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    Hello, I would also like to know if it's possible to integrate the GTN 750 into the GSN530 bezel. The popup works fine but I would really like the integrated functionality. Thanks!
  2. kutyafal

    Saab and the RealityXP GTN 750

    Bumping this as I just got the GTN 750. Has anyone figured out how to integrate it into the 3D cockpit? Or at least is there a way to make a click spot to have it pop up so I don't have to use the menu or key combo? Thanks!
  3. First of all I LOVE the plane! Just one minor issue. I'd like to assign the second throttle lever on my Thrustmaster HOTAS throttle to BOTH condition levers if at all possible. I see no use for that to take up two levers when they (almost) always need to be operated together. In the rare case I want to operate them separately I can always do that with the mouse. However, currently I see no way to assign the same controller axis to both condition levers using the built--in gizmo. Is there some workaround for this via a config file or something, or if it's not possible currently could you guys consider it for next patch? Thanks!