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  1. mga010

    HOLD page?

    Are there any news on the HOLD page? In general, I am not expecting much development with this addon. But maybe someone can find the time to program holdings. Then, of course, you can also fly those manually.
  2. mga010

    Flight Planning opens Console Bug

    Will there be an update containing this fix? I completely forgot about the bug, and tried to make a tutorial video today with this flight. Of course, it crashed again. I get older and seem to forget things. Paul
  3. mga010

    Flight Planning opens Console Bug

    You're welcome.
  4. mga010

    Flight Planning opens Console Bug

    Navigraph. The version can be seen in the video. It is the most recent one.
  5. mga010

    Pitch nose down in flare

    I started the discussion here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/119716-landing-smoothly-in-x-plane-11/& I also contacted LR on this, and got an unsatisfying, snippy answer. But finally, they were forced to acknowledge the bug.
  6. I always take off with APU on in the sim. I do not have to pay the fuel. :-)
  7. mga010

    Flight Planning opens Console Bug

    Hope that helps. Yours, Paul
  8. I just had a bug when planning the following flight: EDDM TURB6E TURBU Y107 ALESE L12 VIC LAREN1D.VIC1X LIPZ Whenever I enter the arrival the plan opens a console window with several red lines, and I have to reboot the plane. To be more precise: I enter the route completely, and select the departure with no problems. When entering the arrival, I select 04R ILSZ, LAREN1D. If I select the VIC1X transition the console window opens and shows me problems. I have no idea what log files you need. I attach the IXEG_FMS_debug for you and the console window. IXEG_FMS_debug.txt
  9. mga010

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Is it possible to identify navaids with the IXEG. I tried to get the morse code, but could receive none, even though the navaid is received and works. I am not sure if this is possible in X Plane 11 at all.
  10. mga010

    X-Plane 11 Crashing

    I have mostly complete flights with XEnviro, but some crashes too. There is a problem with the weather update. They fixed that in 1.7, but that version is not out yet. We have to wait.
  11. Yes, it doesn't. But you as a developer can program around that easily.
  12. mga010

    Weird low FPS problem

    Did you try lowering the amount of world objects? If you look to the horizon those may come into sight, textures load in your card, jamming the graphics RAM.
  13. mga010

    JarDesign are magicians!

    They should fix their A320 systems first.
  14. I have some questions. Hope you do not mind. (1) What is the preferred way to start descent before T/D (similar to managed descent in the Airbus, or DES NOW in the 800), following all altitude restrictions and economic descent? (2) Does the RTE DATA page (in LEGS) not work in this simulation? (3) I find that the FD on ILS approaches is more inaccurate than in other planes. it easily lets me deviate 1/2 a tick to the right or left of the localizer without asking for correction. Is that normal? Paul
  15. I know this is possible, and even downloaded a LUA script for this. But I was too lazy till now to go through the file and check if it meets my needs. Since the IXEG 737 now can be handled visually very well, I still defer this step. :-)