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  1. Need-To-Know


    First off let me say Jan you are a true gem in the flight sim community for the way you handle support questions!! In my opinion no other civilian plane in any flight sim is more enjoyable or creates a better suspension of disbelief than the IXEG 737. And I have flown quite a few planes and sims over the many years I have been a simmer. I have never found myself thinking this plane was lacking in anyway only that I needed to learn to overcome a challenge. The IXEG model is the only plane I have flown over the last year. I prefer to only fly one plane and learn it inside and out as much as possible (so I for one do love the systems Jan speaks of). I study each aspect of the aircraft, navigation, systems, etc. until I feel very comfortable with it. I do however learn something new every time I spend time studying. As for the missing parts - it is my belief that those "missing" parts have made me a better pilot. For example Holds. I hand fly them now instead of just pushing a few buttons. I created a small reference sheet I can quickly make notes on. See below. Also I study my altitude restrictions more and just add them myself. I hand fly offsets. Etc. I can understand people who fly multiple planes not wanting to actually learn their BFM, systems and real world aviation but for me that is where the fun actually is. And when those extras get added I will be even better prepared and appreciate the workload relief…..or will I? $75 I consider value for money! The many hours of pleasure it has brought me this year equals only a few cents an hour. Also want to thank Cameron for allowing people to voice their opinions and not turning this into a forum that people are only allowed to just spam pages of thank after thank you or they get banned. Well that's just one man's thoughts and big thumbs up to all of you guys that help the fight sim world progress. HOLD CARD:
  2. Need-To-Know

    AirFMC now working with 1.2

    From the Haversine forums: Posted on July 19, 2017 12:03 by skyfox Hi, something changed in this latest ixeg 737 version that made it incompatible. I'll try to fix it in the next days with the release of a plugin update shortly. sorry for the inconvenience,
  3. Need-To-Know

    Cool addons for the IXEG:

    I posted these on Avsim and thought these might help the next guy that buys the plane to spend more time flying and less time hunting. Just posting as a public service not as an endorsement of any product. If you found some stuff i missed I would like to see them too. Complete Avsim post - https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/507364-ixeg-737-addons-and-x-plane-11-b15-fixes-from-newbie-to-newbie/#comment-3597649 Cool addons for the IXEG: Ground handling by JARDesign This is kind of a GSX type thingy. There are not voices (IE "pin is inserted") Manual setup can be a bit frustrating to figure out but someone has already done the work for you (Link below). http://handling.jardesign.org/ and get the planes file (ie already to go for the IXEG) from: http://jardesign.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1942 Liveries: http://jardesign.org/forum/viewforum.php?id=32 Haversine FMS: This tool is awesome if you have an iPad!!! http://air.ipobjects.com/airfmc RemoteFlight: Worth every cent!! This will let you set your radios, nav & comm as well as your transponder. The gauges also work. There is a moving map app too if you want that kinda thing. BTW -it works in FSX too. Value for money!!! https://remoteflight.net/ iGocConnect: I personally have only lightly tested this as I use PFPX. Works great to give you a better visual reference to setup your weights. As for the flight planning. It can send your route to the FMC (One of the only ways to do this for now - Another program listed below) (PFPX cannot send routes ….yet but sounds like they are working on it) http://igoapp.ca/page10/igodispatchsaab.html Route to FMC: I actually use PFPX but to get the route to the FMC I found one option is: Route to FMC: (A quick paste option) http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/32688-route-to-ixeg-fmc/ I just use the Haversine FMS outlined above then just save my routes in sim. X-RAAS2: Easy to setup and loads of configurations. I am still amazed by the great X-Plane community with free addons like this. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36360-x-raas-runway-awareness-and-advisory-system/ Vspeed callouts: Vidal. For some reason the sounds from the default copilot for vspeeds are super low and I could not hear them. This plugin fixed that for me: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/33150-ixeg-b737-300-v-speed-call-outs/ Crew: This works ok. It gives you crew announcements. It is a bit spotty from my experience and the callouts can be awkward sometimes. This probly has to due with my setup or a conflict somewhere and not the authors fault. Still I would not go without it. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/35761-b733-crew-by-georgy-for-ixeg-737/ TugMaster: Bouncy too but when it works right will be mint! Works great in XP10. IXEG has a default tug that works great but this one you an use your joystick. http://store.x-plane.org/TugMaster-Deluxe_p_310.html This would work great for if your plane sits overnight at a remote stand (pretending here) and needs to be tugged to the gate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZelzO-OKIc Nav Data: To update your FMC. I use Navigraph (paid app) and direct it to the IXEG folder (it does support it). I also found it easier sometimes just to do a manual placement into the IXEG folder. This will get the FMC (CDU) to read up to date on the opening screen. https://www.navigraph.com/fmsdatamanualinstall.aspx GoFlight Interface Tool. Setup those goflight panels in XPlane. I have 7-GF panels and MCP. Man o man I cursed this tool at first but once I got the hang of it, it works great. Just no good tuts on using it in XPlane. Rob has a good one for FSX/P3D but it works a little bit different in Xplane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M2YrVHU2ew It is actually easier to use in XPlane than how it works in FSX/P3d since it uses "Datarefs". I hope to do a write up on using the GIT tools in the future. http://www.pollypotsoftware.org.uk/ BTW I tried several other tools for the GoFlight panels. Save yourself from gray hairs and just pay for this one. Datarefs: Learning to work with "Datarefs" This one was a bit confusing and frustrating at first but I had a good teacher: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/12717-how-to-access-custom-manipulator-datarefs/
  4. Need-To-Know


    Hey Buddy, Well last night I never got it to work but with a fresh start this morning and fully caffeinated I downloaded a xjoymap file from another post in this forum and it worked. I was able to map my first button. After mapping with a program like LINDA in that other flight sim -LINDA with it's nice GUI- I find this process of coding each button rather daunting. Even trying to use the GIT software to map switches is a rather convoluted process. Luckily the MCP and the GF gear panel are a more straight forward process with their included default setups. Yesterday my GF MESM panel arrived (the engine start panel). In three hours of trying I was never able to get it working in the GIT software. In FSX it took 2 minutes to map it. I might just grab a GF EFIS and radio panel since they seem fairly dialed into IXEG getting them to work quickly. I have more $ than time. I guess what I am saying I think one of the creative coders (or plane developer) around here could make a better GUI and charge for it. I would pay $50+. I have donated multiple times to LINDA guys for their freeware. mmerelles - you are a star!! I have read around and seen you help others too. This is my first forum posting for Xplane and it has been a better experience with your help!
  5. Need-To-Know


    Ahhh ok. So I create the file and add the code. I understand better now. I did create a file in notepad++ and saved it as xjoymap.ini just for a quick test. Pasted your code: [EHSI Range] new_command=EHSI Range dataref=ixeg/733/ehsi/ehsi_range_cpt_act description=EHSI Range values = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [EHSI Mode] new_command=EHSI Mode dataref=ixeg/733/ehsi/ehsi_mode_cpt_act description=EHSI Mode values = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 saved it to G:\Xplane\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic - my xplane folder. Did not see it in xjoymap assignments. But hey buddy thanks for getting me started in the right direction. I can read up more on the xjoymap stuff and get it working. Without your direction I would have been up all night trying to figure this all out.
  6. Need-To-Know


    Good to have a patient person helping! One more question then (I hope). I already have xjoymap in my pythonscripts and I can see it in the settings UI of X-Plane. So setup is good. But and I am sorry for this; How do I get the IXEG datarefs into xjoymap? Do I edit the edit the config file in notepad++ ? Copy and paste them from the 2-Interface guide. Honestly, I have done some research on this but came up with no answers.
  7. Need-To-Know


    Thank you!! I just bought the 737 a couple of days ago. Great explanation! I am on my way to better understanding now. I was confusing those custom commands and datarefs. Right now I was working on XP-11 (might go back to 10. I have fixed the APU btw) . It has been a bit of a learning curve so your explanation has helped. Starting small. 1st - Basically I have button on my TM MFD (recognized as a device under Joysticks and the buttons programmable in the XP11 interface) I am trying to map to the EHSI map size. So a dataref I suppose. Are you saying I need something like XJoymap for that to work? (man I know I am annoying newbie here) Again thank you! pointless info below: After that I am working on my GoFlight gear with Poly's tool - that will be my next hurdle. With 7 GF panels and MCP coming next week. In the short time I have spent reading about using the GIT tool I get what you are saying about 0, 1, 2. Coming over from microsoft FS and use to using those tools for programing keys (LINDA -not as flexible but simple interface). As we know if you have a pit switchology takes weeks to finish on each plane. Amazing IXEG and dropping my other sim due to this plane!
  8. Yes I am new to X-Plane but love it!! So trying to get a handle on things and have read a good bit but still unsure of add the "CUSTOM MANIPULATOR DATAREFS" I was reading the 2-Interface Guide and see "For the more intrepid hardware enthusiast" and what is referred to as Manipulator datarefs (still reading about those). How do I add these more advanced commands? In my Joystick/Keyboard X-Plane control panel I only see the basic custom commands. Thank you for your patience!!