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    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Hello, I wish to know how to set up my joistick to have a good control of the plane, as sensitivity and null zones, because i just noticed that the airplanes especially when on the ground during take off and after landing, with the rudder control is over responding, deviating a lot from the center line with just a small action on the rudder (small rudder correction with joistick means a big answer from the plane deviation) little bit hard to control. So how can I improve my joistick settings, actually i'm using the Speedlink Black Widow joistick. Thanks a lot for the support, have a nice flights. Andrea
  2. lipq2009

    CPFlight IXEG Plugin

    Hello to all, I'm looking around for my CP Flight 737 MCP El. for using it with the IXEG 737 and if possible also other planes such as x737 or similar. Thanks a lot, cheers. Andrea
  3. Hello,

    do you have the plugin for the IXEG 737-300 to be used with CP Flight El. ?

    I'm very interesting on it, also if you have for other planes ... such as x737 or default one by Zib.

    Thanks a lot, cheers.



    1. 737NUT


      I'll let the author know you are interested.



    2. lipq2009


      Hi Rob,

      any news about that?

      I'm really really interested.

      Thanks a lot, cheers.