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  1. JohnMcP

    Need lower res overcast

    I'm not going to argue. I'm simply saying that even the dreaded Austin at X-Plane offers a demo! Maybe you should consider it. That way you'd have much closer to 100% satisfied buyers and a better reputation - in exchange for marginally less income.
  2. JohnMcP

    Need lower res overcast

    Well, I'd tried hard to ignore all the angry people online bad-mouthing your company but I'm beginning to understand how they feel. I shouldn't need to wait for intel to improve their Core i7 chips before I can use your product. And if I've bought it because of claims it will improve immersion in my sim, but find the only way to run it is to turn off many immersive factors - then I should be able to return the product (there was no demo or try-before-buy option). As it stands you get £50 of my money and the only option I get is to degrade my simming experience or warn people online about how it's been for me. Neither of these options are really my style. Please can I cancel my licences and get a refund?
  3. JohnMcP

    Need lower res overcast

    Thanks I've uninstalled the software for now as it was unworkable in my setup. I had not forced a cirrus layer and as far as I could tell only one cloud layer (broken between 2100ft and 4400ft) was visible. I have tried all setting combinations for clouds and get the same result. It's passable while on the ground but not workable once you fly into or above broken cloud. The issue is with how thick/dense that layer is being drawn. With the default clouds and a script I can manipulate the overdraw and radius to basically tweak the coverage and how the puffs are drawn to get something my machine can manage as part of the overall graphic load. I've tried using the over-ride clouds dataref but it looks like you've kidnapped it! I can see why you would, but it doesn't help me. Is there a way I can re-sell my licences, assuming you won't refund?
  4. JohnMcP

    Need lower res overcast

    Hi. I'm new to X-Plane from 25 years on MSFS/FSX and just bought SMP4.6 with RWC in an attempt to get smooth weather transitions and coverage to the horizon like I used to get with ActiveSky products. I don't have the worlds highest-spec machine but I've been able to get 40pfs easily with XP11.10, lots of ortho4xp tiles, addon airports, a complex addon aircraft, high res textures, low AA and plenty of autogen world objects. I have been using default clouds managed by a rendering setting script that has kept framerates up around 35fps even in overcast conditions with rain. No matter how I set up SMP, my frame rate falls to 20fps or less with SMP enabled (and all lua scripts disabled) - unless I scale back the cloud coverage area to around 20%, which looks terrible at FL330 I watched plenty of your video explainers before I bought the software, and I understand that the cloud rendering in SMP can be 'the last straw' when you've already got lots else going on, but I'm really disappointed and believe I've wasted my money. The issue seems to be the resolution and density of the cloud layers (particularly the overcast). I can't find a way of lowering the resolution, and even if I re-enable my scripts they have no effect on SMP clouds so I can't control the number/size of puffs. I really like the way I've got the XP world looking (while maintaining 40fps plus), and the only bit missing was proper weather transitions as I flew from one NOAA METAR area into the next. If the only way I can get that is to downgrade my graphics, or fly over a tiny pool of cloud in a clear sky, then SMP is not for me. Please let me know if there is any way I can get more control over the rendering. The quality and variety of free replacement cloud and sky textures, and free scripts for fine-tuning atmosphere, shadow and visibility, means that the only real benefit of SMP/RWC is the transitions and coverage - and if that comes at the expense of halving my frame rate I've made an expensive mistake.