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  1. blocks_off

    Ground Services - Menu

    Hi I know you've (@development team) have mentioned that opening PAX doors is planned. When you do this, please can you consider keeping the simplicity that we have now - so for us wanting to get in the air quick (and who wouldn't want to with this plane ) an option not to have to open the cabin doors / or shut down down engines to change the ZFW / fuel respectively ? Thanks -Carl
  2. blocks_off

    Speedy Copilot

    Hi @jfjoubert You are correct with what you say and it is great fun testing when you move a switch to a different position, then it moves it back but i digress..... I do not hear repeated clicks, there are a few steps where I check for the state and then only set if it is not in the correct position for that routine such as gear handle, start switches. I've had a quick look at your code, and as much as I like the randomness idea, I will park it for now Well done though with that achievement... did you drink a lot of your favorite drink whilst writing it ? Thanks for your reply and interest -Carl
  3. blocks_off

    Speedy Copilot

    Yes that is true of the code I posted earlier, but not if taking this into account i.e. it's part of a function as described here. As above
  4. blocks_off

    Speedy Copilot

    Thanks - and with all the thinking my brain can do, I do not know why i've done it as per my original note. Just putting some more lines together in my lunch (for my shutdown routine) looks much neater per your suggestion :- (I've intentionally put the same time on some actions - I want my first officer using all fingers when he can! if r_includeIRS then if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 1 then w_acft_irsL = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 2 then w_acft_irsR = 0 end end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 4 then w_acft_fuelLfwd = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 4 then w_acft_fuelLaft = 1 end -- leave on for apu if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 5 then w_acft_fuelRfwd = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 5 then w_acft_fuelRaft = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 6 then w_acft_winheat_l_side = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 6 then w_acft_winheat_l_fwd = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 7 then w_acft_winheat_r_side = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 7 then w_acft_winheat_r_fwd = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 8 then w_acft_pitot_a = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 9 then w_acft_pitot_b = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 10 then w_acft_hydELEC2 = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 11 then w_acft_hydELEC1 = 0 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 14 then w_acft_seatbelt = 0 if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 15 then w_acft_beaconLIGHT = 1
  5. blocks_off

    Speedy Copilot

    @XPJavelin Thank you too and for your solution to the engine start switches which uses the set command. I've also applied the set command to set my gear lever to off after take off. Here is an excerpt below from one of my features showing how i pause between actions. This particular function is started by choosing it from the menu (I wrote this particular function just to set the status of lights, gear etc. when i do some approach practice from 10 miles out. There are probably much better ways and far more efficient ways than my coding that I learnt as i went along Aircraft_shooting_approaches () is active every second as i use do_often. The code only runs in the function when r_trigger_shooting_approaches is true. The last item in my function always sets the trigger to false, r_trigger_shooting_approaches = false function Aircraft_trigger_shooting_approaches () if r_debug > 1 then logMsg( "[blocks_off 7373 First Officer] Aircraft_trigger_shooting_approaches - is now active") end r_trigger_start_time = os.clock () r_trigger_shooting_approaches = true end function Aircraft_shooting_approaches () if r_trigger_shooting_approaches then if r_debug > 0 then logMsg( "[blocks_off 7373] First Officer] Aircraft_shooting_approaches - is now active") end function message() draw_string( 50, 20, "Shooting Approaches...", "black" ) end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time +1 then w_acft_flap = 0.5 end if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time +2 then w_acft_l_outboard = 2 w_acft_r_outboard = 2 end ...other code if os.clock() > r_trigger_start_time + 22 then r_trigger_shooting_approaches = false if r_debug > 0 then logMsg( "[blocks_off 7373 First Officer] Aircraft_shooting_approaches - has now ended") end function message() draw_string( 50, 20, "", "black" ) end end end end --end of function Aircraft_shooting_approaches () add_macro( "7373 Shooting Approaches", "Aircraft_trigger_shooting_approaches () " ) do_often ("Aircraft_shooting_approaches ()")
  6. blocks_off

    Speedy Copilot

    Hi, I like the randomness idea - I was thinking the same in what I have written here (I've added alot since this preview) >>> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k-90ng-W0l09Zuw986TV7v5TR8FFUfhu And yes, my code is very lengthy based on the pause of typically around one second that i do between each step. Of course this is the 757 and was built to fill my own needs so is not as sophisticated as speedy copilot i.e. I do other actions from other triggers but I am currently porting this into the IXEG and will make it available when it is ready. -Carl
  7. blocks_off

    License / Deauthorise

    Ok Thanks both (In future if asked to auto, I'll give it the name of the folder that I launch XP from ) - Carl
  8. blocks_off

    License / Deauthorise

    Hi, On inputting my x-aviation username and password, I'm being asked to deactivate an instance. So I can decide (as I did not name my installs) is the date shown the date that the installation was first done ? I do not run on additional machines, these are more than likely from copies of the install i take (one might even be x-plane 10) - Carl
  9. blocks_off

    Engine starters do not disengage

    Hi, In your script - do you still get the same behaviour if you just leave in the 2 lines that declare the variables ? I ask as this was my experience with my LUA script - i.e. my switches got stuck and just for interest i removed the actions, leaving the assignments and still experienced the switches sticking. DataRef("w_733_1_start", "ixeg/733/engine/eng1_start_act","writable") DataRef("w_733_2_start", "ixeg/733/engine/eng2_start_act","writable") - Carl
  10. blocks_off

    Second Installation

    Hi, I have a second copy of x-plane on my main x-plane computer - I of course copied from my main folder. I do not wish to fly the IXEG in my second copy and as I get the activation prompts when I start x-plane, can I simply delete the folder ? I ask as of course there is an uninstaller but I don't dare run that! - Carl
  11. blocks_off

    Spoilers axis control

    I found the same too (it's probably my set up!) but what i do is ignore the spoiler axis for the IXEG. In lieu of this, if I want to deploy some spoiler I use the mouse and drag the handle. I am not a real pilot but I use the spoilers like the other controls, don't just hit detent but i move them there over a second - maybe two (approx). Same when moving them back down a gradual movement and I watch the v/s react too (when in FLCH or VNAV) I also understand it is good practice to keep your hand on the s/b lever - this so that you do not forget you have deployed the spoiler. Hope this helps - Carl
  12. blocks_off

    Lua Script

    This is the idea that I had in mind https://youtu.be/wGvXjGG4Mx0
  13. blocks_off

    Lua Script

    Hi All, Appreciate this may not be correct place but what i am hoping for is some help to get started with hopefully what will be a small Lua script for an idea that I have. Does anyone have a link they can share please so that I can get a feel for how a Lua script is coded to work with the IXEG ? Of course as I think there is a dedicated forum, but hopefully i can started by taking something and learning in that way. Thanks - Carl
  14. blocks_off

    Topcat profile

    Hi, I'm not aware of anything for Topcat - I therefore use Toper - google toper 737. Thanks - Carl
  15. Just checking as I have never read the advise to turn of the firewall. Windows defender, yes - but you don't need to switch off Defender. Just create an exclusion for the X-Plane folder.