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  1. flightman49

    Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    Does the IXEG 737 have a dataref to control the speed brakes setings?. I can't seem to find it? Thank you
  2. I plan on building a cockpit shortly. I would like to know what avionic displays people are using in their cockpits for the IXEG 737. I was using the XHSI displays with the EADT X737 and it worked quite well, When I tried using it on the IXEG 737 the route does not show on the navigation display of the XHSI. Regards Frank
  3. flightman49

    Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    Thank You
  4. flightman49

    Home Cockpit Progress

    How did you get the XHSI navigation Display to show your route. When I enter a route into the FMC the route shows in the IXEG ND but not in the XHSI ND
  5. flightman49

    Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    I am using Dataref Editor. When I load IXEG 737 and view the datarefs I don't see the IXEG 737 datrefs. Only Xplanes datarefs. How can I view the IXEG 737datrefs?
  6. This is what was on my ticket. What else did you want? I'm trying to install the IXEG 737. It asks for my X-Aviation E Mail Address. When I enter it and hit NEXT , I get a message "YOU NEED TO SPECIFY A VALUE" What is that?
  7. so that is why you don't respond to a ticket?
  8. Purchased yesterday but can't install. Sent in a ticket yesterday but did not hear back from anyone. The site says will respond within 3 days. Come on, Really? I purchased this yesterday, now I could be waiting possibly 3 days to have on my system?
  9. flightman49

    Datarefs and commands for IXEG 737

    That is good news.......Thank you
  10. Does the IXEG 737 come with all the dataref and/or commands to make building a homecockpit worth while? I have theGoflight MCP PRO and EFIS so I don't need any datarefs to make these work. I'm using Polly's Interface tool. I am more interested in datarefs for all the overhead switches and all the Main Instrument Panel (MIP) switches and selectors
  11. I'm new to Xplane. I downloaded 1.7.1 into Xplane 11. Ready to fly from Newark Airport (KEWR). I normally get about 12-15 FPS at this airport When I loaded the CRJ-200 it dropped to 4-5 FPS. Totally crippled my machine. I noticed that installing the CRJ-200 it added a plugin called GIZMO64 What is this? Do I need it? I decided to delete it and my FPS went back up
  12. flightman49

    CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    Because they had to get the new SkyMaxx Pro out first. That is money in the bank
  13. flightman49

    Hat Switch Settings

    Never mind. I had to set the view to 3-D Cockpit
  14. flightman49

    Hat Switch Settings

    While in the cockpit I can use the hat Switch on my Yoke to pan up and down. But when I try to pan left and right it only moves one spot at a time. Is it possible to pan left and right in the cockpit?
  15. flightman49

    CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    What I would like to know is how the Xplane.org store had it available last week?