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  1. X-Plane 11 Lighting and reflections

    nice one, great vid showing of what XP can do visually...still involved in testing on P3D but always I can't wait to get back to XP.....just need to sort out the flickering of some scenery...
  2. onward to Maastricht

    cleaned some windows, finished early, no office work to do, chance to fly, EGKK - EHBK....You know every flight I do with this now seems to feel better, I never thought I would enjoy flying one thing as often when the hangar is quite full....
  3. Flightlevel question

    thanks for the link and the info, I have looked again and PFPX has my cruz at FL230 so my error in misreading that but still two very different flight levels, also alternates very different, Simbrief suggested Amsterdam whilst PFPX suggested EBLG.....I haven't used PFPX for a long time so it may just be me needing to get back to grips with it....
  4. I just did some flightplanning in simbrief and pfpx.. EGKK to Maasricht.. Simbrief says FL370... PFPX says FL130.. Is either close and where would I find that information please...?
  5. nice one, I don't have much in the USA maybe it's somewhere I should start looking.....
  6. FUEL & LOAD

    thanks Jan, as I expected....don't see any nose picking in the sim though....noticed yesterday from outside view my pilot looks like your pic on your posts..deliberate?
  7. Navigraph Data

    Tom is correct that is the correct path, normally the manager finds it if you do a scan, I do that if I add anything new....
  8. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    mine have always been green, then click on them and they go clear, isn't that by design?
  9. FUEL & LOAD

    When I use the INSTANT option it obviously is loaded immediately, if I chose realistic are there any indications that the fuel is loaded along with cargo etc? Do I just look at the fuel tank readouts?
  10. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    out now, big list you posted above, first reports sound promising...
  11. IXEG to EGKK

    Been having issues with my sim, related I thing to a plugin that I have removed, sincce then 3 flights with no CTD.... Quick run out today, had some time off, EIDW to EGKK.... you know I really enjoy this plane and seem to learn or find something new almost every flight.....
  12. MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    just found this one, had one in P3D and it was woeful, can't wait for you to get a XP11 version out, looks so good.....
  13. 737 suddenly crashes every time

    I had a few crashes recently but it was not the 733, it seems to be another plugin in my case, flown 3 times without the plugin installed and all fine so far, have you added something recently? made any changes? if it was ok it won't just suddenly not work unless something else has changed....previously I had CTD setting fuel so I now used Gound Services which is all ok.....
  14. CTD going vanilla

    I am having an issue with CTD, last attempt XP never even started, want to go back to Vaniil install and add bits slowly, what's the best way to do that? Added log txt just in case anyone can see an issue.... Log.txt
  15. departing LFPO

    cheers azpilot..