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  1. wain

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.7 Update Released!

    thanks for this update, I am trying it with ASXP and all looking good here, I am also seeing an improvement with Carenado aircraft so it seems there has been something done there....2
  2. wain

    Left hand menu not available in beta5

    there is another thread saying it only seems to work in windowed mode....
  3. wain

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    seems like go to windowed mode until they sort it, I always use window mode so didn't see any difference...
  4. wain

    Left hand menu not available in beta5

    just done both updates, it does appear for me and work as it should....have you changed any visual settings or screen res?
  5. wain

    Very unstable aircraft?

    Ah.. Thanks Goran that sounds like my problem...
  6. wain


    A couple of shots from the weekends flying, really liking this aircraft, flown nothing else since I bought it........looks absolutely stunning....
  7. wain

    Very unstable aircraft?

    very stable here to, my issue is landing but that is me, seems to not want to make contact with the ground, but as they say 'practice, practice, practice...
  8. looks great, can't wait, this is one of my favorites in XP11......
  9. wain

    Terramaxx and true earth

    OK Cameron, thanks for the explanation, I will post on their site, wish I knew this on Saturday as I was talking to John Venema at the show at Cosford, could have asked him direct... Thanks...
  10. wain

    Terramaxx and true earth

    thanks for getting back quickly Frank. I believe it is photoscenery, this also means there will only be the one season, thats the season the aerial photos were taken in, I think they said summer, however it is very detailed with POI's and placement of buildings and trees. So I guess it maybe that Terramax will in effect layer over the top? that's if I understand how yours works, anyhow I will have to take a look when it comes out.....
  11. wain

    Terramaxx and true earth

    I was at the show at Cosford at the weekend, saw ORBX showing their True earth for the UK, have you any idea yet if Terramax will work with True Earth or is it an unknown until it's released? I use Terramax all the time by the way......
  12. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    Thanks for the explanation.. It now makes sense to me.. I see the reasoning behind it and your logic.. Great work.. Keep up the good work sir...
  13. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    right so if I understand correctly..... April above 50 degrees lat it will be mid winter? which giving London is 51 I have snow textures until May? Edinburgh at 55 might still have but very doubtful, ok if it can't be changed I will use manual... Thanks
  14. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    sorry to bump this but what then is the cutoff time for the snow covered ground to change, I am in the UK, temps are currentlty 20c for me, the ave or usual would be between 13 & 16 and rarely going below 10 at night, so not much chance of any snow, I like Terramax and bought into it immediately but I think it changes from mild winter into summer to late, I know I can change to manual but I feel this app would be best set to auto...is it not possible to set the snow textures to be gone from say the end of march please?
  15. @JohnMAXX is there an order in customery scenery as to where Terramaxx and UM3 should go please?