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  1. MCP for ixeg, X11 and macbook

    Clarification I have looked further into the issue of making my Windows plugins available as MAC plugins, and have come to the conclusion that I will NOT make MAC compatible plugins of rksoftware's Opencockpit plugins for X-Plane. Hope you(Ben) can bury the hatchet, so we can have a fruitful conversation over the forum in the future.
  2. MCP for ixeg, X11 and macbook

    How can you know what other people think. Do not think you know everything! Try to relax a little.
  3. MCP for ixeg, X11 and macbook

    See this link for some info. The OC4BA_XP plugin is though only for WIndows at the moment, but can be easly made MC compatible.
  4. Hi, The OC4BA_XP plugin from rksoftware will let you use your Opencockpit modules to fly the IXEG B737-300. Fly the magnificent IXEG B737 from "real" flightdeck modules and not your PC mouse. Visit
  5. Dataref for MCP's Vertical Speed display

    Hi, I have it now. I added the dataref to my code and then it now shows up in the DataRefTool plugin also. Very strange, but now I have it. I can swear that I did not had this prior to updating to hotfix 1.07 and added the dataref to my code. This has taken me days. Thanks for helping me to get this solved.
  6. Dataref for MCP's Vertical Speed display

    Hi, No, I do not have this dataRef. Do I have an old version of the plane. I bought and downloaded it a few days ago. I even now installed the latest hotfix 1.07 . But, still no not able to find the dataRef ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_dial_ann . What do I do to get the version you have? Added info: I read the datarefs with the DataRefTool plugin as I am not able to get any ixeg datarefs with the Data Ref Editor plugin.Could it be taht it is there, but that I just can't find it with the above plugin? Roar
  7. Dataref for MCP's Vertical Speed display

    I had a futher look at how to use the dataRef "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_target_act", but found no solution to my problem. As this dataRef is only a counter , there is no way I can get the actual value of the VS in order to get a start value. Too me it looks like when the plane loads, it has all the counter set to 0. So, if I write i.e. 10. to it it will increase the value 10 * step ( 50 below 1000 and 100 above 1000). If the VS value was 1000 it will change to 2000. But, as I have no way of getting the intial value , there is no way I can use this dataRef. This is because the VS value changes without the counter changes, when you are in a climb or a dive ( LVLCHG mode i.e.) Hope the IXEG team can provide a solution to this problem.
  8. Dataref for MCP's Vertical Speed display

    Hei Stian, Thanks for your reply. The "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_target_act" is a counter that maybe can be used. I did not see this earlier. ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_dial_ann, I can't find, but you probably mean ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_ann. This is the annunciator for the VS button.ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vert_speed_act. This is the VS button itself. Roar
  9. Hi, Not sure I will call it a bug, but still missing and deeply missed. There is NO dataref for the MCP Verical Speed display. It should be both a read and write dataref. All other MCP displays, CRS_A, IAS/MACH, HDG, ALT, CRS_B are all OK. Urgent need in order to finalize hardware interface plugin. If it is not hidding somewhere, please add it to your coming update. Roar
  10. Christmas was 3 days ago OK, I respect the need for holidays. Just hope to get a reply sometime.
  11. Could someone from the IXEG team please give a respond to this topic
  12. Does Reload plugin work in X-Plane 11?
  13. Hi, As I am doing plugin development, I am in need for a lot of testing. That also means I am changing my plugin code often and need to retest. Now I must close X-plane, before I can copy my new plugin code to the plugin folder, and then restart X-plane. Is it possible to update plugin code without reloading X-plane?
  14. Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to move( or copy) the Ixeg 733 CDU screens to another monitor? If yes, please tell me how. I need this as I am building a hardware interface plugin for a hardware CDU module.
  15. I found the dataRefs for the FD_A and FD_B annunciators after some more dataRef search. They are not dataRefs with the "defaul"t ixeg's annunciator _ann ending: ixeg/733/mcp/fd_maser_cp ixeg/733/mcp/fd_maser/pt DataRef for the VS display on the MCP is still a mystery for me