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  1. hohum

    RWC and Active Sky XP

    RAD! Thanks
  2. I'd like to continue using RWC because I'm still running Ventura Sky and it's a dependency. It's nice to see that RWC got support for external weather injection. I see that it has support specifically for FS Global. Has anyone tested it with Active Sky XP?
  3. hohum


    My employer is very much on my side. They want to stay out of it. They want him to stop harassing our customer service reps though too and are considering their options.
  4. hohum


    It doesn't matter what I've done, because it doesn't give him the right to flush $1300 of my purchases and harass me at work. However, since it bears some relevance to this discussion, I'll tell you. I've been really nasty and highly critical of his business by E-Mail. For example on Saturday his store front was returning an invalid SSL certificate and I wrote him an E-Mail about it. I began that E-Mail with "Dear Fuckface,"
  5. hohum

    IXEG Classic 1.2 -- Some issues

    This never occurred to me. I'll go back and try another flight with Windows Defender disabled. I don't know that I agree with this assessment. I've got updated AIRAC cycles and I don't have this issue with any other airplanes.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right place to report bugs, but here she goes. I'm having a couple of issues with this plane. 1) If you try to reprogram the FMS in flight (for example, if you get a different runway assignment or transition while in the middle of your arrival procedure), the frame rate of the sim drops to a crawl. It becomes unusable for doing anything other than interacting with the FMS and even that becomes a painfully slow process. The frame rate picks back up again after you've made your updates and hit the EXEC button. This is really inconvenient if you're in the middle of a STAR and you're busy trying to micromanage your descent or otherwise prep the plane. 2) When there are two altitude restrictions (for example, the PIKEZ VOR at, the plane takes the higher of the them and sticks it in the flight plan as (A, At or Above). This behavior is incorrect and if the plane were in a managed descent, it would be in violation of the published altitude restrictions on the arrival plate. 3) When tracking the runway localizer, the plane is sometimes off by as much as 100 ft in either direction; it almost never tracks the center line dead on. This occasionally puts me off the edge of the runway and it's a rare occurrence that I'm able to allow autoland to do its job.
  7. hohum

    First official XP11 screenshot

    Nope. Doesn't appear to be on the store yet. At least not on my account.
  8. hohum

    IXEG 737 APU Not Starting

    At this juncture, the release of 1.2 is imminent. I'd just wait a few more days for a plane that I don't have to hack in plane maker to get working.
  9. As the title suggests, I've been chased off both the org and avsim due to overzealous modding. Here I am, to hopefully find some people to share my hobby with.