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  1. What did you fly today?

    just a couple whilst preparing for short UK flights, I really love using this one....my go to airline currently........
  2. GPU upgrade may help?

    ok thanks, I will give it a try....
  3. Got a GTX 1070 coming tomorrow, 8gig version, recently I uninstalled SMP4 as fps was down to single figures, tried adjusting the setinngs but wasn't really helping. Removing SMP4 removed the problem, in the plugin app it was showing that I only had approx 300-400mb of vram left, current card only has 4gig of vram, do you think I will be getting a better fps using SMP4 with the new card, it will be linked to an i5 6600k @4,2 and 16gig RAM.... Also is this classed as an upgrade that will cause me any issues with my products SMP/RWC/MAXX FX/IXEG? Should I reinstall SMP/RWC before changing the card or after? I really want to get back to using SMP as the clouds and sky colouring to me is better than Xenviro......
  4. First official XP11 screenshot

    lovely, can't wait......looks really good.....
  5. looks dull

    I thought that was probably the case, that's cool though I can live with that.........
  6. looks dull

    my 737 looks very dull, is this by design? is it because I am in XP11? is it a setting I need to change? it's with origianl and added liveries....example below... thanks Wayne
  7. What did you fly today?

    couple of shots of my last flight, CT206H from EGPF - EGGP....
  8. ILS setup

    @OT2. Thanks for that... Great help. @Litjan. Yh once I get Internet back up and running I intend to... Sadly no Internet seems to mean no XP11 either so I just asked for a bit of help seeing as I can't do anything else.. Wayne
  9. So I want to practice my ILS. capture procedure.. I go through start up and set up the fuel in the FMS. I then want to do a few circuits of my local airport. EGGD. Am I correct to think I just need to put 110.15 into nav1 and course for either runway on the course dial on MCP. Then as I intercept should I be pressing something else?... Usually app but as I can't currently start XP I can't check...
  10. Some issues

    Yh that would be good... Saw program recently where an Electra had been modernised but they were using it old school when they could...
  11. X plane 11 ctd.. Internet?

    Tried to ask else where but dotorg very slow today. Having a new ISP today.. Waiting for it to be switched on now. My question is XP11 download version will not load fully today. Is this because I have no Internet for it to phone home? Thanks
  12. What did you fly today?

    bought this one today, first attempt- engine fire, 2nd got airborne, must read the manual as this AP needs to be understood.....
  13. am I reading this right?

    great humour guys, I blame the pilot it's always his/her/my fault....
  14. DC3. XP11?

    right shall be getting this later after work, does it have any form of gps? just want a map in the cockpit for tracking my location and flight, not concerned if it doesn't control anything, would be good if there was a plugin for old aircraft that gave you a small GPS to use for tracking where you are, seen many an old aircraft with one in just for nav purposes....
  15. ground traffic

    in the plugins menu does unchecking the ground traffic for an addon airport disable the authors parked aircraft? or is it something else?