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  1. @slapshot I am very glad you get it after a long trip. looks like "superbuy" works great. beautiful table, you play DCS as well. "quickmake" he is making his own DCS A10 cockpit, you can check his bilibili video channel above. anyway all good. wish you have peace and a happy life
  2. cpuwolf

    FPL Approach minimums - setting problems

    give you a hug. thank you for proving I'm right
  3. cpuwolf

    Rudder trim pegged to the left

    yes I noticed it as well, when fly straight with yaw damper on, you will see rudder trim is to the left most of time during cruising. I am not quite sure what it should be in real TBM9.
  4. cpuwolf

    1.1.7 you set minmium in FPL , you die

    yes I fly photo, but I fly around this area every day, really every day. without set minimum, if I direct click enter, everything works great. as I said, I met twice. I think I can reproduce more, but I didnt't try it, because if x-plane crash, my TBM will be in the crashed state on my next starting x-plane. it is frustrated. back to the "stuck", I opened my task manager of windows, you can see x-plane was eating memory more and more, at some point, pop up a window saying out of memory, then die
  5. I met twice, below is the video I record TBM900_Log.txt
  6. cpuwolf

    [closed] 1.1.7 PFD OBS function is lost

    thank you. yes you are right. my fault
  7. OBS was there in old version, but I cannot sure which version
  8. you are so familiar with China. congrats!!
  9. @slapshot wowow. I just learn it from you. superbuy looks great for both of us. sounds good. 1. "quickmake" for him, the order is a domestic shipment. we sell it on "taobao.com" super trustable website in China 2. for overseas buyers, international shipment is between you and "superbuy" https://www.superbuy.com/en/page/buy?nTag=Home-search&from=search-input&url=https%3A%2F%2Fitem.taobao.com%2Fitem.htm%3Fspm%3Da1z10.5-c.w4002-18408194496.11.52603629ImNQVx%26id%3D584036361539 and "quickmake" he tells me, there is a strange order to "China guangdong", because he tried to reach him, but no response. is it you? the only problem left is whether "superbuy" is easy to use? @GordonH85 oh I don't know oversea wechat registration is so hard. but I do have international friends in wechat @Goran_M thank you
  10. @Rossco @GordonH85 you are in the queue "QuickQualityMake" he is quite busy this week, I mean busy with his real life work an early start from next week, Germany order will be the first one above is his last schedule I got. you have to understand, there is no company, no production line, "QuickQualityMake" he makes everything on his own. and he has his own personal life as well, a regular job, kids, etc. a real blood human. "QuickQualityMake" his China Video Channel, I encourage you to look at them, ignore Chinese, enjoy music is enough http://space.bilibili.com/323386663 I am just got informed from him that the procedure is: 1. he prepares and makes ~1.5 weeks 2. you pay directly to him, no me 3. international shipment if you want to direct contact with him, join us "wechat", you can find "cpuwolf" is me, and I can introduce you to him via wechat at the same time, enjoy my x-plane plugin "XTouchDownRecorder" to analyze your TBM-900 landing.
  11. just woke up. I didn't receive any message from Wechat? are you sure you did it?

    1. Rossco


      Not yet will install & message. I meant I messaged you in this forum. 

    2. Rossco


      Have installed & sent you contact message.

  12. QGMC710 hand-on review
  13. Thank you. it is a decent job done by my friend "quickmake", he is known number one handicraftsmen in the flight simulation world in China. he designs and makes flight instruments in his own garage. originally he works on DCS only. From last year, he starts working on X-Plane and DCS both platforms. and "quickmake" he is not living on this, just for his hobby. so you buy it, I guarantee you earn it quickmake his video channel in China https://space.bilibili.com/323386663
  14. Thank you for interesting on us. let's wait and see our first delivery