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  1. divinglyc

    Update issue

    Reflection setting to minimum did correct the issue. However. there might be something beneath it. Hope it can be fixed in the future. Thank you guys for finding this out!!
  2. divinglyc

    Update issue

    Hi! My situation is exactly the same as xpst so I would not post my video... However, after updating to the latest driver, it is still the same. I now attach my log.txt for your reference. Thanks a lot!! Log.txt
  3. divinglyc

    Update issue

    I have to update the latest Issue now. I have successfully updated to v1.1.7. However, after loading the plane, the side bar and the menu bar keeps flashing all the time in the VC view, but it's normal in external view. This does not happen when loading other planes. Please help me, thanks a lot! ps. I will attach the video later.
  4. divinglyc

    Update issue

    Thanks for your comment and help. I have to clarify again that I didn't run X plane while updating because it was the first thing I did(updating TBM) after turning on my PC. I manually uninstall it and restart my PC. Then I install the latest updater again and it's normal now. Thanks for all your help.
  5. divinglyc

    Update issue

    No, X plane was not running in the background of course. Thanks!
  6. divinglyc

    Update issue

    Hi! Thanks for updating to v1.1.7. However, during installation, I have some issue of copying Gismo files. If I press "Retry", then it stayed there. If I press "Ignore", the installation finally would go on, but I don't know if there will be something wrong in the future. Please have a look at the pictures. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi! I am still learning this great plane and I found that I cannot adjust the pitch trim by my assigned stick button in the XP setting. I can only adjust it by dragging my mouse on the center pedestal trim controller. Is there a way to assign it to my stick? Thanks! ps. I have solved it after assigning it the other way like the picture attached. It is correct, right?
  8. divinglyc

    No sound in replay mode

    Oh! Since it's normal for now, then it's ok! Thanks!
  9. divinglyc

    No sound in replay mode

    Hi! I have just purchased and installed this incredible aircraft. However, I found that there is no engine sound in the replay mode. Have I missed something or is it a bug? Anyone else notice that, too? Thanks!
  10. divinglyc

    initiating issue

    OK! Thanks for investigation!
  11. divinglyc

    initiating issue

    I don't know why... But somehow, it's back to normal now.... So what actually happened??
  12. divinglyc

    initiating issue

    Thanks! Actually, I have created many new airframe and tested in many airports which came up with the same result. And the last landing rate was around 170 and I have parked it in a stable status before closing the simulator... I will do some more tests.....
  13. divinglyc

    initiating issue

    Hi! I have updated to the latest version of TBM and under XP 11.26. After a successful flight, I closed the simulator as usual. However, one day later, when I start the simulator and load TBM, something weird happened. The plane would bounce for a while and then stopped in a nose-up position like the picture shows. The payload at that time was within a normal range. Sometimes the aircraft bounces so much that it crashed on the ground!! I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the plane but the issue persists. What can I do to fix it? Thanks!
  14. divinglyc

    Password always wrong..

    Definitely!... Only "Display Name" should be shown...
  15. divinglyc

    Bounces too easily?

    That's true, but I noticed sometimes I bounced high and higher and even flipped over.... during that period, the throttle was idle.... so...