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  1. I'm having the same problem as Hector. If I load Xplane with any aircraft then switch to IXEG I get this error. error: 1066.961: Run(xp): OnKickStart: [string "extensions/GateKeeper/GateKeeper.lua.gfys"]:1939: 404: init.lua.ra1. There is no License or Marker1 file in the X-plane11/X-Aviation folder. Just uninstall icons for IXEG and SkyMaxx Pro. I have to shut down Xplane and restart again every time and keep doing that until the aircraft loads without the error. This also started for me after the latest Gizmo update.
  2. DAL501

    1.1 N1 Setting Bugs Not Working plus others

    Thanks for the update Morten. I'm not complaining, the aircraft is great. I love flying this aircraft every day. Just here to pass along the information
  3. DAL501

    1.1 N1 Setting Bugs Not Working plus others

    Just tested with XPUIPC disabled and FMC problems post 1.0.5 still exist with ETA to T/C not matching. Also, push back nose left and nose right are not working. The plane only pushes straight back then stops.
  4. DAL501

    1.1 N1 Setting Bugs Not Working plus others

    No but other addons do.
  5. Updated to Version 1.1 flying on X-Plane 10. With the new 1.1 update the N1 setting bugs stay locked at 100% and do not move according to the FMC pre-calculated settings as they did before. Used the Pull to Set N1 function and the numbers display correctly in the MAN SET windows but again the bugs stay at 100%. This happened with both XPUIPC Version 2.0 and Anyone else having this problem or found a fix for it? with XPUIPC version 2.0 the T/C and T/D work better the only thing still not working is the T/C is reached prior to the ETA but matches the T/C display on the Navigation Display where as before it always matched perfectly with both ETA and the Navigation Display despite what people are saying about wind calculations. It worked before 100% of the time, every time for me until 1.0.5 was released. T/D works correctly again as it did post 1.0.5. with XPUIPC version the T/C is reached prior to both the ETA and the T/C display on the Navigation Display. T/D works correctly as it did post 1.0.5. Cabin Crew door panel controls still do not open any of the doors even with DIFF PRESS at 0.
  6. Never mind. There must have been a change with a previous update. For some reason, the cockpit lighting only functions normal once APU or GPU power has been provided. Weird feature to have.
  7. Airplane is set to cold/dark startup. Initiating the battery everything is fine. Second step, Arming the emergency exit lights and the entire cockpit cabin is illuminated bright. Why is this? Every youtube video I see shows the cockpit should still almost entirely black with only a few lights coming on and in order to gain more light, the overhead light switch should be turned on. Even the MCP, ECAM Panels are all lit up bright even with the background light switch in the off position. I would like it to be more realistic for flight mode where no background lighting is on unless activated. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.