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  1. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    Thanks for the explanation.. It now makes sense to me.. I see the reasoning behind it and your logic.. Great work.. Keep up the good work sir...
  2. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    right so if I understand correctly..... April above 50 degrees lat it will be mid winter? which giving London is 51 I have snow textures until May? Edinburgh at 55 might still have but very doubtful, ok if it can't be changed I will use manual... Thanks
  3. wain

    Not setting correct textures.

    sorry to bump this but what then is the cutoff time for the snow covered ground to change, I am in the UK, temps are currentlty 20c for me, the ave or usual would be between 13 & 16 and rarely going below 10 at night, so not much chance of any snow, I like Terramax and bought into it immediately but I think it changes from mild winter into summer to late, I know I can change to manual but I feel this app would be best set to auto...is it not possible to set the snow textures to be gone from say the end of march please?
  4. @JohnMAXX is there an order in customery scenery as to where Terramaxx and UM3 should go please?
  5. wain

    TerraMaax Trees

    we had snow sunday night, I am in UK, I made a point yesterday morning whilst out on the road of checking out the trees, whils some did have snow the majority didn't so works fine for me, really liking what I have seen so far, I am guessing there is a cut off date when the snow on the ground in the UK dissappears? I have added 2 pictures of EGGD showing some green and some white.....I like it, seasons were the one thing letting XP11 down, apart from atc but I now use Pilot 2ATC....oh have I said I like it!!!
  6. wain

    DC-3 XP11 compatibility??

    Don't do FB so not seen any of this, I have XP10 version but have only used it once in 11......hoping we see something on here....
  7. all downloaded now, thanks..... Haven't tried BETA as I worry other things won't work, I am busy with some Alpha and BETA work for a dev over on p3d so don't want XP11 to be unstable in a BETA....
  8. wain

    full cloud, where does info come from

    ok thats understandable, tried it today and looks superb with terramaxx snow, we actually had snow yesterday which is quite rare...
  9. struggling to get this Urbanmaxx v3 downloaded, keeps time out at 85%, tried an IDM and through Firefox, any suggestions welcome....though I am not really sure I understand what it does...... re-terramaxx....... reloading of textures is causing some aircraft to revert to plain livery, anyone else seeing this? looks good what I have seen so far, tried some day, night & changing of dates......
  10. wain

    full cloud, where does info come from

    2 shots of broken cloud and my SMP settings, I guess the 10000sqkm is what adjust the distance around the edge?
  11. looks impressive.........
  12. So a few times today I have been trying start procedures on new aircraaft at EGGD, I live near there so I know ther area for short training on new aircraft... anyway we have full cloud cover and today have had some snow....however SMP shows broken cloud and blue sky, so I want to understand my setting a bit more, I only have cloud coverage set to 10000sqkm, but I assumed from the ground that would still look fully covered, tell my please if I am wrong, I also have RWC set to ignore XP weather and never change, now does the info come from metar or something? is that read by RWC and if I stay in the vacinity of one airport will that never change because of my setting? Not complaining, I really like SMP and have had earlier versions I just think I may still have it set wrong, I still can't use it with Carenado though, fps way to low at times.....
  13. wain

    V1.5 Here

    nice couple of shots, it looks fantastic now,upgraded my pc since I last flew this in XP10, so much better now.....
  14. Can't wait to try this, unfortunetly after 19hrs of download I still have 7 hrs to go, my download speed says70kbs, extremely slow but only with you....never mind I am sure I will get there in the end........wondered if I had a bad connection to your server but I guess if I interupt the download I have to start again, normally a download this big I put on over night and it is done no problem........any screenshots anyone?
  15. thanks for the clarification John & Cameron...