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  1. I have the X aviation products (737, MU2, SMP and P180) - sometimes I would get occasional requests to "reactivate" these products so would enter the details and the little pop up box would disappear..................... However more recently had a number of warnings pop up (I think all related to my X aviation products.....) 1)Firstly got a X aviation activation box (assume it was for my 737 but it wasn't specific) - but strangely it had a big cross through it and some message via a console saying something about a gate keeper error..............................didn't let me re-enter by activation data bizarrely............. 2)Also getting separate messages saying I)no acr loader found ii)please reinstall Gizmo and a iii)LUA script has stopped working - what do all these mean and how would I re-install Gizmo? 3)Have also tried using my 737 (IEXG) and the screens in the cockpit won't fire up - which is suggesting I might need to re-register it again? Strangely have not reinstalled any of these products - so no idea why these error messages have suddenly started appearing now.....any help appreciated?
  2. Just wondering if someone can tell me how to : 1)Temporary disable SMP(in XP11)? - can it be disabled in game from the plugin drop down and what parts do you need to disable? 2)Delete SMP - notice in the plugin folder there is a plugin called silverlining (seems to be part of SMP) - can you just remove this folder or is some other way to delete it?
  3. mac2

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Liking the P180 but have 2 issues: 1)Getting lots of crackling sound?how can I improve this? 2)Getting very bad FPS in the cockpit?
  4. mac2

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    I just got the IXEG 737 and liking it so far - note from some of the comments there is a weather radar function - can anyone give some guidance/explain on how to enable/use it? also pleased to hear there is some official XP11 support coming - when will this be released?
  5. tom thanks for the reply - and its the paid version (pro I think) - and its definitely a clash with XPrealistic as I removed all the XPrealistic files from the LUA script folder and all the calls worked...........
  6. struggling to get this working in X planes 11 - I tweaked the script to enabled as required (V2 ect...)and change all the white bugs as requested (couldn't seem to change the orange one can't get it to move - but seems to change position each flight I start?)but don't seem to be getting the call outs - also when I am at the end of a run way is there anyway to find out if the script is running (except by hearing the call outs) - all my other apps that use the LUA seem to appear in the plugin menu?and can be enabled/disabled - this one I am seeing nothing in the drop down menus (but can see from the debug file there are some references to it) - any ideas? Update : have just read this callout script might not work with XPrealisitic - can anyone confirm if this is correct?