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  1. Xiropillo

    Beta Updates

    Thanks very much for your answer Jan. That will be great. I prefer those regular installers. It saves me the time to look for updates through X-Updater. Apart from this, thanks very much for such a great add-on. IXEG was the reason why I installed Xplane in my computer as I always used FS9, FSX and P3D sims. Regards.
  2. Xiropillo

    Beta Updates

    Hello there, is there any beta update that is going to be released through X-Updater or we have justo to wait for initial releases? I was wondering that after seeing that FFA320 publishes beta updates. Thanks very much.
  3. Xiropillo

    IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Thanks very much for your answers. I have no PC right now but I'll have a look and try what you both suggest as soon as possible. Best regards, Xiropillo
  4. Xiropillo

    AP and AT disconnect

    Great explanation! Thanks very much!!!
  5. Xiropillo

    AP and AT disconnect

    Sorry what mean the numbers 1,6,7 and 12?
  6. Xiropillo

    AP and AT disconnect

    Thanks very much. I get 4 positions. OFF / ARM / LOW / and is it correct that last position is MED in flight and FULL only on ground? I mean, same detent but depending on flight status two different behaviours?
  7. Xiropillo

    AP and AT disconnect

    Hello everyone. I have already assigned 2 buttons on my joystick for AP and AT disconnecting on approach. I did it in the specific commands for IXEG but as I have the same buttons for other addons the system override them and can’t be used for all the aircrafts in general. On the other side, I have assigned spoilers up and down for general aircrafts but as is not inside the specific menu for IXEG, is not working so I have to move spoilers via mouse in virtual cockpit. Is there any way that I can assign spoilers to any button? Is there any way that IXEG uses same keys or buttons than other aircrafts without having to change them every time I change aircraft? Someone told me about using other tools to customize it but is there any direct option that I can’t find with IXEG? Apart from this, thanks very much for this incredible addon. 737 classic and its great systems and sounds is the main reason I have now my heart (or wallet...) divided between P3D and XP. I have been loyal to FSX and P3D for many years until now.
  8. You are right. I have to test it and fly a couple of times before naming bugs. Sorry. Maybe just my mistakes.
  9. Would be an update for fixing actual bugs? I have now more problems than with previous version that was not supposed to be compatible with XP11 once solved APU and engines issues. Maybe is my fault but think I am doing the same than before. Anyway thanks for keeping this alive.
  10. Xiropillo

    IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    Good morning everyone. I have search in the forum but any of the solutions is working for me actually. How do you manage to get a coroute flight plan working for IXEG using PFPX? The airbus solution says file format not supported and xplane format .fms is not working. In case that PFPX is still compatible, do you have any template for both PFPX and Topcat tools? Thanks very much and sorry if post is dupe but I didn't find anything working now. Xiropillo
  11. Good morning, First of all, many thanks for this update and great product. Just a couple of opinions. Maybe is a problem of my settings or install but just in case. - I fly using Lufthansa livery and although is incredible the quality and reflections when getting dark, I find it too sparkly for a classic aircraft. Anyway, the level of details is incredible. - Pushback is not turning left or right, only going straight. - And about the cabin lights, how are they working? If switching off fasten belts is needed for them, I don't understand the feature listed in the update log. Added a lit cabin at night that dims for takeoff and landing For me is only off during taxi, taking off and landing as fasten belts are supposed to be on. No dimm light, only totally dark. Thanks in advance and again, thanks for this gift. I am a P3D user from years but recently bought Xplane 11 only for using this beauty. Best regards Xiropillo