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  1. Spoilers axis control

    I found the same too (it's probably my set up!) but what i do is ignore the spoiler axis for the IXEG. In lieu of this, if I want to deploy some spoiler I use the mouse and drag the handle. I am not a real pilot but I use the spoilers like the other controls, don't just hit detent but i move them there over a second - maybe two (approx). Same when moving them back down a gradual movement and I watch the v/s react too (when in FLCH or VNAV) I also understand it is good practice to keep your hand on the s/b lever - this so that you do not forget you have deployed the spoiler. Hope this helps - Carl
  2. Lua Script

    This is the idea that I had in mind
  3. Lua Script

    Hi All, Appreciate this may not be correct place but what i am hoping for is some help to get started with hopefully what will be a small Lua script for an idea that I have. Does anyone have a link they can share please so that I can get a feel for how a Lua script is coded to work with the IXEG ? Of course as I think there is a dedicated forum, but hopefully i can started by taking something and learning in that way. Thanks - Carl
  4. Topcat profile

    Hi, I'm not aware of anything for Topcat - I therefore use Toper - google toper 737. Thanks - Carl
  5. Just checking as I have never read the advise to turn of the firewall. Windows defender, yes - but you don't need to switch off Defender. Just create an exclusion for the X-Plane folder.
  6. Understood and very grateful we have a purist like you who imparts his knowledge into the flight-sim world I do tend to zoom in slightly on approach and then when touched down, I zoom out slightly so i can see the reverse levers out of my peripheral vision and also be drawn to the autobrake switch so I can verify disarming when I expect it. I like the syncing option you speak of. - Carl
  7. Hi Jan, If I could add to a wish list then I would like to be able to pop out the PFD say for landing where I would place in the lower center of the screen so it is larger than how it is simulated as of course in the real aircraft it is bigger than what we experience. Your guys choice which I respect, but in P3D and a 320 that is in public beta I do make the PFD ND visible for those critical phases of flight. We still continue to enjoy this great contribution to X-Plane Thanks and good luck with 1.21! - Carl
  8. Training Video's

    If you are interested (hope it is okay to reference back to youtube). By no means a tutorial, but I do talk a lot (and the dog get's his bark in too)! Append to the end of /watch?v=H3LjOhCWifI /watch?v=8kPSX8qRnMo - Carl
  9. Training Video's

    Hi, I think that the quick planner is just that - it does not (it cannot) take into account en-route winds. Did you encounter high head winds en-route ? 3 hours for that distance tells me you did - e.g. I did 1320 nm the other day outbound was 3hrs 30min and return 3hrs 15min. I loaded around 10.6 tons for outbound and 10.1 for inbound. Zfw was 45 out, 44 inbound. Do you have access to a planner that can calculate even the time needed based on en-route headwinds as that should be your starting point. To add to this, the distance is not air-distance - as I began to explain with the example, winds do play a huge factor in determining your flight time and therefore your fuel that you need. I've experienced simulated flights just from uk to Egypt and return that vary in time taken by an hour (half an hour quicker going and half an hour longer on the way back). - Carl
  10. Static Air Temp

    Thanks Jan - I did try 3/3 as I am used to simulated 757/767/747/777 And thanks for the rule of thumb. - Carl
  11. Hi All, Where does one read the SAT? I ask because I am flying along at 350: TAT -15c with rain hitting the windshield. Quick glance at the wipers and I do not see icing. If I understand correctly use anti ice when (TAT < 10c and SAT > -40c) and of course visible moisture. Thanks - Carl
  12. Unable to shut off VNAV v1.1

    Maybe cycling the AP and FDs off might disengage it?
  13. VORs

    Ok thanks Jan. I'm a new customer - jumping on board as at the latest version....... The plane is a very nice and immersive experience. - Carl
  14. VORs

    Thanks Jan, " We do not model deteriorating ANP, though - because we always assume that the GPS is available (which in reality mostly is). " Understood. Only one other question - and I never asked when 'vlying' the 737-800 Is there a reason when they only have 2 IRSs? e.g. 74/75/76 all have 3 and I thought that worse case of relying on IRSs for navigation means you're average position is somewhere in the middle of the triangle ? - Carl
  15. VORs

    Hi, Question based on whether the VORs on the 737-300 auto-tune - example, on the 747-400, 777 series of course we can access the frequencies thru a Nav Rad page and tune in a VOR or set it to auto. Same of course on the 757/767 - either side of the MCP you can set a frequency when in MAN mode. I ask as I am interested in whether the FMC pos on this aircraft takes into account any land based navigation signals - is it designed in the same way as the 757/767 series where (I understand) the FMC blends those VOR/NDB references into working out the FMC pos and if those aren't available for 12 mins it gives IRS NAV only. I see this is GPS equipped .. but all the same interested to hear if it is different in this regard. Thanks Carl