy life
  14. cpuwolf

    FPL Approach minimums - setting problems

    give you a hug. thank you for proving I'm right