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    Help: SkyMaxx 4 Nukes XP11 Menu Bar Access

    I have the same issue with SMP4 on XP11. I don't have RWC
  2. Hi! First of all i'm so excited with skymaxx, congratulations. When you say "At midnight tomorrow night (Sunday, December 18th, 2016)", which timezone gets for reference? I'm from Spain but I think that unfortunately will not be be at my 00:00h, that's right? Thanks!
  3. Here you have another custumer. Looks awesome!
  4. akuom

    SMP V4 Beta and X-Plane 11

    hI! If I buy v3, will i have a free update to v4 for xplane 11? thanks! EDIT: i just read that will be an independent version then i will wait, thankyou so much!