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  1. I did a test flight now and it seems the low vref speeds were indeed due to the fact that I have been loading my aircraft too light all this time! I also tried adhering more strictly to the flap-speed schedule, and it made for a much more stable approach. So, thank you so much to all of you for your thorough answers and lets hope x-plane fixes the cockpit lighting bug at some point Cheers!
  2. Hey, I have a few questions I haven't really bothered to check up on for quite a while. But I did a few flights today and thought I might inquire a bit. My first question is about the auto throttle. When I'm on final the letter B usually appears next to the speed readout for my auto throttle, disallowing me to set the speed any lower than than around 190 kt. It usually goes away again right before touchdown, but this will often cause me to come in too fast Do you have any idea why this restriction is there and what I can do about it? I know that the throttle is usually controlled manually during final, but that doesn't work too well for me since I don't have a throttle lever on my joystick to control speed, so I prefer to use the auto throttle until right before I hit the ground. Second question is related, and is about the calculated FMC speed. If I set the configuration for flaps full in the FMC it will usually give me a landing speed way lower than what I'm used to with the airbus. Maybe around 115 kt. If I actually try to fly in with such low speeds the airplane usually crashes in front of the runway. So I will often aim at a landing speed at around 135 kt, which seems to work better, in spite of being to opposite of what I'm being instructed to do. But what am I doing wrong here? A final question is unrelated, but I prefer to fly at dusk/dawn or night and the lighting in the cockpit isn't terribly believable under these circumstances. For instance if I'm flying away from a setting sun, it seems to light up my cockpit through the back wall, leaving it way too bright, until the sun disappears behind the horizon, when it goes completely dark, almost in an instance. Is there any plan for fixing this, or a custom fix? And if not, is there any payware out there with great cockpit lighting effect for dusk/dawn/night flying? Thank you so much in advance if anyone responds!