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  1. cpuwolf

    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    great to know you are RW pilot. TBM-900 uses stock LR G1000, so any G1000 bug belongs to LR. I practiced a few times half-manual hold in TBM-900, are you sure your PINiK is activated LEG? because I see it is white color. and you are in Switzerland, same as China, so how you solved "the latest chart" issue? can we add our own charts manually?
  2. video added, but in chinese web site, hope you can see it
  3. first edition MCP/GMC710 of G1000 is on ....the way sorry guys, we don't have link so far, and we are in China. first edition we made five, and at the moment they are under testing. here is a related link. but it is not part of this MCP. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48720-ff757-remote-fmc-projector/ https://www.bilibili.com/video/av37257957
  4. cpuwolf

    Left hand side menu

    hahaha good point
  5. cpuwolf

    Left hand side menu

    he said he is not beta
  6. cpuwolf

    Sidebar TBM900 does not appear

    Hi Goran, yes you are right. I found another plane ASDG supercub left side bar has similar as TBM9. it is Beta related. I really dont think this bug is a big deal, just report it and let you know and i've fired a bug to LR
  7. cpuwolf

    Swerving off runway during takeoff roll - fixed

    set parking brake, then switch to external view, and look at your nose wheel, try to step on your pedal we will find this bird slowly reacts on yaw even if your stability of sensitivity setting (right side) is 0, it still reacts very slow. so.....the solution is you have to predict the trends of how aircraft will swing, and use pedal carefully
  8. cpuwolf

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    @Goran_M bug title can be simplified as: title: Left side bar disappears in full screen mode, but windowed mode works description: it has nothing to do with multple-monitor setup priority: midium (current windowed mode works) solution: if Left side bar sub-function: payload, chorks, maintainance,etc, these sub-function can be call out from plugin menu, then this bug is not important at all
  9. cpuwolf

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    I really dont have special setting in graphics. you can see above, not only me. and I am software engineer, I know how to report bug. firstly I would suspect myself:P. I do have 1130b5 beta, but...seems it is not beta related
  10. cpuwolf

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    yes, same here with "left payload sidebar", not "right gizmo sidebar"
  11. cpuwolf

    TBM beta/reverse sound looping issue

    hahahha . but prop itself is looping
  12. cpuwolf

    No Sound

    even if I am with 11.30b5, I have sound
  13. cpuwolf

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    thanks for your info. but reload doesnt work for me
  14. cpuwolf

    Multimonitor setup error

    a quick work-around found (windows mode) before that I was using full screen, then I change back to windows mode, then "left payload sidebar" appears. now I use windows mode to change my payload and fueling, then change back to full screen mode
  15. cpuwolf

    Multimonitor setup error

    no no dude, I am referring to "left payload sidebar"