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  1. MU2 No temps

    I have down a few successful flights now in the MU2, however I am noticing that the EGT and Oil Temps don't display, see pic.......EGT moves on initial start up....can you see anything I have not flipped or pushed? using the checklists provided, all other things seem fine....
  2. SMP weather report

    ok thanks for that, seems Carenado planes with SMP drags me down to 10-15fps, everything else seems ok......knocking slider back to 30k gives me 25-39fps on all but Carenado, seems their planes are fps eaters.....they can stay in the hangar, enjoying the MU2 anyway a lot lately...
  3. SMP weather report

    cheers Frank, is that the one that depicts the wind etc within XP11 itself, I thinks it's under flight configuration or something.... also I have clouds at 50k, I see in the manual it says lower setting for low slow GA and slider further right for Airline, if for example I am at FL320 should I then set slider more to the left after descending below 10000ft? does that make the clouds look better or does that just effect performance? not having any issues with SMP but trying to see if I am using it correctly to get the best effect...... Thanks.....
  4. SMP weather report

    Is there somewhere that tells me what the weather being injected into XP11 is? For example temps, cloud level etc? Using SMP4.6 and RWC...... Thanks Wayne
  5. thank MU-2

    all sorted now, really liking this, can be a handful and is very quick for what it is, also has a bad rep in the real world......... was doing the walkaround and noticed this on the tail.....any ideals? you have to look closely and it goes all fuzzy....
  6. Delete or Disable SMP

    search Xorganiser, allows you to turn off things and launch sim from it, works as designed, I think it's over on the .org
  7. had that issue deleting the files mentioned by Ben worked for me...
  8. thank MU-2

    Just had to post a big thank you for this one, only saw it a while back, waiting for the XP11 update then purchased.....really am liking this....looks great ......tutorial and POH are very useful, Carenado take note......did first full flight today from EHBK to EGGD and was very pleased with it, seems a handful and always wants to roll to the right but I have read that the real one is like that....great work, my only issue is I can't get my Saitek TPM to go to reverse, but that is probably something my end......great flight today, setup, navigation, autopilot, capture ILS all went as expected....thank you..... Wayne
  9. What did you fly today?

    a couple from a flight in the MU2.......really liking flying this one.......
  10. ok no panic, seems the yellow switches turn on the GPS atc, found SRL......right handful to fly thoughbut I am reading that this is how the real one is.....can't get my levers to go to reverse but that is probably my controller....anyway now I seem to have worked it out I have to say this is a great little aircraft and very quick to just wants to motor away....great work love it......
  11. really like this one but struggling with a few issues, I have the manual printed off and I am trying to do the tutorial, however I get no readout on the HSI as in digital, I can't seem to turn the radios on and taxi is all over the place..... I will reconfigure my controls to see if I can help with the taxi issue but a pointer or 2 for the other things would be helpful... Also SRL?....can't see that anywhere......so want to get this one working right for me as it is really good.... I am XP11.5 .......no BETA..... Thanks Wayne
  12. What did you fly today?

    just picked this up today, just getting familiar with her.....
  13. X-Plane 11 Lighting and reflections

    nice one, great vid showing of what XP can do visually...still involved in testing on P3D but always I can't wait to get back to XP.....just need to sort out the flickering of some scenery...
  14. onward to Maastricht

    cleaned some windows, finished early, no office work to do, chance to fly, EGKK - EHBK....You know every flight I do with this now seems to feel better, I never thought I would enjoy flying one thing as often when the hangar is quite full....
  15. Flightlevel question

    thanks for the link and the info, I have looked again and PFPX has my cruz at FL230 so my error in misreading that but still two very different flight levels, also alternates very different, Simbrief suggested Amsterdam whilst PFPX suggested EBLG.....I haven't used PFPX for a long time so it may just be me needing to get back to grips with it....