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  1. AirFMC now working with 1.2

    From the Haversine forums: Posted on July 19, 2017 12:03 by skyfox Hi, something changed in this latest ixeg 737 version that made it incompatible. I'll try to fix it in the next days with the release of a plugin update shortly. sorry for the inconvenience,
  2. Cool addons for the IXEG:

    I posted these on Avsim and thought these might help the next guy that buys the plane to spend more time flying and less time hunting. Just posting as a public service not as an endorsement of any product. If you found some stuff i missed I would like to see them too. Complete Avsim post - Cool addons for the IXEG: Ground handling by JARDesign This is kind of a GSX type thingy. There are not voices (IE "pin is inserted") Manual setup can be a bit frustrating to figure out but someone has already done the work for you (Link below). and get the planes file (ie already to go for the IXEG) from: Liveries: Haversine FMS: This tool is awesome if you have an iPad!!! RemoteFlight: Worth every cent!! This will let you set your radios, nav & comm as well as your transponder. The gauges also work. There is a moving map app too if you want that kinda thing. BTW -it works in FSX too. Value for money!!! iGocConnect: I personally have only lightly tested this as I use PFPX. Works great to give you a better visual reference to setup your weights. As for the flight planning. It can send your route to the FMC (One of the only ways to do this for now - Another program listed below) (PFPX cannot send routes ….yet but sounds like they are working on it) Route to FMC: I actually use PFPX but to get the route to the FMC I found one option is: Route to FMC: (A quick paste option) I just use the Haversine FMS outlined above then just save my routes in sim. X-RAAS2: Easy to setup and loads of configurations. I am still amazed by the great X-Plane community with free addons like this. Vspeed callouts: Vidal. For some reason the sounds from the default copilot for vspeeds are super low and I could not hear them. This plugin fixed that for me: Crew: This works ok. It gives you crew announcements. It is a bit spotty from my experience and the callouts can be awkward sometimes. This probly has to due with my setup or a conflict somewhere and not the authors fault. Still I would not go without it. TugMaster: Bouncy too but when it works right will be mint! Works great in XP10. IXEG has a default tug that works great but this one you an use your joystick. This would work great for if your plane sits overnight at a remote stand (pretending here) and needs to be tugged to the gate. Nav Data: To update your FMC. I use Navigraph (paid app) and direct it to the IXEG folder (it does support it). I also found it easier sometimes just to do a manual placement into the IXEG folder. This will get the FMC (CDU) to read up to date on the opening screen. GoFlight Interface Tool. Setup those goflight panels in XPlane. I have 7-GF panels and MCP. Man o man I cursed this tool at first but once I got the hang of it, it works great. Just no good tuts on using it in XPlane. Rob has a good one for FSX/P3D but it works a little bit different in Xplane. It is actually easier to use in XPlane than how it works in FSX/P3d since it uses "Datarefs". I hope to do a write up on using the GIT tools in the future. BTW I tried several other tools for the GoFlight panels. Save yourself from gray hairs and just pay for this one. Datarefs: Learning to work with "Datarefs" This one was a bit confusing and frustrating at first but I had a good teacher:

    Hey Buddy, Well last night I never got it to work but with a fresh start this morning and fully caffeinated I downloaded a xjoymap file from another post in this forum and it worked. I was able to map my first button. After mapping with a program like LINDA in that other flight sim -LINDA with it's nice GUI- I find this process of coding each button rather daunting. Even trying to use the GIT software to map switches is a rather convoluted process. Luckily the MCP and the GF gear panel are a more straight forward process with their included default setups. Yesterday my GF MESM panel arrived (the engine start panel). In three hours of trying I was never able to get it working in the GIT software. In FSX it took 2 minutes to map it. I might just grab a GF EFIS and radio panel since they seem fairly dialed into IXEG getting them to work quickly. I have more $ than time. I guess what I am saying I think one of the creative coders (or plane developer) around here could make a better GUI and charge for it. I would pay $50+. I have donated multiple times to LINDA guys for their freeware. mmerelles - you are a star!! I have read around and seen you help others too. This is my first forum posting for Xplane and it has been a better experience with your help!

    Ahhh ok. So I create the file and add the code. I understand better now. I did create a file in notepad++ and saved it as xjoymap.ini just for a quick test. Pasted your code: [EHSI Range] new_command=EHSI Range dataref=ixeg/733/ehsi/ehsi_range_cpt_act description=EHSI Range values = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [EHSI Mode] new_command=EHSI Mode dataref=ixeg/733/ehsi/ehsi_mode_cpt_act description=EHSI Mode values = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 saved it to G:\Xplane\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic - my xplane folder. Did not see it in xjoymap assignments. But hey buddy thanks for getting me started in the right direction. I can read up more on the xjoymap stuff and get it working. Without your direction I would have been up all night trying to figure this all out.

    Good to have a patient person helping! One more question then (I hope). I already have xjoymap in my pythonscripts and I can see it in the settings UI of X-Plane. So setup is good. But and I am sorry for this; How do I get the IXEG datarefs into xjoymap? Do I edit the edit the config file in notepad++ ? Copy and paste them from the 2-Interface guide. Honestly, I have done some research on this but came up with no answers.

    Thank you!! I just bought the 737 a couple of days ago. Great explanation! I am on my way to better understanding now. I was confusing those custom commands and datarefs. Right now I was working on XP-11 (might go back to 10. I have fixed the APU btw) . It has been a bit of a learning curve so your explanation has helped. Starting small. 1st - Basically I have button on my TM MFD (recognized as a device under Joysticks and the buttons programmable in the XP11 interface) I am trying to map to the EHSI map size. So a dataref I suppose. Are you saying I need something like XJoymap for that to work? (man I know I am annoying newbie here) Again thank you! pointless info below: After that I am working on my GoFlight gear with Poly's tool - that will be my next hurdle. With 7 GF panels and MCP coming next week. In the short time I have spent reading about using the GIT tool I get what you are saying about 0, 1, 2. Coming over from microsoft FS and use to using those tools for programing keys (LINDA -not as flexible but simple interface). As we know if you have a pit switchology takes weeks to finish on each plane. Amazing IXEG and dropping my other sim due to this plane!
  7. Yes I am new to X-Plane but love it!! So trying to get a handle on things and have read a good bit but still unsure of add the "CUSTOM MANIPULATOR DATAREFS" I was reading the 2-Interface Guide and see "For the more intrepid hardware enthusiast" and what is referred to as Manipulator datarefs (still reading about those). How do I add these more advanced commands? In my Joystick/Keyboard X-Plane control panel I only see the basic custom commands. Thank you for your patience!!