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  1. Without digits in EIS - X-Plane 11.20vr1

    I understand that things are moving continuously and very fast. No complaint on my part. If indeed that is the problem I will wait for the update or the patch. Unfortunately I can not return to the previous XPlane version because I just ordered my Oculus Rift. I do not plan to use it in complex aircraft like the IXEG, I do not think it is possible to handle it reasonably well by resolution issues, etc. but I want to test it in general aviation. Thanks again Ben, great support. PS: If you need any more data or any test let me know
  2. Without digits in EIS - X-Plane 11.20vr1

    I just saw what's happening to more people
  3. Without digits in EIS - X-Plane 11.20vr1

    Thanks Ben So it seems like a problem on my part? I have been flying for months and I have not had a single problem. Only yesterday, when I realized this issue, I decided to try reinstalling it. The funny thing is that it seems to have coincided with the Xplane update. This is the structure of my folders, I do not see anything out of the ordinary. The xplane folder is on the desktop. Another fact is that I recently updated the 1713 navigraph cycle, but I think I've flown with it without issues and I do not think that's the reason. GizmoLog.txt
  4. After updating to X-Plane 11.20vr1 I realized that the digits are not there. I do not have any VR hardware. In the attached log there are several errors related to VR (normal), but there is other that seems strange to me: 0: 01: 35.003 W / ACF_CONFIG: ACF Config data file for Aircraft / X-Aviation / IXEG 737 Classic / B733_config.txt is not valid! I know it's a beta and possibly Laminar has broken something, but I wanted to inform you and know if there is a solution without having to go back to the previous version. I tried to reinstall the IXEG 737 but the problem is still there. Log.txt
  5. Hi, Jan.

    First of all, I apologize for my bad English. Complaints to Google; -)

    I just wanted to tell you about some tests I've done on the famous ILS 22 EDDC (IDRW)

    As you can see I have tried the default c172, giving some curious results but confirming what you say (I never questioned it).

    However, I've done some rapid tests with other planes (Aerobask, Flight Factory A320 Beta) and the frequency they show is 109.75
    Instead, JustFlight PA28 Arrow III works just like the C172.

    I haven't tried to follow the ILS for lack of time, but I'm sure tuning 109.75 won't work.

    It's just so you have more data, because I see that there's someone talking about other planes. It's not a complaint on my side.

    I have decided to write to you privately so as not to advertise other brands, I hope not to bother you.


  6. ILS not working

    I found something funny, my apologies if I'm doing almost an offtopic. Here tuning the correct frequency for Xplane (old) 109.70 The ILS is tuned (see deflection) and identified as IDRW Here tuning any other 110.70 Naturally, it's not identified or tuned in. Here tuning the new frequency according to Cycle 1713: 109.75 Not tuned but identified as IDRW !!! In any case, it is clear what Jan said, even if we update the cycle, the valid frequency is the one indicated by Xplane.
  7. ILS not working

    Interesting. I didn't know that, Jan. Thank you You can see what Jan says in this snapshot: Airac cycle 1713 but ILS still 109.70 Note: Obviously the cycle is updated in both xplane and IXEG.
  8. ILS not working

    Something is wrong with some charts (or they have changed frequency recently) Here 190.75 http://vau.aero/navdb/chart/EDDC.pdf Here 190.70 http://apxp.info/airports/view/EDDC http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDC
  9. Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    Oh, I read blurry instead of faded. In any case, I think adjusting the antialiasing may help quite a bit. The first capture is with FXAA, the second is with 4xSSAA, no other changes. Well, I think the difference is remarkable. Click on the images to see better.
  10. Unreadable cockpit dials X-Plane 11

    I suspect it's antialiasing. Try 4xSSAA, although this will decrease your framerate a little (or a lot) depending on your graphics card.
  11. Wind speed in EHSI

    Very interesting, thanks @Tom Stian I see that in my capture sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/wind_speed_kts exactly matches the indication in the EHSI (obvious). Soooo, isn't a IXEG bug. Now it's clearer and ... now I'm more confused. Why is it so different and weird, almost always about a half? The direction of the wind does not seem to be the factor, because in both dataref sim/weather/ and sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators the deg are almost equal. Mysteries of the X-Plane? I will contact the author of FS-FlightControl commenting on that other dataref. As I said, the air speed indicated on the screen in his program is another. It's clear to me that IXEG is reading the correct data ... but (I think) FS-FlightControl too, and that is not possible. Note: Apologies for the excess of emoticons, but it helps me overcome my insecurity with English and clarify the meaning of my sentences.
  12. Wind speed in EHSI

    Has anyone noticed this? Am I interpreting something wrong? From X-Plane official DataRefs Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt float n kts> = 0 The wind speed at the plane's location. Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [0] float and kts> = 0 The wind speed in knots. Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [1] float and kts> = 0 The wind speed in knots. Sim / weather / wind_speed_kt [2] float and kts> = 0 The wind speed in knots. As I understand it, the wind speed in the EHSI should be 233/7 and not 231/13 I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm talking about "wingflex and the cabin lighting" . I am very happy with IXEG and I really enjoy your top level plane ... But I would like to know how to interpret the wind speed in the aircraft. I'm just a curious guy
  13. Wind speed in EHSI

    First of all I want to apologize for my English. I hope not to cause any diplomatic problem. I recently bought FS-FlightControl and I have noticed that the wind speed indicated in the EHSI does not match the one indicated in FS-FlightControl. I have contacted the author of the program and in the end I have come to the conclusion that the wind speed indicated in the EHSI is incorrect. It seems that this indication is of the wind speed in the layer (METAR or manually) and not the actual one that is experiencing the aircraft. That is, the EHSI is reading dataref sim/weather/wind_speed_kt [0] when it should read sim/weather/wind_speed_kt Is it intentional for some reason or am I completely wrong? I have to say that my level of understanding of the systems of a 737 is between zero and nothing. Thanks in advance