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    X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    I'm hoping for good stuff for ATC. Xplane ATC is so bad right now, I don't even use it, even though it is a big part of flying an airplane. I think it's one of the worst features in XP11 right now.
  2. cosmic_3000

    Crew Models Missing

    Even from outside view Shift + 4 there was no one home. But I looked into the IXEG_user_prefs.txt and found capt_seat & fo_seat both set to 1. I toggled both to 0 and now the pilots are back from lunch break! I don't know how those got changed. I wonder what seat_of_pants = 0 and flap_callouts = 1 does.
  3. cosmic_3000

    Crew Models Missing

    I'm not really sure if this is a bug or not, but my Capitan and Flap Operator models are missing from the external view. I somehow turned this into UAV. I looked if there was a toggle option, but couldn't find one. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, During the standby power test, AC frequency is below scale when Standby Power switch is set to AUTO, but 400Hz when set to BAT. This is with aircraft on APU power. Is this normal operation, or something wrong? Ty!
  5. Awesome thanks for the info! I do have several question about the day-to-day operations with this aircraft, would the general discussion forum be a good place to post?
  6. Hello all, Like the title says, what the is normal procedure for bleeds/packs when taking off? What about wing and cowl de-ice? Thanks!