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  1. Toliss A319, ORBX TE US regions & Skymaxx Pro weather....this version of SMP for me is great, looks fantastic and amazing smooth fps....lovin it!!!!!!
  2. wain

    With v4.9.3 you nailed it guys!

    for me I have found that 4.9.3 is the best FPS I have ever had with SKP, and I go back to begining of v3.....I was using Toliss A319 over ORBX TE UK with my average system, GTX 1070, i5 9600K & 16gig RAM, I am getting consistant 45-50fps, but crucially it was very smooth.......I guess setting will also make a difference to.....
  3. wain

    great update....

    not many clouds, but was really impressed with what I saw in this flights....great work..so smooth and some great layers, immersion effect was awesome...
  4. wain

    With v4.9.3 you nailed it guys!

    lovely shots......
  5. wain

    4.9.3 looks amazing

    Great shots.. Great update.. Tried others but always come back to SMP..
  6. wain

    My Time to Share Some 4.9.3

    John these are superb shots. I have to say the latest update is amazing.. Did 2 flights yesterday using it with RWC and FSGRW.. Toliss us over ORBX scenery.. Clouds though not many were amazing and performance was spot on.. Thanks..
  7. wain

    new pc procedure

    thank you Cameron....sorry for the late reply been away for a while....
  8. wain

    new pc procedure

    I have a new motherboard and cpu coming tomorrow, I am looking for some guidance on what to do regarding Skymaxx, IXEG and TMB please? Is it just uninstall then reinstall on the new system? Thanks Wayne
  9. wain

    XP 11.35

    sim log text is what they need also, immediately after ctd.....
  10. wain

    Loving SMP

    I also have to agree that SMP is one of my most used addons, I have tried all the others but always come back to SMP...Running the latest version with RWC & FSGRW along with XPVision I feel this gives me a sim experiance that looks stunning, I always sim using real weather as that's how I feel it should be, each throwing up a different challenge.....I really get a sense of flying through clouds and seeing that early morning mist you can sometimes get....for me FPS has improved but still get a slow down with Carenado but that's probably more their product than yours.....attached pic is this mornings flight at 6000ft over UK heading east......been a user since SMP3 and have really been impressed with how this addon has developed, please keep up the great work and a thank you to the developers on making my sim experiance a more immersive one....
  11. So this morning after firing up the PC it shows that my drive is empty, however looking on PC tab it shows half full......gone through the usual and currently running a recovery tool to see if that fixes it....main concern is drive may be failing though so unsure if I want to continue to use it....I have hidden files showing and done a CMD prompt that did nothing.... So if I need to get a new drive what is my procedure with regard to Xaviation bought stuff, will this be seen as a new PC and if so what do I need to do? I ave to list a few Skymaxx Pro, IXEG 737, TBM etc, any advice on both issues welcome... Wayne
  12. wain

    License activation

    sorry all sorted now, restarted PC and all good...
  13. wain

    License activation

    my PC has just updated from WIN 10 1803 to 1809, I am now failing the License Activation screen, can you please advise on what I should do now please. Thanks Wayne
  14. wain

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.7 Update Released!

    thanks for this update, I am trying it with ASXP and all looking good here, I am also seeing an improvement with Carenado aircraft so it seems there has been something done there....2
  15. wain

    Left hand menu not available in beta5

    there is another thread saying it only seems to work in windowed mode....