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  1. falcon1823

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    I love this aircraft. This update made it even better. Well done.
  2. falcon1823

    Toe Brakes

    @diamonddriller When I assigned toggle brakes regular effort and toggle brakes max effort, the toe brakes did not animate, but the parking brake did, and it worked to slow/stop the aircraft. Have you tried those two commands?
  3. falcon1823

    May I ask for little bit more VR Support in the Saab?

    @TheFlyGuy Get yourself over to the SimVRlabs club, join the club (so you can download the files without getting an error), and then get the LES saab SimVRlabs mod. Will fix all that right up. https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/484-les-saab-340a/
  4. falcon1823

    Update on VR?

    @boredtechie FIrst of all, you are absolutely correct. More serious issues and issues affecting the most users should be prioritized in my opinion as well (although, really, who are we to say what "should" be priority...i.e. maybe a huge, daunting issue is causing a bit of "head banging against the wall", and so - lets crank out something easy to make someone happy to get a little victory, then jump back into the more serious issue a bit more refreshed...) Anyway, using that report is bonkers. Here's why --> 11.20 was the first release of natively supported VR. It released on May the 7th. The usage data was as of June 4th, not even a month later. I don't know the numbers, but I don't give much stock in that report to try and estimate the numbers of VR.
  5. falcon1823

    DataRef request

    Hi awebneck, i might have some suggestions...but im a little unsure of what you are trying to accomplish. Your button works well executing the command, but youre looking for a dataref to do what now?
  6. Now that is beautiful! Merry Christmas!
  7. falcon1823

    New Home for SimVRlabs

    Announcement: The SimVRlabs club at the threshold forums is now home. https://forum.thresholdx.net/clubs/12-simvrlabs/ The old website will be down for a while, maybe for good. Everything you could get from the old website is in the club as well as some new blog content that I put up yesterday for developers. What happened? I made a mistake when I renewed with GoDaddy, somehow I renewed the domain without also renewing the hosting. *facepalm* It lapsed and they want $149.99 to restore it with the content, else I can go with new hosting for cheaper but will have to rebuild the website from scratch. So...no. Executive decision. I can do more for you guys with that kind of money and time. Maybe in the future I can re-visit a website - I still own the domain for a long time. I invite you all if you haven't already to join the club over at Threshold for new files and content. I'm probably most active on discord, you can join the server at https://discord.gg/HJETTUb Also you can find us on facebook, I'm very active there as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/494932957571552/ Thanks for understanding, and I'm in the weeds as much as ever trying to make our VR X-plane experience the best it can be. My wife can attest - she's the real rock star here. Thanks, Joe
  8. falcon1823

    General Aviation - P.180 Avanti II

    I got your request on the website and will totally help! Would be happy to. I will download the aircraft and take a look, and PM you @airfighter. Understand that there are 4 aircraft ahead of this one, (AOA osprey, AOA F35, Let L410, TBM900 cockpit update) so looking at a couple weeks out. Hopefully by mid December if you guys can stand-by a bit.
  9. falcon1823

    [SOLVED] Fuel nozzle fail, instance 2

    I would head on over to their discord channel. https://discord.gg/7egEpuZ I find that is where support seems to be fastest and the devs see the support request more quickly.
  10. falcon1823

    TBM 900 v1.0.7 Update Released!

    Yes, what you can click with the VR controllers you can also mouse-click outside of VR
  11. falcon1823

    Cessna 310L v1.0.8 Update Released!

    Oh that is excellent! Thanks for the update, worth the wait.
  12. falcon1823

    Bug Report

    Hey man, It's not a bug. It's just your view perspective. If you hit the right arrow and slide to the right a bit until the gauge is directly in front of you, you'll see that she's dead center. I just tried it. It's the depth of the ball in front of the markers in the glass tube, as it would be in real life.
  13. falcon1823

    CRS1 via joystick button possible?

    sim/radios/obs1_up and sim/radios/obs1_down sim/radios/obs2_up and sim/radios/obs2_down
  14. falcon1823

    Bug Report

    I noticed a couple things with the ADF. 1. When you tune to an NDB, the needle swings to the direction of the NDB, but doesn't update it's position after the initial "needle swing". So if you tune to an NDB on the ground, the needle will swing and point to it, but as you roll around and turn your aircraft, the needle stays fixed on that initial "pointed" heading instead of turning to follow the NDB direction. 2. Also, when the ADF receiver is tuned to a good in-range NDB, it would be awesome if the gain needle would animate to indicate a signal. Thanks!