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  1. mac2

    TBM 900 v1.1.2 Update Released!

    Not sure I will update this to version noting some of the issues...………….. But for the next one how exactly do you update your current version (many XP11 planes you just delete the old aircraft folder) - but this one comes with an installer - any help appreciated?
  2. mac2

    CTD and Black Screen

    Just attached it...…………….. Couple of other questions - How can I check what version I am on for the 900? - not sure how I would update it either as it uses an installer (other planes I just delete and replace the aircraft file directly?) - also not familiar with the G1000 so interested to know how you can bring up the synthetic vision? update:Just tried to use the 900 again first time tried to configure a flight with it just got a white screen (sim just locked it and had to exit to desktop) - second time used a couple of other aircraft to prove my XP11 was working then tried to start a flight in the 900 and just got a white screen again/sim locked/exited to desktop! Log.txt
  3. mac2

    CTD and Black Screen

    @Goran Yes - I found my log file (attached to my post above) @ben will certainly try a reboot...………………..but have had ongoing issues since installing (although last flight on the log got airbourne then got a CTD one before just got a black screen and XP11 froze before I got into a flight)
  4. mac2

    CTD and Black Screen

    Thank I found the log (attached). Took this right after my last flight - flight ended when I got the 900 airborne then sim just CTD...…………………….. TBM900_Log.txt
  5. mac2

    CTD and Black Screen

    Ok a)where do I locate this log file? b)will it be useful as often I don't make it into an actual flight - the game just locks up and I get a black screen so end up c+alt+delete to close it down?
  6. mac2

    CTD and Black Screen

    Since installing the TBM 900 (1.1.1) having some trouble loading up XP11 - it seems to take much longer to load or sometimes just get a black screen followed by a CTD - if it does load successfully seems to be sometimes jumping right into the 900 on the ground rather than loading up the flight configuration screen first -( it was working with no problems before installed the 900)..any help appreciated....
  7. mac2

    TBM 900 Start with Engines Running

    thanks for 1) will go through it again. for 2) understood will just get more familiar with it via the tutorial - but there is a box in flight planning which can be ticked "start flight with engines running" that does not look to be working and also I can run the tutorial and break away once everything is running....……………
  8. just got the 900 and got a few questions 1)The startup tutorial you get on your first flight - how do you get in and re-run it again? 2)Is there a quick start key binding/option or can you set a flight with the engine and avionics running? (note there is a quick start key bind in XP11 but can't get it to work with the 900 and also when you select the tick box to "start your flight with the engine running" mine still starts with everything off - can you override this? any help appreciated...………..
  9. I have the X aviation products (737, MU2, SMP and P180) - sometimes I would get occasional requests to "reactivate" these products so would enter the details and the little pop up box would disappear..................... However more recently had a number of warnings pop up (I think all related to my X aviation products.....) 1)Firstly got a X aviation activation box (assume it was for my 737 but it wasn't specific) - but strangely it had a big cross through it and some message via a console saying something about a gate keeper error..............................didn't let me re-enter by activation data bizarrely............. 2)Also getting separate messages saying I)no acr loader found ii)please reinstall Gizmo and a iii)LUA script has stopped working - what do all these mean and how would I re-install Gizmo? 3)Have also tried using my 737 (IEXG) and the screens in the cockpit won't fire up - which is suggesting I might need to re-register it again? Strangely have not reinstalled any of these products - so no idea why these error messages have suddenly started appearing now.....any help appreciated?
  10. Just wondering if someone can tell me how to : 1)Temporary disable SMP(in XP11)? - can it be disabled in game from the plugin drop down and what parts do you need to disable? 2)Delete SMP - notice in the plugin folder there is a plugin called silverlining (seems to be part of SMP) - can you just remove this folder or is some other way to delete it?
  11. mac2

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Liking the P180 but have 2 issues: 1)Getting lots of crackling sound?how can I improve this? 2)Getting very bad FPS in the cockpit?
  12. mac2

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    I just got the IXEG 737 and liking it so far - note from some of the comments there is a weather radar function - can anyone give some guidance/explain on how to enable/use it? also pleased to hear there is some official XP11 support coming - when will this be released?
  13. tom thanks for the reply - and its the paid version (pro I think) - and its definitely a clash with XPrealistic as I removed all the XPrealistic files from the LUA script folder and all the calls worked...........
  14. struggling to get this working in X planes 11 - I tweaked the script to enabled as required (V2 ect...)and change all the white bugs as requested (couldn't seem to change the orange one can't get it to move - but seems to change position each flight I start?)but don't seem to be getting the call outs - also when I am at the end of a run way is there anyway to find out if the script is running (except by hearing the call outs) - all my other apps that use the LUA seem to appear in the plugin menu?and can be enabled/disabled - this one I am seeing nothing in the drop down menus (but can see from the debug file there are some references to it) - any ideas? Update : have just read this callout script might not work with XPrealisitic - can anyone confirm if this is correct?