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    Hello folks, had several flights with all my favorite plugins, and no issues other than a ctd once in awhile. im using the ch eclipse yoke, and im wondering is there a way to control both throttles in the tbm 900. Meaning I can move the throttle too low idle, and then move it to high idle. But then how do I get it to shift left and then control the taxi and thrust. Seems I cannot have it both ways. Most of the fighter plane jet yolks and throttles , like the hotas warthog set up. the throttles are on the left(for left hand use). If I could find one with the throttles on the right , I might make it work. or perhaps using the mixture and flap axis. Is there a way to have the mixture axis and the flaps axis control the low to high idle and then have the main throttle control the take off speed and reverser? In other words, is there a way to control the throttles with the yolk only? And that for other yolks out here also, is there a way. THX>>>>>>>>>RobertC
  2. RobertC

    second CTD

    Great to have latest update, FMS seems fine, but I got two CTD,s so far. Here's my log. hate to bother you. Log.txt
  3. RobertC

    The TBM, CTD's and XP 11.32

    Well, folks I must say , in my twenty five years plus simming and mostly in the FSX forum. This is the most exciting time for me in flight simulation. over the years I have off and on used XP, but stayed with FSX. I decide it was time for the switch. And boy im so glad I did. it was like a whole new experience. The quality was second to none, the gameplay was second to none. If one wants to truly experience as close to real as it gets this is the sim. For you FSX guys( like I was once) , give it a try. But as I was saying this is my best time simming. I remember back when x plane was just that on a screen, a +___/, if I remember correctly.:) Hotstart has upped the game in producing quality aircraft for the simulator, and XP is the only one than can do it justice. The TBM-900 is the best GA out here , hands down. I have em all , from the heavies to the 172,s. This plane is the real deal, its all I want to fly. it's like owning a real aircraft. In a short time Hotstart TBM-900 has become the go to plane to fly. Some could not get to it because they used FSX, some could not get to it because there system was not strong enough to handle it, some did not want the hassle of switching over and learning the steep curve of XP first and them the TBM-900. Im not worried about laminar or Hotstart , they both need each other . Hotstart has upped the game in creating a gpu , cpu intense piece of software that uses all of Xp resources. This only Makes Laminar get better and better, because both teams are working hard in getting all the bugs out. When Hotstart came out with this great GA, it was to be expected to get all of the beast that come along with good work(no free ride). The problem is that when you create a bad product nobody buys it, but when you create a masterpiece, everybody once a piece of you. You folks have created a plane second to none in my twenty five plus years. I get chills just waiting on the updates, because they are so fantastic. And coupled with XP I have no problem being patient and waiting on them. Im a professional simmer. not a pilot. and will never be a pilot; uh maybe. Im the real deal as far as a simmer goes, its my greatest and most beloved hobby besides my love for painting portraits. Laminar and Hotstart I just want to say thank you for bringing me and the simming world to a whole new level. For all you young simmers I would just wait on the CTD problem questions and be patient. A plane this good is worth the wait, in the mean time go through your computer and make sure all is good:) Custom water cooled 6700k, 1070 RGB GTX, 32 gig ram, 2 tere hd. 49" Samsung gaming monitor. Ch Eclipse yolk. A future upgrade is coming. Once again Thx folks.
  4. RobertC

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Well folks , I love the TBM-900, and I have been flying the plane since it came out. No problems until the latest update, and now I cannot even get off the ground. I have done all of the procedures to get the crash bar to stay up. This is also one of many bugs I now get, flight plans were one of the other problem bugs I have. I have deleted files and reloaded and I have remove plugins , state files, etc. There definitely is a problem with either X plane or Hotstart. Im not complaining, in fact I know you folks are working hard to fix all the problems. With a plane this far advance, I hope you talented folks did not think you were not going to have these issues. This GA plane from my experience is second to none to any other competitor out there; and I have been simming for twenty five + years. This plane is like the real deal, and this is the first time in my simming years that , instead of flying another plane, I just shut down the com. Once you get into the Hotstart Tbm-900, and you have been simming for awhile you just cannot fly any other plane , they just don't measure up. Well that's just me anyway. Sorry Hotstart, you should not have created such a fine plane. We professional simmers know a good plane when we fly one:). Patients is a virtue, so keep up the good work, you folks have change the GA world. THx for listening...…..RobertC
  5. RobertC

    Bug report

    Thx for the help, I removed all files as requested , and I even reloaded X plane with no plugins. And still the crash bar does not stay up. Did I send the right log txt. (Xplane 11/ log txt.). THX ……...RobertC
  6. RobertC

    Bug report

    Hope this is the log. txt . Thx for your help. RobertC Log.txt
  7. RobertC

    Bug report

    Well folks, I guess this is the place for bug reports. The new and latest bug is the crash bar not staying up to apply power to the plane. When you push the bar up it comes right back down. I have checked all buttons associated with plane. Im stuck in the water, I have disconnected the yolk, cleaned out preferences, reset a new airframe, all that I could think of to do. You push it up , it comes right back down. reloaded, reset etc. Now when I say im stuck in CYWG up in Canada in a snow storm somewhere I not kidding. That's where I last flew this plane. Not for sure what im missing. Well anyway , ill just go and get a motel(move away from my computer), and wait and see what the mechanics say, (just be patient and wait on bug fixes). I guess I will go to the movies tonight( turn on Netflix and watch the Daredevil series again for the sixth time).(love that series). Thx...for listening.
  8. RobertC

    Bugs qalore

    Hello folks, im going to have to not play x plane 11 until bugs are gone. I literally cannot play the sim now, to many CTD,s , and freezes, even start up screen does not load without stutters. I have reloaded x plane and even reloaded my computer, and I get the same stutters and ctd,s and flickering. Not for sure what is going on , or perhaps its growing pains. I have done all the fixes. it all started with the new 11.31 build. I use steam , so im not for sure where to go from here. and im not going back to FSX. I love Xplane and I will have to just deal with it. The TBM-900 is my go to plane on x plane. when it first came out I had few issues , but now with the new updates, I cannot get off the ground . Cannot get a flightplan loaded without CTD. cannot complete a flight without ctd. when I go to load fuel and remove my covers it flickers and I have to wait. I don't get this all the time , out of starting Xplane I will get problems 4 out of five times I strart up x plane. I do more restarting XP than actual flying. The gameplay is not the same , something has changed. I have removed all extra plugins, removed preferences and restart computer. My system is not bad. 6700k, 1070 gtx, 32 gig ram, asus z170 MB. As I said x plane and TBM 900 worked great in the beginning, but now all I do now is redo, rerun, reload, etc Its like playing FSX all over again. just a joke, but that's all I did with FSX. But I will be patient , I know computers and I know simming, and I know you folks are working hard to get all the bugs out. Thx for listening...………….RobertC
  9. RobertC

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Thx, I guess ill wait, im having way to many CTD,s of late to enjoy the sim. It crashes during loading plans , clicking on flt plan button will cause a crash, I will CTD at anytime now and that's not good. I got a CTD just before touchdown, or when im in mid flight. I did a dump and load , and nothing else is on my com and I still will get strange behavior. im a patient man and I will wait for a fix.:)