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  1. [Solved) IXEG 1.1 install error

    Like I said, what fixed it for me was a re-download of the installer.
  2. [Solved) IXEG 1.1 install error

    Whenever I try and install the new 1.1 I get an error: It is happening every time no mater the combination of liveries I select. EDIT: Re-downloaded the installer and it is working now.
  3. [UNCONFIRMED] XP v11 issues, report here

    I can confirm the menu issues with Beta 3, with mine anyways. The X-Plane menu is spotty in the VC, sometimes it shows, sometimes it refuses to, and its non existent in an external view. I have to use the IXEG panel to switch back to an internal view to use the menu.