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  1. Help ! Can anybody help with this problem. When I try to install Maxx FX, a message keeps popping up with an error. Please see the error message that I have attached. Thank you ! tcas
  2. tcasdaddy

    IXEG 737 and X-plane 11 Installation Issue

    Thanks very much, THAT DID IT......... YEEEESSSSSS ! Paul
  3. tcasdaddy

    IXEG 737 and X-plane 11 Installation Issue

    Hello Cameron, Thanks for your prompt input. Although, I'm not quite sure I understand, which installer - XP11 or X-Aviation IXEG 737 ? Thank you Paul Gantz
  4. Capn's Can anybody help me with this error that I am getting when I attempt installation of the IXEG 737 into the latest version of XP11. I have never had this issue before the last XP11 update. When I try to install, I get a file incompatibility error, and the installation completely fails, and does not create any aircraft files. Just the x-aviation folder is created. I have attached screenshot images of the errors that are displayed. System: Intel I7-8700k 3.7/4.7Ghz, 32Gb DDR4 Ram, GeForce GTX 1080ti, Win10 Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you ! Cheers