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    Roadmap in general

    Fair enough!! Thx I kind of didn’t check this (pinned) post first.
  2. teeloo

    Roadmap in general

    Hi IXEG hero’s! First let me say, you guys are still my hero’s when it comes to the best XP add on and in fact IMHO not only XP but you guys rock more than PMDG and others. I come to that conclusion after being MSFS user from when Chicago to me was a green city with white skeleton buildings. And my MSFS high-time with PMDG (74 and 73). So that is about 28 years long. I did and do have my frequent break-from-PC-simming periods just to return and reevaluate what is useful and what not. Some addons are skipped, new ones purchased etc. Fed up with MS (in general) I tried XP (X-Plane!). Like a good Apple fan, the different approach towards modeling was appealing and the best feature ever (terrain following runways) made me a solid XP fan. Same goes for the IXEG approach. Love it. Having said that, I am a big big fan of Hardy’s PSX (Aerowinx) 747 Sim but that is a bit of a different world. My main focus on simming is flying procedures (STARS SIDS and Approaches) not so much the full flight stuff. For me PSX is a procedural trainer. However when I want to do a quick familiarization of an airport procedure wise and surroundings (terrain obstacles), I fire up XP and IXEG, because of the ease of both. XP’s wonderful (default) scenery and terrain and IXEG ease to fly procedures and do some realistic follow on hand flying to browse the neighborhood. Now, secondly: Feature requests... we customers always want more from developers like IXEG. So we need to be patient and frankly enjoy what we already have! Having said that, the FMS of IXEG gives me some drawback compared to a full fledged FMS (HOLDS and more!!). Instead of asking pretty-please-please, I wonder if you guys have a roadmap of some sort. Frankly if it is too unclear what gets priorty, fine by me, just wondering if you guys have some sort of releasable roadmap. Thx T
  3. teeloo

    Pitch moment during thrust-changes

    Hi Morten, indeed the Krüger flaps.... I wasn't thinking right in comparing the 73 and 70. Indeed the 70 has them, and make a big difference. Thanks for pointing that out. I remember the Krügers started to hang when the hydraulics were off for a while. drooping. And indeed, the difference in TE flaps makes the two actually very different. Thanks.
  4. teeloo

    CDU crashes after GO-AROUND procedure.

    Great! Good to read. I couldn't doublicate the problem. But then again I wasn't sure the setup was all identical. cheers
  5. teeloo

    Pitch moment during thrust-changes

    Hi all, I was testing pitch moments too, with the engines. I flew the 707 for a while. No... I am not that old. The Awacs still uses them. I am not sure what the similarities are between the 73 and 70, but a few things didn't change. Every bit of engine thrust change, ment trimming. What is even more significant are the LE-flaps. When clean and selecting flaps, between 0-14deg there is always a bit of pitch up moment. However, when the LE flaps deploy, there is a huge pitch up moment. It usually ment trimming the stab trim nose down for a full 2 second travel. And when they are deployed, trim back nose up the same amount. It's a deployment moment. On departure and cleanup, the FE usually called "leading edge" at the moment the flaps travelled through the LE-retraction sequence. This ment trim up a good lot!! You'd be pulling crazy if you didn't and wanted to maintain whatever pitch. Then again, the 707 has 150% more wingspan. So maybe effects are more significant on the 70. Regardless, this A/C add-on gets closest to the real deal IMHO. The stab trim noise .. spot on. Stby Alt Vib.. spot on. This cockpit (the 737 is equal to the 707 mid console and forward) is a really small cockpit. It is really noisy and the stab trim can hurt you if you accidentally get near the wheel or forget to retract the manual stab trim handle after the stab trim check. Good job IXEG team! Tee
  6. After an approach at KSFO on R28R, I executed a G/A and flew the std M/A procedure. (climbing to 3000ft to the holding). I tried to setup a new approach and the CDU froze with an error report. Something to do with the fact that the remaining distance is nil or less. See attached screenshot. My system: iMac, X-plane 10.51