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    Not possible to activate SMP 4.6

    Hi Frank, Thank you for your reply. I contacted support@x-aviation.com on August 26th and 4 days later on August 30rd.
  2. Ingrid Vroom

    Not possible to activate SMP 4.6

    Hey all, I'm a bit desperate since I have no idea who to contact, therefore the forum and not sure if I've put this posting in the wrong sub forum. I did contact Support twice for this SkyMAXX Pro issue, but unfortunately no replies. What's the problem I have. I have still installed SMP 4.01 and want to update to version 4.6. Yes, I know, I should have done it before. Anyway, before my holiday it all worked, but now even the older version of SMP doesn't activate anymore. When I try the newer version (4.6) I can install it, can enter my email and password, but at the moment my activation starts and where I need to enter a "name and authorise this machine", it tells me that authentication fails. It seems that my Mac is blacklisted. It also tells me that I need to contact support@x-aviation.com, but I did that twice without any reply. No idea why this is, or what I've done wrong. I'm disappointed that till now my support tickets aren't answered and explained to me what I'm doing wrong. I can prove my original proof of purchase, so theres' nothing illegal what I'm doing in my humble opinion. Any help, reply or answer is appreciated. Oops, almost forgotten .... Mac OS 10.12.6 with XP11.05 EDIT: I would like to edit to the previous that also my RWC seems not to work anymore. Weird since it all did before my holiday. Just in case somebody from X-Aviaion or Cameron reads this ... my order number of RWC is 52846 and for SMP 4.x it is 47215. Greet, Ingrid