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  1. Failures and minor bugs

    @Litjan I have noticed the issue about engine fire and reverser too. I assume it is already on your bug list? Best Jens
  2. Control reponse settings for XP 11

    Thanks Morten!
  3. Which control reponse settings did you recommend for XP 11? For XP 10 it is 25 % according to the manual. Is there a difference between XP 10 / 11? Best Jens
  4. @Hullu-poika Good question! I have the same feeling. Best Jens
  5. Battery Bus sources

    I need to describe my scenario a bit more in detail * Gen Bus 1 and 2 failed * AC and DC standby bus are powered from the Battery Bus ... working! * Battery Bus failed directly via failures menu - > No Standby power ... working! * Battery Bus failed indirectly, as the Hot Battery Bus and Switched Hot Battery Bus failed -> Standby power still available I have the feeling that the Hot Battery Bus Failure does not work. Maybe the bug you have found Or I have something missed. And thanks for your great work! Best Jens
  6. Battery Bus sources

    According to the FCOM the normal source of the "Battery Bus" is "Main Bus 2", alternate source is the "Hot Battery Bus". If the Main Bus 2, Hot Battery Bus and Switched Hot Bus failed, no Standby Power should be available. Right? I have tried it, but Standby Power is still active. Best Jens
  7. TR3 as backup source for TR2

    The last weeks I have spent to step deeper in the electrical system of the 737. The only issue I have found so far is the following: According to the FCOM TR3 can backup TR1 and TR2. If the TR3 disconnect relay is open, TR3 can only backup TR2. My test: * Bus transfer switch is set to off (so TR1 can not backup TR2) * Transfer Bus 2 failed * Assuming that DC Bus 2 is still powered by TR3 as backup source * But indications which are connected to DC Bus 2 (e. g. Right OIL QTY) are not working Did I miss something? Best Jens
  8. RTO engages parking brake

    Hi, if I do an RTO the parking brake gets activated. Is this normal? Best Jens
  9. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Thank you all so much for your hard work getting this update ready! I like the new checklist
  10. Hi, today I tried the "Auto Trip and Standby Check" from the Supplementary Procedures. At the point "Pressurization mode selector .... Check" the AUTO FAIL and STANDBY light illuminates correctly but the outflow valve does not move from the close to the open position as expected. @Jan: Did I miss something or it is a bug? Thanks! Jens